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  Posted: Monday, December 17, 2007, 4:17AM

Last Updated: Monday, December 17, 2007 05:57:27 AM



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A Manifesto of the New UK Illuminati of the Rose and Cross
by Leo Zagami, Dec 16, 2007


Leo ZagamiComments by Leo Zagami: This new Manifesto of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood was created by one of the most influential Freemasons in Europe Robert Gilbert, chairman of the most prestigious Masonic Lodge of research in the world Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 (UGLE) , and Charles Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero the people in charge of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , together with Michael Buckley who studied Constitutional Law and Economics, and also had a successful career as an Underwriting Member of Lloyds Insurance Brokerage Company.

Robert Gilbert


A Freemason and member of Lloyds Lodge N°5673 and its associated Royal Arch Chapter, Buckley became involved within the Esoteric & Philosophical Orders of the illuminati that are based on Rosicrucianism. Michael is a founder, and Supreme Magus, of this new powerful Order of the Rose and Cross born in 2007 within the powerful walls of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of research .His interest in the more esoteric side of Freemasonry led him into the Martinist Orders, and he is now the Grand Master of The Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers and The Hermetic Order of Martinists, two very important bodies of the western illuminati tradition. Both are based on the philosophical teachings of Louis Claude de Saint Martin, which advocate the re-integration of the individual with the mystic Christ, and they follow the twin pillars of Rosicrucian teachings and the mystical path of Martinism secretly connected to the Jesuit Order.

Michael has published papers in the field of Esoteric Masonry in the past that reflect this path. Until the birth of this new illuminati Order the elite of the York Rite used to be always part of the SRIA in the UK , and Fra. Robert Gilbert was one of the leaders of the Metropolitan College of the SRIA but things have changed now and it looks like we have a new player on the illuminati scene...and this has happened because more and more of these so called illuminati feel now ready to show their true plans and their fundamentalist believes. They truly think they can save the world in the end of times , they see themselves as the only chosen ones the keepers of true Christianity , just check the manifesto below and you will understand better the illuminati madness at work at the highest levels of Rosicrucian Freemasonry in London HQ's.

The Rose and Cross
The Rose and Cross


e, the Fratres et Sorores of the true Rose and Cross herewith proclaim the birth of a new order, so that Christianity may yet fulfill its manifest destiny and the Rosicrucian tradition may be restored to its original Christian purity: "The Order of the Rose and Cross"

Our Order teaches that true Christianity is not merely a question of belief, but also one of racial karma. After the invasion of the kingdom of Israel, the Assyrians scattered the indigenous population. They resettled in the Caucasus Mountains, and later drifted into Europe. We believe that the Anglo-Saxon and associated Indo-European cultures are the spiritual and literal descendants of these "lost ten tribes of Israel," representing God's chosen people as mentioned in the Old Testament. [1]

We believe in the inevitability of the end of the world and in the Second Coming of Christ. We believe that the coming "end times events" are part of a cleansing process that is needed before Christ's kingdom can be firmly established on earth. During this time, Satan and his allies will attempt to destroy God's chosen people using any means available.

The result will be a violent and bloody millennial struggle, in which Christians shall battle Satan and the forces of evil.

Many will perish, and some will be forced to wear the Mark of the Beast merely to participate in business and commerce.

After the final battle is ended, however, Christ's kingdom shall be established on earth, and Christians be recognized as the one and true Israel.

The principal aim of "The Order of the Rose and Cross" is to preserve and propagate pure, esoteric Christianity, the true essence of the Western Mystery Tradition, by means of study, debate and meditation within a consecrated space, in order to prepare Christians for the coming struggle. We believe, moreover, that the Rosicrucian movement has been from its inception an inherently Christian movement. Therefore only Christians may join the Order of the Rose and Cross.

We believe, moreover, that Rosicrucians have a special role to play in the end times struggle, and that Christians shall gather around the symbols of our Order, the Rose and Cross, in their struggle against Satan and his allies.

