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The Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex
America's flying saucer factory

from Scientific Papers of Steven J. Smith

Published here: Friday, June 06, 2008, 7:00 PM
Last Updated:
Saturday, June 07, 2008 10:27 AM



The Tehachapi covert underground complex is protected by an automated anti-personnel security system.  If provoked, this system is capable of taking autonomous and potentially lethal action against intruders.  The author recommends in the strongest possible terms that NO physical intrusion of this complex be undertaken.

*** Ignore this warning at your own risk ***

Area 51, Underground bases
Area 51, Underground bases




A Google search on the phrase "Tehachapi UFO" yields a total of 1,150 web pages dedicated to this subject, and if you take the time to read some of these pages, you discover several common threads.  Among these are:


The area east of Tehachapi California is a hot bed of UFO sightings and abduction reports, some of these sightings made by commercial airline pilots.


Many of the abducted have reported being taken to a government controlled, covert underground facility near Tehachapi California.


The underground facility is powered by a hydroelectric plant located on the Kern River at Lake Isabella, some 40 miles to the north.


Most web documents mention the Tejon Ranch, near Little Oak Canyon as the epicenter of this activity, and probable location for the covert underground facility.

1, 2, and 3 are correct.  However, number 4 is government disinformation.  I am not accusing those who published these web pages of involvement in any government conspiracy or cover-up. They no doubt published information gathered from other sources, believing it to be the truth.  And in all fairness there is a very blatant, odd looking facility located at the Tejon Ranch, complete with warning signs listing the dire consiquences, should you trespass onto the site.  Nevertheless, the Tejon Ranch facility is a ruse, used to divert attention away from the real Tehachapi underground complex, located approximately 22 miles to the northeast.

How do I support this conclusion?

The power line originating at the Kern River hydroelectric plant does not terminate at the Tejon Ranch.  The terminus point is in a patch of desert, northeast of Tehachapi.  Furthermore, an area next to the power line terminus is literally teaming with anomalous roads, ventilation shafts, partially buried structures, underground access portals, and other suspicious above ground artifacts.  Most of which (unlike the Tejon Ranch installation), are very skillfully camouflaged.  When considered as a whole, the conclusion is obvious.  The Tejon Ranch facility is being used in a misdirection ploy to conceal the true Tehachapi covert underground complex.

What follows is an in-depth pictorial exposé of the real Tehachapi covert underground complex. A complex that encompasses an incredible 16 square miles!




You are about to take a journey into one of the darkest secrets of the American government and it's corporate cronies.  If you are an American citizen, this journey will not be a pleasant one, since you will discover how thoroughly you have been deceived.  If you are a citizen of another country, you (most likely) already know the utter contempt with which the American government deals with your elected representatives.  What you may not understand is why your elected representatives allow such behavior to continue.  Simply stated, the American government has developed and deployed a class of weaponry unlike anything previously used by mankind during the annuls of recorded history.  Possessing these super weapons, the American government believes no power on earth can oppose it, and has chosen to behave accordingly.  The Tehachapi covert underground complex is the secret factory where this weaponry is being manufactured.

If you are expecting to see flying saucers, bug eyed aliens, bizarre looking buildings or other strange artifacts to give you that "space cadet glow", please go else where because you will be disappointed.  This document is a sober in-depth analysis supported by aerial photography, written from the perspective of a scientist.

What you will see is over 90 pages of aerial photographs and analysis, exposing among other things:  A saucer landing field, a finished craft rollout ramp, multiple underground access portals, automated anti-personnel security systems, ventilation shafts, a concealed helicopter landing pad, a toxic waste processing and storage facility, even a complete air defense system.  Altogether, an estimated 20 billion dollars of underground infrastructure and above ground support facilities.  Paid for with misappropriated tax revenue, then quietly hidden in the picturesque desert chaparral northeast of Tehachapi California.



The journey begins - navigation:

The size of this essay dictates the use of several different indexing techniques.  At the bottom of each analysis page are three links.  One back to this page, one back to the composite aerial photograph, and one back to the main web site menu (of course you can also use your browser "back button").  Inter-page navigation can be also accomplished using three methods.


Click Here for a composite aerial photograph of the entire 16 square mile Tehachapi underground complex, with embedded color coded links to individual analysis pages.


Click Here for a partial list of web page links to some of the more interesting or unusual facilities within the underground complex.


Click Here for a complete list of web page links, organized by facility category.

