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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do Anagrams Reveal UFO Secrets?
by Doug Yurchey,
dugko@surfside.net, April 17, 2006


Doug YurcheyAccording to some historians, ANAGRAMS originated in the 4th Century B.C. with the Greek poet Lycophron, who used them to flatter the rich and mighty. Other sources suggest that Pythagorus, in the 6th Century B.C., used anagrams to discover philosophic meanings. Plato and his followers believed that anagrams revealed divinity and destiny.

In early Roman times, anagrams were thought to have prophetic powers. In the 16th and 17th centuries, scientists such as Galileo and mystics like Nostradamus recorded their controversial theories in anagram form (for safety reasons). The French King Louis XIII appointed Thomas Billon as his Royal Anagramist.

From the Encyclopedia Americana:

‘Anagrams date from ancient times. Composing them was a favorite pastime during the Middle Ages, when a mystic connection was believed to exist between the nature or fate of a person and an anagram derived from his name.’

Today, switched-around letters are considered amusing word games and brainteasers. We have LOST what could be the true significance of anagrams. Were the ancients more aware of the deeper meanings in Life? Did they know the secret relevance of anagrams?

Thanks to the modern anagram-search-engine, ‘Anagram Genius,’ we can make amazing discoveries instantly! The following examples are excerpts from my manuscript ‘The Anagram Code.’ These particular ones are on the subject of UFOs, space and those involved in certain government conspiracies. Using anagrams for divining answers to historical mysteries and great unknowns is certainly not a conventional method. However, consider the following. Forgive the fictional references; they are sci-fi and included to demonstrate that anagrams work even for fiction. Anagrams work for other languages, Latin, Chinese and possibly the ancient hieroglyphics. Here is only the smallest preview from a potential book that will shock the readers!

Anagrams are speaking to us. Should we not, at least, LISTEN?

Albert Einstein = ten elite brains
Elite Brains.net
N.B. Israeli tenet
stern alien, I bet

Alien = an lie

Alien Spacecraft = a scare, felt panic
faces panic later

Another Flying Saucer = race of hunting slayer
searching nature, O fly!
ain't UFO angry lechers
funnily, other gas race
UFO night races, nearly
any cue for Earthlings
eye for launching star
nuclear thing, foes ray
years flouncing Earth
angrily confuse Earth
large, tinny search UFO
launch, stay foreigner

Apollo Thirteen = an or little hope
a trip to one hell
not halo reptile
top latrine hole
not pilot healer

Area Fifty-One = a fiery fate, no?
fear a tiny foe
eat of fine ray
on a fiery fate

Astronomer = moon starer

Astronomy = O my, no star

Atlantis = lit Satan
tin Atlas
it’s natal

Bermuda Triangle = burglar dementia
I am great blunder
beam true darling


Betty and Barney Hill = ya, hell-bent banditry
hell, by neat banditry
ya, hell-bent, tiny drab
held by brainy talent

Bill Gates = glib Tesla

Close Encounters of the Third Kind =
host children ride ten-cent UFOs, OK?
cold feet or thin-skinned touchers

Clouds of Venus = unsolved focus
loved sun focus

Conspiracy Theory = hysteric crap, no? oy!

Cydonia = day icon
an icy do

David Icke = kid advice

Death of Nikola Tesla = deathlike fool Satan

Earth = heart

Edward Teller = lewd, elder rat
well retarded
relate lewd Dr.
well, at red, red!

Enterprise = serene trip

Federal Bureau of Investigation = if found alive, abuse, interrogate
favorite agent buried alien’s UFO
but a figure of evidential reason
O, for beautiful agents are divine
on average, beautiful, iron-fisted
a beautiful giant is done forever

Flying Saucer = U.S. lying farce
fly using care

Flying Saucers = safely cursing
Angel’s sic fury

German Automotive Industry = ANTI-GRAVITY, momentous rude

Gillian Anderson = alien’s DNA on girl
no aliens, darling
aliens land on rig
and aliens on girl
long alien drains

Houston…Tranquility Base Here, the Eagle has Landed =
er, hello again, oh hi…ended a lunar quest by the States