Many members of our Order were once members of other Rosicrucian orders whose leaders had lost their way.

The founders of the Order of the Rose and Cross had all been senior and long-standing members of the Sociatas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.), a masonic Rosicrucian body that professed to be Christian in nature and membership, but which had gradually slipped from maintaining its Christian identity as well as a wholly Christian membership. The slippage away from spiritual integrity gained momentum, and when the head of that body drifted away from Christianity, they said 'Enough is enough' and left, but more in sorrow than in anger. They did not, however, leave Rosicrucianism behind them, and creating a new Order was a natural step - as was the inevitable reviling and ill-will from some of their erstwhile colleagues. But the breach was only with the misguided leaders of that Rosicrucian body, not with its wider membership, who are welcome among us as pilgrims on the Rosicrucian path.

We invite fellow Christians to join us on the Rosucrucian path of true esoteric Christianity. We invite fellow Christians, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians to join us in raising Christianity to its manifest destiny in the final struggle to establish God's kingdom on earth, and in restoring the Rosicrucian tradition to its true Christian identity.

For more information, please visit our website at:



Supreme Magus: M.W.Fra. Michael Buckley, IX°

Senior Deputy Supreme Magus: R.W.Fra. John Goodrum, IX°

Junior Deputy Supreme Magus: R.W.Fra. Chris Oversby, IX°

Grand Chaplain: R.W.Fra. Alan Armstrong, IX°

Grand Exponent: R.W.Fra. Charles Chic Cicero, IX°

Grand Secretary: R.W.Fra. Alan Blackstone, IX°

Grand Treasurer: R.W.Fra. John Goodrum, IX°

Grand Archivist: R.W.Fra. Robert Gilbert, IX°

Grand Tutor: R.W.Fra. Robert Gilbert, IX°

Grand Webmaster: R.W.Fra. Thomas Clarke, IX°

Grand Preceptor: R.W.Fra. Thomas Clarke, IX°

Grand 1st Ancient: R.W.Fra. Dave Winefield, IX°

Grand 2nd Ancient: R.W.Sor. Sandra Tabatha Cicero, VIII°

Grand 3rd Ancient: V.W.Fra. Nick Farrell, VI°

Grand 4th Ancient: V.W.Fra. Ross Agnew, VII°

Grand Guardian: V.W.Fra. David Williams, VI°


Apparently some of the ORC members are seen in the photos here visiting their USA Brothers :



Leo Zagami, while initiated in the SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)
Leo Zagami, while initiated in the SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)


Background on Leo Zagami: Leo Lyon Zagami was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree Freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

However, Leo decided he'd had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he's been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. History shows that this is one of the best ways to survive, although nothing is for certain. Leo quickly started a website, The Illuminati Journal, [now called
Illuminati Confessions, after his first website WAS shut down], where he reveals the secrets to the world, one by one. I strongly advise you to check it out and download it to your computer, in case they decide to silence him for good, and his website will be shut down. There is a lot of extremely important information there, and much of it can't be found anywhere else. Leo has also been a guest several times at Greg Szymanski's radio show. [Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com]


Footnote by Wes Penre:

[1] ^ For more information on the Jewish people mentioned in this paragraph, see my previous article, Uncomfortable Truth: The Jewish Involvement in the New World Order.

What this Order is intending to do is to make way for the "False Jews", the Khazars, making them "God's Chosen People", with a "Jewish" Anti-Christ as a World CEO. The Jews they are REALLY talking about are those practicing Judaism, which is equivalent to Talmudic Judaism, such as people like the Rothschild's and other top Illuminati families. By promoting a Manifesto like this, they will hopefully (from their perspective) recruit Christians and create a Christian Movement to control them, and ring in the New Age of the Anti-Christ. These people are very deceptive and Masters of Illusions and Manipulation. Wes Penre

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source:  Correspondence with author

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