In addition, several background information pages are available.



Click Here for Tehachapi Complex, General Information (exact location, collateral evidence, history, and work force).


Click Here for general information on the automated anti-personnel security system.


Click Here for an interactive aerial view of the Tehachapi underground complex (TerraServer - opens in a new window).


Click Here for an interactive aerial view of the Tejon Ranch facility (TerraServer - opens in a new window).


Click Here for general information on funding of covert government projects (opens in a new window).



Interesting or unusual facilities web page links list:



Complete web page links list, organized by category:


Unmistakable Evidence of Underground Facilities

Electrical Substation

Western Ventilation Shafts

Flying Saucer Landing Field

South Side Vehicle Access Portal

North Side Vehicle Access Portal

Tehachapi Helicopter Landing Pad

Hill Top Access Portal

Rollout Ramp Flight Crew Access Portal

EG Craft Production Rollout Ramp

Southeast Ventilation Shafts

Underground Smelter/Refinery

Fake Smelter/Refinery Flue Stack

Smelter/Refinery Flue Gas Stack

Foundry Flue Gas Stack

Housing Compound Access Portal

Housing Compound Access Portal




Probable Evidence of Underground Facilities

Underground Transformer Vault

Central Valley Emergency Exit Portal

North Base Access Portals

South Base Multiple Facilities

Central Valley Ventilation Shafts

North Flank Access Portal

North Perimeter Emergency Exit Portal

Central Valley Freight Access Portal

Eastern Valley Emergency Exit Portal

Administration-Visitor Access Portal

Eastern Valley Vehicle Access Portal

Camouflaged Storage Tank

Mystery Pole Shadows

Central Hill Access Portal

Sensor Portal - Ventilation Shaft

Underground Ventilation Duct

Rollout Ramp Support Facility

Camouflaged Storage Tank

Southeast Perimeter Emergency Exit Portal

Southeast Perimeter Access Portals

Northeast Perimeter Emergency Exit Portal

East Valley Vehicle Access Portal

East Valley Vehicle Access Portal

Southeast Perimeter Exit/Ventilation

Housing Compound Biological Laboratory




Above Ground Support Facilities

Possible Construction Site

Possible Ventilation Shaft

Waste Processing & Storage Facility

Above Ground Support Facility

Above Ground Support Facility

Tehachapi Air Defense Facility

Above Ground Warehouse

Rollout Ramp Craft Test Facility

Rollout Ramp Support Facility

Secure Personnel Housing Compound

Housing Compound Recreational Facility

Housing Compound Commissary

Housing Compound Sewage Treatment

Housing Compound Fueling Depot

Housing Compound Reception Center

Housing Compound Recreational Facility




Automated security sensors, interdiction systems, & security patrols.

Electrical Substation Sensor Suite

Southwest Perimeter Security System

Electrical Substation Interdiction

Western Backup Sensor Suites

Western Hill Crest Sensor Suite

Western Ventilation Shaft Sensor Suite

Saucer Landing Field Interdiction

Saucer Landing Field Sensor Suite

Saucer Landing Field Interdiction

Saucer Landing Field Sensor Suite

Southern Hill Crest Backup Sensor Suite

South Side Portal Security System

South Base Facilities Security System

North Base Interdiction

South Flank Security System

Northern Periphery Interdiction

Southern Base Interdiction

Southern Base Manned Security

South Base Facilities Sensor Suite

Southern Periphery Sensor Suite

North Side Portal Sensor Suite

Helicopter Landing Pad Interdiction

Foundry Security System

Air Defense Security System

Air Defense Forward Sensor Suite

Forward Foundry Sensor Suite

South Plains Interdiction

Eastern Valley Sensor Suite

Northeastern Perimeter Security System

Smelter/Refinery Sensor Suite

Eastern Perimeter Sensor Suite

Highway Physical Access Control

Main Highway Manned Security

Point Defense Sensor Suite

Eastern Periphery Interdiction

Housing Compound Security Interdiction

Housing Compound Security Sensor Suite

Housing Compound Security Sensor Suite





ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources, widely accepted scientific principles, and/or authors first hand experience.  The author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.  In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.  While the author advocates the discovery and disclosure of the American covert underground infrastructure, NO ATTEMPT should be made to interfere in any way whatsoever with the personnel and/or operations of said infrastructure.  The proper method for achieving discontinuance of these activities is through court ordered injunctive relief.

Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex



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