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  Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2008, 9:54AM

Last Updated: Saturday, January 19, 2008 10:15:52 AM



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SECOND FAMILY UK - Survivors of Freemasonry Speak Out!


Wes PenreComment: This is a very important website, where ex-Freemasons come together and speak out, just like ex-Scientologists and other former cult members do the same thing when they have woken up to the truth and feel the need to expose the criminal organizations they were  (most of the time due to ignorance) members of.. The reason is of course to warn other people from joining and have their lives destroyed.  Please read and spread the word. Bookmark the page and refer back to it whenever you need to inform somebody about the truth about Freemasonry. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

Masons unwelcome here...


e are all victims of Freemasonry" SF (UK) [SF stands for Second Family, editor's note] are a not just a support group for victims of the criminal organization that calls itself "Freemasonry", we also campaign for fairer and democratic society. SF are not a hate or revenge group, just to peacefully campaign for change and make the world a better place. We have contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England), GLOS (Grand Lodge of Scotland), the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel and their other spokesman? at the Masonicinfo (Masonic-misinformation) website.

They have all refused to speak to our victims group in front of live cameras. We have nothing to hide with lots to prove on this inherently corrupt organization. Please checkout www.masonfree.co.uk [1] and follow the links. SF (UK) provides a public register, information and support group for non-members of crooked Freemasonry. Ever wanted to know which lawyers, politicians, police officers and tradesmen are members of your local Masonic Lodge? SF (UK) to help and educate each other. We have a petition to ban Freemasonry And Other Secret Societies, you can find it here....

Visit their website now and learn more

Second Family's Most Recent Newsletter [no. 22, 2008]

www.secondfamily-uk.com for victims of Freemasonry & Common Purpose

Yes, we are being controlled, robbed, manipulated, dumbed down, slavery, born tax generators, etc by an evil criminal organisation. The main reason we are oppressed is because the Freemasons/Common Purpose have hijacked OUR? government. FACT. Never read, or take on no more waffle from them. Sorry for the delay guys SF are very positively busy.

We've been using the masons own tactics to gather overwhelming proof that we are dealing with the criminal network FM/CP. There is no fabrication by SF, we can back up everything we say.

Here is a very important statement from SF. Do not EVER believe one word that comes out of any Freemason's mouth, period (the same goes for Common Purpose). We have comprehensive proof that they will deliberately lie to protect their criminal activities. This is not a gripe or fabrication by Second Family UK, this is now a fact. We have waited two years for one good mason to come and help sort out this mess. SF is still waiting. There just has to be one, surely ?

Not one person (exclude the low levels) of any credibility has disputed any of SF's statements. The fact that FM/CP are anything less than a criminal network. We sent 3 of serious articles (6 weeks ago) to every MP and newspaper in the UK. The silence is deafening , WHY ? we know why, they are all owned by it. Have they all sold their souls to the Devil ? Have they all sold their families, their future, the health of our planet?. How can a person trust another fellow human being, now that we all know about this Evil ? For those of you not online. We have put a warning to all parents to keep an EYE on their children. The secret societies badly want to indoctrinate them. You should educate everyone's children to these evil destroyers of society.

Do you know anybody who is pregnant ? That baby will be stamped with an invisible barcode. The baby does NOT belong to the mother, it's a born tax generator. It will then be nurtured, monitored, manipulated and calculated on it's value to the NWO/ Global Government. This is FACT.

Very simple answer, help us to fight to BAN FM/CP NOW

We've been on the mason's website and tried hard to have a debate. We made it clear that we just wanted to get to the truth. We immediately found that we were communicating with a bunch of prolific liars. We were dealing with the moderator of their forum who calls himself Mike Martin This person is also a spokesman for UGLE (The United Grand Lodge Of England). And guess what ? Mike Martin is not his real name ?

Outrageous. We think his real name is Mike Murphy. Same guy locked their forum where we got more than 5000 hits. Why would they all use aliases ? Do they have something to hide ? You Bet ! We also think he uses this to let other masons know he is a Master Mason (MM) or Martin has some FM relevance. Is Chris Connop of UGLE a real name ? Here we have a large charity? run by people using an alias as their identity ?

