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Illegally Harassed by the Drug Enforcement Administration
by Eddy LaBarr, March 19, 2006
(Posted here by Wes Penre: March 20, 2006)

I received the following email from Eddy LaBarr last night. It is pretty interesting. Please make sure to follow the links. Some pages on LaBarr's website could be hard to read in some browsers, due to that the background colors are conflicting with the font colors. If so, click anywhere on the page with your mouse, then press Ctrl+A on your keyboard and it should be easier to read. Wes Penre, Illuminati News.

* * *

DEA logoI'm Eddy LaBarr in Montrose, Colorado, with links to our site and a warm human interest story regarding our experiences with the ruthless Drug Enforcement Administration. From 1986 to 1993, after more than 400 incidents of harassment we were forced to purchase Soviet Starlight night vision equipment to identify a group of trespassers who were routinely hanging out around our bedroom windows at night. The mixed, multi-agency group would have loose, normal voice level conversations and commentaries about what my wife and I were doing in bed. This disgusting practice had been ongoing at the rate of 3 - 4 times per week since around 1986 when our law enforcement agencies began accruing massive allotments of thermal Infrared equipment and began training on civilians. We couldn't ever catch them and their illegal activities were causing problems inside our household as our parental attentions came to be diverted towards stopping trespassers instead of just enjoying life and raising kids.

Montrose, Colorado is a little town located on the sparsely populated Western side of this state and had a population of around 7000 at the time of this incident. It has always had a massive over-staffed, over-budgeted police apparatus with relatively nothing to do and a big Drug War agenda. Illegal trespassing and Peeping Tom activities came to be so bad that we actually had to leave the area for several months during the peak of these events.

We returned to our home with our Soviet Starlight unit: http://www.anti-mafia.com/Starlight-Scope.htm, which was a major investment for us and caught the entire group 6 days later as they were routinely trespassing. The first person identified was an investigator with the local Sheriff's department whom we knew along with 8 - 12 others, all wearing flat black suits or dark clothing. We were actually savoring this experience as a long overdue closure of sorts was taking place in our 7 year long trespassing investigation. We were unaware of how dangerous police can be when they are busted in an illegal act.

The cowsheds
The cowsheds

The morning after our first encounter; July 1st, 1993, 6:00 AM: As the sun was rising I did a 360 sweep with our scope and noticed a group of around 6 persons atop one of our cowsheds; 4 Mexicans wearing loose, baggy white clothes and 2 others with Khaki shirts which had black flaps on the pockets, who were setting up a pyramid shaped pup-tent frame. Then they pitched a tarp over it which looked like the bright side of Tin-Foil and had a distinct UV or black light colored band around it about 2/3 the way up from the bottom. Within a few minutes events were beginning to transpire at a startling rate including sharpshooters sprinting onto the property and one with a pistol who had lined up a two-for-one headshot -my wife and I. I recall the initial scene as I showed my wife exactly what was going on and seeing her keen interest, and then seeing her go into shock in less than a minute. We spent the next 72 hours at split second gunpoint. Being forced to observe this system, our complaints thereafter had the appearance of paranoia or related mental symptoms.

Looking back at the cowshed, their UV pyramid device seemed to have disappeared, literally. Once assembled in sunlight the viewer with unaided eyes can see what's behind the device, yet it is seen as clear as day with the UV filters and light amplification of the starlight scope, along with their personnel. Also, with this system; razor sharp images of their personnel and equipment can be viewed on plate glass windows (not mirrors) -with nothing seen at the sight where the reflection indicates. http://www.anti-mafia.com/D.E.A.-Tech.htm. I'm an electronics engineer and Ham radio operator and knew that when I understood why their ambient images could be viewed on plate glass -and not mirrors, I'd understand their system. That process took about 18 months and we filed our results with the U.S. Attorney General who responded with a one-line form letter. We were followed around by these personnel who subjected us to endless spectacles and were standing on the hoods and roofs of our vehicles filming and harassing us. The theory of how this all works is outlined on our site and we are now out to sell our story to film makers.

We have certified that nothing in our story or on our site is classified nor of any security concerns to the U.S. Govt. It is our belief that this system has been given to all of the NATO governments for usage on their civilians. It almost seems like this was once a Masonic device, but we're not Masons... The level or disinterest and non-concern sort of suggested a cover up and It wasn't until over a decade later that we figured out that the pyramid device we saw had most likely been illegally taken out of the security vault at Cheyenne Mountain, a major Air Force facility 200 miles away.

There is a "psychic efficacy associated with this device: http://www.anti-mafia.com/prayer_channel.htm


Let us know if your interested in more info on anything that's not already on our site.

Eddy LaBarr
Montrose, CO

* * *

In a response to Mr. LaBarr, I asked him if he knew the reason why the DEA would monitor him so closely, and he replied:

A: Before the 1993 incident since I was a teenager there seemed to be some type of resentment or avarice type atmosphere over my Dad, Donald LaBarr Sr's success, standing and stature in this little Peyton Place Redneck hole of a town. This was apparent throughout the 70's as I noticed just over-abounding interest in me from local cops, who were in 1993 and are now detectives and from a local clique @ The local Peyton Place Elks club, where subjects were entertained slandering me as Gay. No way as my "wife" even heard it and they frequently referred to me as faggot, etc, when that is false. So this has the makings of an intended Gay Hate Crime.

