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  Posted: Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Updated: Monday, December 10, 2007 04:33:05 AM



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David Icke's Newsletter:
Shocked Into Line
by David Icke, Dec 09, 2007


ello all ...

The Taser, the new toy-of-control for the heavies-in-uniform, is the latest in the long line of 'supposed to bees' imposed by government. 

The Taser is supposed to be a 'non-lethal' weapon, but the deaths continue to mount. It is supposed to be used only on those who physically threaten police or public, but it is being used in response to the most minor lack of cooperation.

Of course, supposed to bees are for public consumption only, as with legislation that is only supposed to be used against 'terrorists' when it is actually aimed at the general population.

It was always known that the Taser had the potential to kill. It is stating the obvious to say that the body's electrical system is rather crucial to it staying alive and when that system is short-circuited the consequences can clearly be lethal. The Taser unleashes 50,000 volts of electricity to 'jam the nervous system' of the target in the way described here:

How tasers work

And they didn't know it had the potential to kill? Even Taser International, the weapon's inventor, admits:

'Taser technology is not risk free, but independent medical and scientific experts have determined that when used properly, Taser technology is among the most effective use-of-force interventions available to law enforcement.' (My emphasis) 

What utter baloney. 'Most effective' use-of-force simply means that it works in controlling people. Smacking them around the head with a baseball bat would also be extremely 'effective' in achieving the same end. It doesn't make it right.

Even when 'used properly' the Taser shocks the victim with 50,000 volts of electricity, never mind the repeated doses inflicted by some of the goons caught on video (put Taser into YouTube or Google Video).  People with heart problems, including pacemakers, are at even greater risk and how do police officers know the state of health of those they attack with what a UN committee has dubbed 'a form of torture'?

The Taser-peddlers employ misleading propaganda like this: 'In healthy subjects, exposure to a 5-second electrical discharge from a Taser does not result in any significant changes that indicate increased physiologic stress ...' So if you get hit by a Taser and die it's your fault because you weren't healthy enough.

Police with taser
Police with taser

Stories of people dying after being Tasered are coming almost by the week at the moment and Amnesty International suggests that well in excess of 200 people have died so far. As its use increases so, obviously, will the deaths. And the use is increasing as original guidelines are relaxed - exactly as they were always planned to be.

In the UK, Tasers could only be used by 'specialist officers' as an alternative to bullets, but now they can be used against anyone the police decide is 'potentially violent', even when they are unarmed.

But Taser use goes much further. People in handcuffs, pregnant women, the old and the young, are now fair-game for these morons. One innocent deaf guy was Tasered by Wichita Police who forced their way into his home after a false alarm about a shooting. He kept saying 'I can't hear! I can't hear!', but they hit him with the Taser for 'refusing to obey their commands'. A British man was Tasered twice by another idiot while he lay in a diabetic coma, and see this example at Sheffield Lake in the United States involving a woman who was no physical threat to the officers. Click here ...

Invariably, even the most extreme use of the Taser is defended by superiors to protect the credibility of the weapon. A Polish immigrant can be seen on video being Tasered to his death at Vancouver Airport recently when he was no threat to the three big 'brave' officers who dealt with him.

The lawyer for Robert Dziekanski's family said he had been in touch with witnesses and viewed the video of the incident taken by an onlooker and it appeared that the interaction between the police and Dziekanski, who could not speak English, lasted just 24 seconds before the Taser was used.

These three frail little policemen could not restrain this Polish man without use of the
Taser that ended his life. Poor dears

Many police forces can even use the Taser on children and they are doing so, as we saw with the case of the nine-year-old girl at an Arizona school for special needs children. The girl was already handcuffed when a 'veteran officer' used the Taser on her. 'It didn't involve an integrity issue,' his superior said, 'The officer made a decision to do what he thought he needed to do'. How can it involve integrity when you don't have any?

In the UK it is quite legal to use the Taser on children even though the government's own Defence Scientific Advisory Council medical committee has said that not enough is known about the health risks of using the weapon on children. The committee, which is made up of 'independent' scientists and doctors, said that limited research suggested there was a risk children could suffer 'a serious cardiac event'.

The committee recommended that officers should be 'particularly vigilant' for any adverse response from Taser victims and asked for guidelines to be changed to 'identify children and adults of small stature' as being at potentially greater risk from the cardiac effects of what are claimed to be non-lethal Tasers.

The manufacturers have refused to accept that any death anywhere has been caused by its products because being hit by a Taser and then dying does not, apparently, constitute a connection. What claptrap.

So point number one: They knew it could, indeed would, kill people.

This 'non-lethal' - potentially lethal - weapon has been handed out to police officers in many countries with the aim of having it available to all officers everywhere. Now, what do you need to be a police officer? Intelligence? No, clearly not from the many I have met around the world. Some of the most mentally-challenged people I have come across have had badges on their caps.

All you need to become a police officer is to be accepted and selected by those in authority. Er, that's it. Thus, police forces worldwide are peopled to a highly significant extent by the stupid, corrupt, psychopathic and emotionally crippled (see Louisiana, I rest my case).

Louisiana police - latest picture
Louisiana police - latest picture

In among them you do have the genuine, decent police officers who do have a brain in working order and do have a sense of duty and proportion.  But here's the rub. Both the sensible and decent and the stupid, corrupt, psychopathic and emotional cripples are being issued with Tasers.

The uniform professions are magnets for the emotionally undeveloped - those who lack inner-security and therefore need to find it 'out there'. Many such people pursue their need for external security through the entertainment industry where audiences and fame provide their 'Your wonderful' fix.

This is why so many famous 'celebrities' find it impossible to cope with failure or their careers in decline because their sense of security, of who they are, also declines in proportion to their celebrity.

