S.O.S. Planet Earth!
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 26, 2005
(Posted: Sep 27, 2005)

Hazel McKinlayThere has been four hurricanes in as many weeks, Katrina, Lee, Ophelia and then Rita, with its trajectory monitored at NorthCom by the President himself. There is still about a month left of the season with stormy days ahead. The United States is under attack and the weapon of choice is the weather, but they are not alone, this war is worldwide.

Colonel Tom Bearden, the present day authority on scalar electromagnetics, stated that he believes all inclement weather from here on will have “appreciable weather engineering added, to cause more damage.” In my opinion, this has been the case since the reliable and life-giving rains stopped in Africa, sometime in the 1960’s, bringing famine.

Climatic conditions could be regulated by weather control to create environments conducive to agriculture, instead we see drought, ruined crops, hunger and hardship. The Sahel, inching southwards, could be made green and fertile with a smattering of rain, but the rains are falling in torrents elsewhere, causing record flooding and mudslides.

Hurricanes could be diverted away from the land, yet they select populated cities for maximum effect. Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting with increasing frequency for no apparent reason. Mitch Battros blames the sun, but global warming could be prevented with weather modification, so why are the polar ice caps melting? 

When the salinity of the sea decreases, the gulf stream will stop, changing temperatures and disrupting the Earth’s climate. All species dependent on natural seasonal cycles would be thrust into ecological chaos. Whoever is controlling the weather is doing a “heck of a job” heralding the end of civilization as we know it. Apocalypse now?

Imagine how it might be with benign usage of this technology. Warm sunshine would bathe humanity in its healthy rays, producing an abundance and plenty for everyone. Clean EM energy could make living comfortable and convenient, reducing the need for labour. How pleasant life would be, idyllic and carefree… and with flying cars!

Back in reality, we face shortages, while our leaders plunder, pollute and annihilate everything in their path, including people. Bearden says a “shot” at the sun can trigger solar flares to knock out electrical power systems, easily. Battos may feel vindicated, but to deploy the sun as a’ weapon of mass destruction’ defies belief. We may self-destruct.

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