In the late 80s' I was and still am this very cool, relaxed Hipster type out in the country with Satellite TV, stereo, nice small social parties -(No felony or big misdemeanor drugs) and I presume this caused one of these many, many extra Montrose Police Dept Dicks to storm back and forth in the office kicking trash cans or...?, Just guessing. It seems they got into a big new thing when they started integrating night gear and thermal equipment into what they called "Sneak and Peak." And whatever they were investigating was taking place @ 3:00 Am or so when my wife and I were in bed. They were outside standing on top of the hood and roof of our car for the angle down into the bedroom. I was Hot on them and I suspect they viewed me as a little smarter than the average bear, so they trained on us for what they called Harassment Tactics. They were inside our house with our kids...

...So, we leave the area and bounce around in const where I work housing on Federal Indian projects, also Miramar, Kaneohe, Twenty-nine and so on. We came back with Starlight equip, which took 1 and 1/2 months wages saved ahead to purchase at the time, returned to Colorado and pulled the RV in behind the grain bins shown on this hate crime map: http://www.anti-mafia.com/Never_Again.htm. This shows the RV much in the same position as in 93. It seemed like they wanted to run us off or something. That trailer; #13 was moved from there and we were in the RV. I saw lens reflections 3 days afterwards. Went up to a party with a friend, heard noises out in the bushes, walked out, focused the scope in on Robert Cox, MCSO investigator and 8-12 others -All wearing flat black suits. They had around $60K in night gear, (from my recent pricing of units), starlight/camera combos with 3 inch lenses. I watched them do a number on my friend using the "Blue gun-like camera device" shown on the DEA equip drawing: http://www.anti-mafia.com/D.E.A.-Tech.htm. I saw this used in AZ and it puts a bright spot on the inside of a sheet metal awning. It's bright as the sun and fits against the wall or awning. It views through sheet metal! Then we went home around 5:00 AM, they started showing up, I queued my wife in, so glad I had a witness and she went in shock in 35 seconds. I went outside and looked over a group of them, looked @ all the other equipment, including looking down into the C-CLAW. That's a wicked WMD, that device would be deployed if the Soviets would've over run West Germany, it's also used for killing equipment like my scope. All of the stuff I now believe was some of the specialized security equipment off of Cheyenne -OR was related Army Missile Command/Air Nat'l Guard.

Model of the "Pyramid"

My suspicions of that come from 3 points:

1) 30 M-16s' on the 3rd day, all E2 models that looked like the were rolled right off the rack @ Carson. All were wearing rectangular goggles.
2)- Robert Cox, MCSO investigator -later in 1994/1995 called up a DEA helicopter out of this Colorado Springs conglomerate which turned out to be Colorado Springs Air Nat'l Guard. There was a sense there was DOD Backup there in the 93 incident.

3)- The truck we saw in Cali parked next to us during this trip down from Oregon to Yuma, AZ which gave me the night sighting necessary to reverse engineer this in 1994. ...My wife just would not close the distance to the RV as we were driving down the West Coast, went off the road, blowing 2 tires near Amboy on I-40. This one looked like it was off a Dakota's missile base, telling me it was Air Force equipment, leading to later surmisal this 1993 pyramid may have been off a missile battery associated with Carson/Cheyenne. I'm also aware this is used as an "Entry System" in current training use @ Quantico. The truck model Sat and blinked @2hz in darkness. It had capacitor characteristics, it that I watched the sparks in the bands build up and chase around between the top and bottom of the band they would get closer and finally connect and "Leap or were Hurled" from the band. It charges the magnetic field like the simplest early radio transmitters would make one's hair stand on end. The bandwidth of a UV range light emission is so tight it's "solid" as it applies here and inherently invisible to the unaided eye. It's like a loose fog and unnoticeable unless there is an oppositely charged body or equip within the field. The secondary device, I have several theories on, I could be a pill or beeper-type devices creating a static, like scuffing across the carpet in socks that either attracts or repels, (creating an envelope) -that reflects what's behind the charged party or the surrounding area. The image sort of rolls on top of the tight UV range Ionization. This differs from the neon blacklights in clubs in that it is in effect a "Radio generated emission" with harmonics in the UV range which are useful enough to make this work. The truck would be an escort vehicle which could move along with and cover several humvees, etc., plus even a low flying Apache.

In conclusion to the question of why the DEA was after us, I suspect one of the reasons - afterwards is because the pyramid they exposed us to was a patented militarized version of the Masonic Holy Grail made probably by Raytheon and that it has or had illegal or classified patents worth around $12 Billion which are worthless if their secrecy is lost. This one that got reverse engineered was out of Cheyenne Mtn -and now China has it. ...Don't know for sure but believe that LBJ gave it to the Secret Service in 1964 for Vietnam, (secretly and illegally) violating an exclusive secret Masonic agreement,(???) then it went into the three letter soup and the DEA finally got busted torturing civilians. This is my speculation. I think Raytheon has their own (CIA interactive) bureau of investigation and they helped screw us up afterwards. There's a long story there; I'm a minister and have the gift of a high level of spiritual communication.

- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -

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