Anyway if you go to the masons forum and have a read. Its on www.thefreemason.com and under The Only Joe Stirling Topic in the section called Knobs & Excrescence's. It looks like we are taking a hit from them. To those of you who can read between the lines, it was fantastic for SF in lots of very revealing ways. It has been a really brilliant expose (more in next SF newsletter)

You can participate more on our very own SF forum (thanks to Tony G) at www.masonfree.org.uk If you can ignore all of the bitching and silliness, you can see that the masons are very, very concerned about our SF victims group. (at long last)

One of our other websites just seems to get better at www.secondfamily-uk.com (Kudos to B&G). We have immediate plans for more websites and criminal exposure. All of us just do not have a choice. We at SF have lots of new excellent strategies that we have put in place. SF has been using some clever tactics on the masons and they have taken the bait (to be revealed).

You are not going to like this next bit. SF estimate that there are more than 15 million secret societies members in the UK. These are all controlled by Freemasonry. Where do we get this figure ? 1st of all the only figures we had available were what the Masons had made us believe.

They said 800k in the UK and 6 Million worlwide, more FM spin. SF have found that since Dunblane (or before this) the masons still enrolled new members, but no register is kept !. very CRAFTY (yes we have the ID of some of these criminal servants) This is why the masons are saying that freemasonry is dying out and the average age is 60 years of age.

(yes mate pull the other one, its got bells) It's definitely not dying out, in fact it's growing as we speak. Masons use modern psychology to entrap members, they have their EYE on your children (by stealth)

Now, we know about Masons, Common Purpose, Rotarians, Mormons, Jehovah's, Round Table, Knights of this n' that, Order Of the Police, Order of this n' that, but people do not know about the hidden groups that surround us. A lot of these groups have no name, they are used to test, persecute and monitor the FMs control. They have also entrapped huge numbers of low waged families to carry out their dirty work. Don't forget their entrapment in the poor countries. There are dozens of splinter groups all connected to the Masons and Common Purpose. (more to follow) CP does not have a register of members and this is wrong. SF has to stick together.

Here is a Fact that will cheer you up. The FMs/CP etc are literally very concerned of SF and other truthseeking activists We have been posting topics on every newsgroup, forums and affiliated websites and this snowball is getting very heavy. We start fresh snowballs almost every day. We are asking people worldwide why the masons won't come and talk to their victims in front of a live independent audience ? and everyone is saying YES why don't they ? They will do everything in their power to try to stop SF & others. Like we said before, their pirate ship is taking on water, tick, tock, tick, tock.

We've been using the masons own tactics to gather overwhelming proof that we are dealing with a criminal network called FM/CP. They are trying to stop SF's expose. These secret societies have always been in control and their method is quite simple. They control all communications. Your calls, emails, letters. The CCTV is theirs, its all FM cameras. We pay, they abuse and manipulate them. They only capture images that suits them. So here's what you can do. Work just like them, start your own group and have a base. You can start from home. Go to your local human rights group or start one locally. Rule

No1 is independence, do not let any authority hijack your group. The reason you have to start a group is because then it will be truly independent of all authorities. You can offer free advice (to get

started) and show them the truth online or SF newsletters. You can go solo or we will back you up, your choice.You will have to be transparent and clean to show people you are genuine. Time is against us, so you have to gather pace if we are to have a chance. This can all be done very cheaply with flyers or postings to your local online forums. Start a local snowball and then another. Remember, if you do nothing, they win. Good idea/start for a flyer is "We the people" are SICK TO DEATH of the lies, injustice and corruption. The rest is self explanatory.

If you can't do this, can you please send a donation made out to J.Stirling as we are throwing old bread at them and the seagulls love it. Or at least stop thinking "Me, Me, Me." Nobody will ever get change/justice until we collectively fight for it.

