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Last Updated:
Wednesday, May 03, 2006 05:45:52 PM



Wednesday, May 03,  2006

The UFO Debate
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, May 03, 2006


Hazel W.M. McKinlayExtreme anti-Zionist, Daryl Bradford Smith, who claims to be at the forefront in the fight against the New World Order, wants me added to a list of people who should be guillotined, the mode of execution preferred by the Noahide Laws. The heinous crime for which Smith would behead me is, a belief in UFO’s! He has much in common with extreme Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes, who also wants ufologists marginalised and “driven out of business” as Daryl Smith puts it.

Evidently, they have no interest or knowledge of this subject. I have, and so does the Illuminati, who have focused on spinning a concoction of lies and disinformation about ET’s in Hollywood for half a century.  UFO’s have now reached saturation point in the entertainment media, with “little green men” popping up everywhere, except in real life. For something which is ‘covered-up’ by TPTB, ufology gets excessive exposure on the mainstream Discovery Channel.

They have an agenda and will publicly disclose a distorted version of events when the time is right, to stage an “invasion” from outer space, to maintain fear of an unknown enemy. Whether you believe that ‘flying saucers’ make reconnaissance flights to Earth or not, the electrogravitic technology which propels them exists and was re-discovered in the 20th Century by eminent physicists like Townsend Brown, it is utilised by the B-2 Bomber to reach supersonic velocities.

However, the murdered ufologist Dr. Morris K. Jessup observed that ‘anti-gravity’ was employed in remote antiquity by the builders of colossal cyclopean edifices, such as Baalbek and Sacsayhuaman, whose ruins still mystify researchers today. Primitive tribes could not possibly have raised 800 ton blocks of stone, some of which are now below sea-level. Therefore, our ancestors must have enjoyed an advanced civilization in pre-history, to acquire this science.

It is irrelevant if the technology was developed here or brought from another planet. The point is, that mankind once had the ability to operate ‘vimanas’ and the elusive discs witnessed by millions of people could be piloted by our predecessors, rather than alien visitors from ‘Planet X’ as suggested by Rockefeller’s luminaries. Whatever the truth, I have a right to speculate and investigate, without being labelled insane by Daniel Pipes or threatened with death by DBS!

This is what will happen to UFO researchers if
Daryl Bradford Smith will have his way

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