International Space Station = it is not a pleasant container
it is not a planet, or as ancient
O, CIA, antenna listens, patriot

James Forrestal = star Major feels
star Major flees
‘lets,’ Major fears
lest major fears
jet, fears, morals

James Vincent Forrestal = Majestic novel transfer

J. Robert Oppenheimer = eh, jet improper boner
jet bore improper hen

Lemuria = I am rule
I’m a rule
aim: rule
I’m a lure

Life on Mars = alien forms
from aliens
no slim fear
so frail men
if man’s role
of minerals

Lost in Space = so, let’s panic
lone spastic
special tons

Mars = arms

NASA Space Program = rampages on as crap
maps sap arrogance
National Aeronautics and Space Administration =
aim is to land pods in/near USA area. Can it? No, it can’t.

Neil Armstrong = Mr. Strong Alien
no girl, star men

Nikola Tesla = take all ions
last alien, OK?
talk so alien
alias: ol Kent

Palomar Observatory = lo, a starry romp above

Richard Hoagland = halo and arch grid

Roswell and the Aliens = swellhead on latrines

Science-Fiction = once scientific

Space, the Final Frontier = in search of life-pattern
Life, respect, faith ran on
this off-center airplane

Space Tourism = I come up stars

Space Travel = re: vast place

Tesla Coil = oscillate

The Monuments of Mars = softer, human moments

The Planet Earth = the eternal path
elephant threat

To Boldly Go Where No Man has Gone Before =
we ogle the gals on board, be on form, honey
ha, hero begs fellow to range beyond Moon
women eggheads fool honorable rent-boy
What Happened at Roswell? = that hallowed newspaper

William Shatner = slim alien ‘Wrath’
Will is Earthman
hair sit well, man
minstrel? ha, wail

Zecharia Sitchin = hi, narcistic haze
aha, rich citizens
is rich, antic haze

Examine the above anagrams again and more closely. See that the letters on one side of the equal sign truly are the exact same as on the other side of the equal sign. Each column of anagrams is listed in order of the ones that make the most sense. WHY AND HOW DO THEY DO WHAT THEY DO?

After placing many thousands of subjects in the anagram-search-engine, the answers remain hard to define. Who can say what this is? ‘The Anagram Code’ reveals prophetic ones such as:

Princess Diana = ascend in Paris
a car spin is end
dies in car, snap

‘Spooky’ is the word for possibly an anagram-consciousness.
Who is talking to us through anagrams? Is this the same as Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal balls and tea leaves? Whatever the truth is…anagrams are an untapped source of knowledge. Imagine if the ancients played with computer search-engines.

Let us really stretch our imaginations as to attempt to answer:
Where is Osama Bin Laden? First, look at his anagrams…

Osama Bin Laden = a damn alien SOB
old man in a base
in a mad one’s lab
so bad alien man
bad as Lenin, Mao
O man, bad aliens

These 13 letters, switched-around, do equal the commentary. The descriptions fit Bin Laden. Now, the Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair, also has many accurate anagrams. They are not complimentary. Here is an interesting one:

‘lay ‘n orbit’

Could the reason the War on Terror continues and why we cannot find Osama Bin Laden is he is being kept in orbit? In orbit is the perfect place to secure someone from ever being discovered by the media and public eye.

Why do so many famous people have relatable anagrams? Why are politicians always portrayed negatively by anagrams? Why were anagrammed political organizations usually described as corrupt institutions? Can anagrams be more reliable than the federally owned media?

Everyone should explore ‘Anagram Genius’ and make their own discoveries. Long held questions can be answered in letters. It was a marvelous experience to find the secret significance to certain anagrams. Readers will not believe what mysteries are brought to light until they see for themselves. I feel I have found new Nostradamus quatrains or like the first person who deciphered lines from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Look for the book ‘The Anagram Code.’ The book will begin a new field of research, which is actually a rediscovery of an old science.

* * *

(Also, read Doug Yurchey's first article on anagrams here on the Illuminati News website: The Secret World of Anagrams).

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