Here is another serious fault that really helps the NWO. We are all wasting valuable time online and thats exactly what the masons want. If you are online they are watching your screen as you type. Just use it efficiently, do your bit, then network locally. Use your home

(cheapest) or a small unit/office. Work just like the masons (without ulterior motives), its that simple.

Now listen, have you any idea how many miracles it has taken for SF to get this far ????? We have nearly lost SF (as a group) several times.

Other groups depend on us surviving and lots of victims (not online) need us badly. The rest is up to you, SF needs your support and participation. We still have FM/CP infiltrators and spoilers within this genuine victims group

Mason's tactics, do you know someone who always seems to have a job.

Jobs for their pretend brothers ? This is also NWO tactics to gain total control, They're called place-men. Can somebody tell us why the BBC done a hit job documentary on Scientology ? Why is the BBC ignoring the bigger picture of wholesale corruption by FM/CP ? the BBC are a part of it.

We got permission from Gordon Cameron. to download his (brilliant expose on FMs) outstanding book for free. If you struggle, let SF know.

www.Lulu.com/GordonCameron We think they have banned it already. Great book on the truth about Freemasonry. You can also buy our Walter Taylors (another lifelong victim of Freemasonry) books on the criminal masons.

More FM expose. The number 2 is another FM (symbolic to Masons) number.

Apparently because their "Square" (from their logo Square and Compass has two sides. The letters L, A and V are also Masonic symbols. The L is the same shape as their square. When you draw a square, you have the

4 sides, hence the masonic number four. A and V is the shape of their Compass. There are other meanings, which we are working on. So add theseto your list of investigations. Send more.

More FM expose. Did you ever notice some vehicles out there with 2 or 4 (or even 6 or 8 on big lorries) blue tinted spotlights on the front ?

The blue represents the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry and the number of lights represent FMs favourite numbers. This is also a way for FMs to recognise each other. Now you can take this further by your own investigations.

More FM expose. You already know about Pubs called The Red Lion (the Lion is a FM symbol). Also pubs like The Rams Head, masons are just mad about sheep, rams, goats, horns. Thanks to L+ T. Please keep up the good work. Need more.

Good news. The FMs are all over the Internet going apeshit trying to get our victim's stories and evidence. They badly want to destroy and discredit anything from SF. No way will we take our story to them.

Let's do this our way, SF has nothing to hide.

SF are getting much, much stronger as a group, so just hang on in there. We WILL get justice. We WILL stop them with the help of all of our friends, supporters and affiliated groups. We have to be a focused collective to defeat these crooks.

Another good tip is to ignore them (send THEM to Coventry). When they annoy you, all you have to do is to treat it as a form of respect.

Psychologically tell yourself that they get close to you because you are special. Much more special than these low lifes. Never let them inside your head again. Let your phone go onto voicemail/ansaphone. If its important, they'll leave a message. It's the exact same online, why talk to an invisible mason ? If they annoy you outdoors, clench your fist and say YES, it's a mark of respect from the masons. This becomes a lot of fun. You will soon feel warm and good inside. This is why Joe has become much stronger in this fight. FM/CP are losers and they know that the public are finding out more and more 24/7

More FM expose. Masons love the letter M, its the 13th letter of the alphabet (13 gets them really excited). If you are not a mason or you are on their revenge list, they will give you appointments with 13 in it. Like 1 o'clock (1300) or 13.30 or 11.30 or 10.30, etc. And of course, masons are mad about the number 3 or any multiple of 3. Do not ridicule this fact. SF can blow you away with this collective knowledge. Don't forget that Freemasonry is also a cult and religion and they DO practice witchcraft. Search online for Bohemian Grove. This is where the top masons (inc Blair n' Bush) go to witness the secret societies sacrifices.

We are working on the Masonic Codes, where they use combinations of signs, numbers, letters and symbols. They combine these with old alphabets (like Greek). This is how the crooked FMs win contracts at your expense. We believe this is how masons work in lots of situations like courts (now you know why no cameras in courts) insurance companies, law societies, etc, etc. Keep sending your exposes and some bits you are not sure about. Help us at SF or bury your head in their sand.

