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  Posted: Friday, February 01, 2008, 7:02PM

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Eighth Wonder of the World? The Stunning Temples Secretly Carved Out Below Ground by 'Paranormal' Eccentric
by Hazel Courtney, Daily Mail, Nov 22, 2007


Comment: What is this all about? After you have read this article from Daily Mail, don't miss reading Leo Zagami's comment on this phenomenon. Leo was one of the top Illuminati figures in Europe, until he escaped a few years ago, and now lives in Exile in Norway. I contacted Leo for a comment, because he is not only an Insider, but also Italian, and the phenomenon described here is happening in his homeland, Italy. Leo had a lot to say... Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com


estling in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the ancient city of Turin, lies the valley of Valchiusella. Peppered with medieval villages, the hillside scenery is certainly picturesque.

But it is deep underground, buried into the ancient rock, that the region's greatest wonders are concealed.

Hall of the Earth: An amazing room built on the 'supernatural' visions of its creator

Here, 100ft down and hidden from public view, lies an astonishing secret - one that has drawn comparisons with the fabled city of Atlantis and has been dubbed 'the Eighth Wonder of the World' by the Italian government.

For weaving their way underneath the hillside are nine ornate temples, on five levels, whose scale and opulence take the breath away.

Constructed like a three-dimensional book, narrating the history of humanity, they are linked by hundreds of metres of richly decorated tunnels and occupy almost 300,000 cubic feet - Big Ben is 15,000 cubic feet.

Light fantastic: The giant glass dome of the Hall of Mirrors

Few have been granted permission to see these marvels.

Play time: Children look happy in the amazing surroundings


Indeed, the Italian government was not even aware of their existence until a few years ago.

But the 'Temples of Damanhur' are not the great legacy of some long-lost civilisation, they are the work of a 57-year-old former insurance broker from northern Italy who, inspired by a childhood vision, began digging into the rock.

It all began in the early Sixties when Oberto Airaudi was aged ten. From an early age, he claims to have experienced visions of what he believed to be a past life, in which there were amazing temples.

Around these he dreamed there lived a highly evolved community who enjoyed an idyllic existence in which all the people worked for the common good.

More bizarrely still, Oberto appeared to have had a supernatural ability: the gift of "remote viewing" - the ability to travel in his mind's eye to describe in detail the contents of any building.

"My goal was to recreate the temples from my visions," he says.

Oberto - who prefers to use the name 'Falco' - began by digging a trial hole under his parent's home to more fully understand the principals of excavation.

But it was only as he began a successful career as an insurance broker that he began to search for his perfect site.

Breathtaking: The miles of tunnels enable air to circulate

House of secrets: Below this house is the Damanhurian temple which is one of the largest temple complexes in the world

In 1977, he selected a remote hillside where he felt the hard rock would sustain the structures he had in mind.

A house was built on the hillside and Falco moved in with several friends who shared his vision. Using hammers and picks, they began their dig to create the temples of Damanhur - named after the ancient subterranean Egyptian temple meaning City of Light - in August 1978.

As no planning permission had been granted, they decided to share their scheme only with like-minded people.

Volunteers, who flocked from around the world, worked in four-hour shifts for the next 16 years with no formal plans other than Falco's sketches and visions, funding their scheme by setting up small businesses to serve the local community.

By 1991, several of the nine chambers were almost complete with stunning murals, mosaics, statues, secret doors and stained glass windows. But time was running out on the secret.

Hall of Spheres: Creator Oberto Airaudi based his creation on wonderful visions

Bright window: The window decorations have a church-stained window theme

The first time the police came it was over alleged tax evasion and still the temples lay undiscovered. But a year later the police swooped on the community demanding: "Show us these temples or we will dynamite the entire hillside."

Falco and his colleagues duly complied and opened the secret door to reveal what lay beneath.

Three policemen and the public prosecutor hesitantly entered, but as they stooped down to enter the first temple - named the Hall of the Earth - their jaws dropped.

Inside was a circular chamber measuring 8m in diameter.

Hall of mirrors: The hall has a classical Greek feel

Egyptian wall paintings: Damanhurian art is greatly influenced by both Egyptian and Celtic sytles

A central sculpted column, depicting a three dimensional man and woman, supported a ceiling of intricately painted glass.

The astonished group walked on to find sculpted columns covered with gold leaf, more than 8m high.

Stunned by what they had found, the authorities decided to seize the temples on behalf of the government.

"By the time they had seen all of the chambers, we were told to continue with the artwork, but to cease further building, as we had not been granted planning permission," says Esperide Ananas, who has written a new book called Damanhur, Temples Of Humankind.

Retrospective permission was eventually granted and today the 'Damanhurians' even have their own university, schools, organic supermarkets, vineyards, farms, bakeries and award-winning eco homes.

They do not worship a spiritual leader, though their temples have become the focus for group meditation.

'They are to remind people that we are all capable of much more than we realise and that hidden treasures can be found within every one of us once you know how to access them,' says Falco.

Leo ZagamiComment by Leo Zagami, ex-Illuminatus: Damanhur, or the “Federation of Damanhur”, is a spiritual organization dating from the 1970s in Northern Italy. They are based about 30 miles outside of Turin in a rural community that they have mysteriously established with the support of the local authorities, apparently infiltrated successfully by the Damanhurians.

I first heard of them back in 1991 from a dear friend of mine called Gianluca, who went to visit them and to his astonishment, after a few joints of grass, was given the possibility to visit their underground complex, a place that was still secret at the time just before the police discovered the project.

He told me they were a spooky sect spiritually; a kind of New Age mishmash of various beliefs inspired by the visions of Oberto Airaudi, their founder (connected to the Theosophical movement and other occult groups) who is a notorious pervert within the community and likes to have a sort of harem full of ladies at his disposal for his sexual magick practices.

The underground complex was sadly built by a bunch of mind controlled slaves on LSD, that Oberto freely supplied to the workers during the course of many years of hard labour in the worst drugged up conditions. Volunters came from all over the world; innocent individuals and junkies that believed that Oberto Airaudi was channeling the vision of a a High Priest of Atlantis...pure rubbish, but very dangerous indeed - a sort of mind prison camp that reminds me of the practices of occultist Aleister Crolwey at the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily. The energy in the place is apparently not at all positive and we can only imagine what went really on during the long period of construction that started in 1978.

It seems that after all these years the “Federation of Damanhur” and their illuminated leader is finally ready to capitalize on their underground project, and I'm very surprised by the positive image portrayed in the media like the Daily Mail and numerous others lately. It seems to me that the illuminati are using such experiments to their own advantage and I'm sure from what I heard during the years that Oberto Airaudi is a very corrupt leader working for the usual suspects.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

Further reading and videos:

Secret Society of Damanhur (ABC News Video): http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=4221545

More on the Secret Society of Damanhur (ABC News): http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/popup?id=4210038

Wes PenreWes Penre is an researcher, journalist, and the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. He has also done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. Also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=495538&in_page_id=1811&in_page_id=1811&expand=true#StartComments

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