Can anyone advise anything about the large website called Above Top Secret ? We posted articles and all removed. We have emailed them four times to ask why, but they ignore us. Just hope they are not part of misinformation (NWO's order out of chaos)

More FM exposure. Pet names the masons use. Blue, Mitsy, Max, Molly, Milly, Missy, Rocky, Robin, to be continued. This does not mean the person is a mason, use this to go through FM identity procedure with other checks. SF can back up everything we say. Send us your info on Masonic pet names and other FM connections.

BEWARE of the Freemason's tactics of planting seeds. They will sow the seeds of doubt and misinformation into your head through the Mason's Media or the Internet (via Masonic Trolls/Drones on the forums) or when they phone you. SF has many names and websites you should be wary of.

You can ask us if not sure. (we can't just put their names up, for fear of litigation). These masons are professional timewasters and seed planters. They are definitely rewarded for their psychological terrorism.

We spoke to the Masons on their forum and they asked us why we wanted a public register ? We said so that we could use modern technology to prove if you are a good or bad organisation. This really spooked them and no answer came forward. Here are more reasons for a public register. You need to know if your local MP, Judge, police, doctor, soldier, immediate family, council, bank, citizens advice centre, credit union, neighbour, MOT Garage, etc, are they members of Freemasonry or Common Purpose ? This is a must know, never EVER listen to a word that comes out of their crooked mouths.

When are you going to wake up ? the FMs see us as fair game and they use stealth and non detectable crime to persecute us. All you have do to is the exact same. Of course it's their law, use their tactics, no witnesses. It's totally ludicrous that SF have to suggest this, but the whole picture really stinks. FACT..... there is only one law and it's Masonic Law (comprehensive proof)

Did you know that Dumb & Dumber were famous Masons What idiot would want to make the rich even richer?SF has posted this worldwide in all forums and newsgroups. SF's latest one is "The Masons Are Too Scared To Sue Us"

Absolutely nothing but good news and lots of progress for SF's cause.

The reason SF's story has not come out yet as the FMs tactics of ignoring, bullying and supressing everyone is working, for now. This bubble is getting bigger and WILL burst one day pretty soon. The whole Internet world know all about SFs offer to talk to the Masons in front of a live, independent audience. Can't you hear Gollum ? "not listening, not listening" (hide)

Asking you again to promote SF and expose these criminals to absolutely everyone, everywhere by all means possible. Design your own flyers or copy our newsletters. Make them all aware of our website, www.secondfamily-uk.com. Copy it, email it, drop it on public transport, clinics, libraries, fax, councils, military, doctors & hospital surgeries, hallways, supermarkets, use you imagination and please do this every day. Some members do this and SF is getting much stronger. Very simple answer, fight to BAN FM/CP NOW, today ! SF together have security, without each other , we are nothing. Tell people the truth. The overwhelming evidence is all over the Internet.

Be your own investigator. Tell everyone about SF This is how we grow.

You have to educate people of the FM/CP tactics. They use the ancient evil "Divide And Rule" tactic on us all. We can prove that the Masons call us profane people "THEM". This is how they destroy society for self gain. These puppet masters have no feelings, they are "Things", not a milligram of compassion. Save your community now, do not let these "Things" divide us. Show everyone the truth. Want to know who the "Things" are ? They are the FM/CP co-ordinators (ultimate cowards) These are the most vile, despicable "Things" that breathe. Second Family UK is very close to revealing some of them.

Do NOT trust the Police. They protect the FM/CP criminal network. If you have to deal with them, take a witness, or do it through your MP.

Make sure you get written confirmation on as much as you can. There are good police officers out there, but even they are controlled (or no job). SF can't say the same about their FM bosses.

Here's a brilliant tip from SF. Never EVER go soft on the Masons. SF has tried very, very hard to be diplomatic and reasonable with these crooks. If the masons get one sniff of you being soft. then BAM, they gang up on you and all of a sudden everything is YOUR fault. They sit and wait like brainwashed predators (true) looking for chinks in your armour, story, opinion, loyalty, religious or political views, spelling, grammar, etc. It's our own fault really ! why were SF trying to talk to criminals ?

When the new Masons are being slowly brainwashed, they are led to believe that they have been chosen and that they are "Special". These foolish Masons start to believe this and they will start to put ornaments, pictures, figures or anything that represents this false brainwash. For instance, The Moon, Owl, Sheep, Goats, The Sun, Half Moon, Crescent Moon, Comet God, Lions, Anything with Horns, Stars, etc.

Mix this with all the other evidence and you will spot them every day.

Do not take your EYES off these legal? crimelords. Enjoy your new-found investigations.

Did you know that the word Mason means Misinformation And Stupid Ongoing Nonsense..... Fact (if you let it be).

If you want to know all about the FM theatre, then take a look at a TV program called "Shaun Of The Dead" It was on ITV on 12/1/08. There are a few scenes but the bit we are talking about was about 10.15 pm approx. This scene is an excellent way to show someone how the Masonic theatre works. SF has lots of evidence to back this up. The FMs will not like this one bit. The program is just another normal TV series, but if you want to study how the masons use theatre, this is it. So when you use your set ups, film everything. Its easy for them when they all know each member of their gang.

Remember, the Mason's puppet masters own everything you see on their TV, Radio and Newspapers. Your TV set is dumbing you down with soaps, sports and reality ? programs (what purpose?) Think of the brilliant true documentaries you should have seen. That TV set in every room is their hypnotist, full of subliminal messages. Try an alternative TV station like Al Jezeera (English News Staion). Here's another statement from SF, WHY WON'T THE MASONS SUE US ? (terrified of the truth ?)

Remember, write your memory down every day and you will learn how to gather evidence to back it up. Do it today. We at SF will NOT let FM/CP ignore us. This is the reason why the Masons won't sue us, because they know it's 100% true. They know their wave is dissipating. This evil is way out of control. Please pass this information and truth to everyone, everybody, everywhere. You and your family's future seriously depends on it. Knowledge is power.

This text is brought to you by Joe Stirling, lifelong victim of Freemasonry and 20 years of Common Purpose (same legal gang)

You are all victims, you just don't know it yet because you are caught in their Mortgage Trap or Debt Trap (all planned). We are all being controlled, manipulated and robbed by a criminal network/organisation called Freemasonry/Common Purpose.

Second Family is free to all. SF have members all over the UK and we are affiliated to much larger groups worldwide. SF has a regular newsletter. Send SSAE to SF, 93 Ashburn Road, Milngavie, Glasgow 0141 560 4743 or mobiles 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227. Email us, we are connected to many professional websites, so please go to www.secondfamily-uk.com or our sister site www.ljpr.info and follow the links. Make sure you get confirmation from us otherwise we didn't recieve it. They are protecting their status quo, which is 100% corruption. You have to fight back, there is nowhere to run or hide.

Modern technology is absolutely amazing. We pay for it and they abuse it. FM/CP could literally clear up crime instantaneously with the technology available.


ALTERNATIVELY GIVE US A CHANCE TO SHOW OUR STORIES TO A INDEPENDENT FILMED AUDIENCE. SF has nothing to hide and have mountains of evidence, test us.

Here is my Declaration Of Truth. My name is Joe Stirling and I am not a member of Freemasonry, Common Purpose, any Secret Society, Cult, Order, or Debating Group. I can write this in my own handwriting in front of you so that you may use it as a legal document against me. You can use this statement for your own situation against anyone, watch their body language, etc

This can be abused but you can always get Second Family to double check for any foul play by this FM/CP human virus.

SF are not a revenge group. We do not hate anybody, just to peacefully campaign for change. Everybody has the right to reply. Please be sensible and focused. Remember SF can back up EVERYTHING we say with evidence. Now here's the really scary bit. Six weeks ago, we sent 3 serious articles to every MP in the UK. We also sent them to every Newspaper (large and small) in the UK. The silence has been deafening.

This is ABSOLUTE truth that Second Family has hit the nail on the head.


Visit their website now and learn more

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source: http://www.secondfamily-uk.com/

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