The darker side of insecurity, however, can often be found in uniform because this expression of what a therapist might call 'negative self-identity' seeks to find cover in having power over others. Secure people don't wish to control anyone because they are at peace with themselves and the flow of life. It is the insecure that need to control everything and everyone because life to them is akin to a baby lost in the dark. Having control, or having the appearance of it, is where they get their security.

These are the sort of people, the John Wayne wannabes, who are trigger-happy with the Taser when they are in no way threatened by the target. As we can see from the video evidence, the Taser comes out when orders are merely being questioned or ignored. Or, in the minds of the officers, their sense of security is being threatened.

They are so desperate to always be in control, always be obeyed, that their heads go when someone has the audacity not to do exactly what they say. What is going through their insecurity-filter is 'How dare you disobey me?'  Arrogance is always a cover for lack of self-esteem.

In the past the most they could do was force the handcuffs on, call for back-up, or accept that the member of the public had a right to his or her opinion and the right to question the officer's actions. Now, with increasing frequency, out comes the Taser.

'The use of TaserX26 weapons, provoking extreme pain, constituted a form of torture, and ... in certain cases it could also cause death ...' - UN Committee report
'The use of TaserX26 weapons, provoking extreme pain, constituted a form of torture, and ...
in certain cases it could also cause death ...' -
UN Committee report

Take the level of insecurity to even greater extremes and you find the mental and emotional territory of the psychopaths. These require total control over their victims to mask the terrified little boy that dwells within and these are the people who find pleasure in inflicting terror and torture on others. Many end up in the military, where they have whole training programmes to produce them, and some opt for the police. It is all about being in control - to feel they have complete power over others.

Then there are those whose fear is much closer to the surface, the ones who panic easy and, for that reason, shoot first and consider the consequences later. There is no better example of this than the London police 'marksman' who shot an innocent Brazilian electrician seven times in the head from point blank range while his fellow officers held the guy on the floor. Was he still a 'threat' after six, then?

The last people who should have access to guns and Tasers are those who have a 'John Wayne' complex to mask their insecurity; psychopaths; and panicky people who are not up to the job.

Now, here's a fact: Police forces across the world are awash with all three and they have been given the power to shoot people with 50,000 volts whenever they think it 'appropriate'. The police state isn't coming, it's here.

So point number two: They knew that the Taser would be abused, or not 'used properly', just as they knew it could kill.

Why would a company and its governmental clients introduce a 'non-lethal' weapon that they knew could kill and would be abused by the many numbskull officers that they employ?

This is where the coordinates come in. If your coordinate on life is that the authorities are there to serve the people and protect them from harm you will have one of two main responses to the Taser and the countless cases of misuse that are coming to light. One will be that if people don't want to get Tasered they should do as they're told; and the other is that the authorities have been incompetent and made a 'mistake' with its introduction.

If, however, your reality coordinate is that the main objective of government is to control and dictate to the population you will see that this has nothing to do with incompetence and 'mistakes'. You will also see that the Taser is being introduced in country after country through the same global network that controls country after country.

Taser closeup
Taser (closeup)

What we're seeing, literally every day, is the building of the global prison that they want in place a few short years from now, and key to that is the suppression of those who have realised, to a greater or lesser extent, what is going on.

Introducing laws to stop 'terrorism' that can be equally applied to those who question, expose or challenge government is a massive part of this structure of suppression. So are the surveillance cameras, the spying free-for-all, ID cards and microchips in people, vehicles and products.

Also in this malevolent mix is the Taser and its even more horrific successors already being prepared for use, like the Taser XREP with a range of 100 feet. Its Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation, or 'NMI', can be delivered by a shotgun at 300 feet per second to embed itself in the victim's body and electro-shock them for 20 seconds.

The Taser XREP
The Taser XREP

The prime role of Taser technology is the same as the electric shocks that mice receive in laboratory behaviour-control experiments. The mice are shocked each time they try to enter certain channels and eventually they stop trying. The fear of being shocked is enough to control them and that's the real role of the Taser.

The videos of people being Tasered, and the stories of those who die, are no problem for those in real authority. They want people to see this because it is saying ... 'Look what will happen to you if you don't obey'. An article I saw about the Taser XREP included this line from the writer: 'We'll behave ourselves, officer, but please, just point that thing somewhere else'.

That's exactly the mentality that the Taser is designed to instil.

Those who are knowingly imposing the global fascist dictatorship are terrified that vast numbers of people will wake up to their game and they are preparing the ground not only for individuals, but great gatherings of people to be controlled by Taser technology.

TRAD module
TRAD module

They are producing Tasers to defend whole areas, like the Orwellian 'Taser Remote Area Denial' (TRAD) system. The Taser International website tells us that the 'true power of TASERNET can be realized when TRAD modules are installed in a networked security solution' (Lots of them together).  This, it goes on, is ...

... 'Ideal for protecting high value facilities or operations such as checkpoints, command centers, depots, aircraft insertions, and spec-ops, as well as fixed installations such as embassies, airfields, utility facilities, pipelines, etc. TASERNET provides the user the capabilities of visual observation and oversight coupled with the ability to engage and incapacitate targets remotely.'

This, and even bigger versions, would also be ideal for stopping protests and mass gatherings of people who come together to challenge the dictatorship. Let us have no illusions that this is a key reason for their introduction.

Despite all the deaths and the abuse of the Taser, the UK Home Secretary, the lightweight of lightweights, Jacqui Smith, sang from her songsheet and said she could 'see the day' when the Taser was carried by every police officer alongside their batons and radios.

That was always the plan by the Shadow People behind world events and that's why the Taser 'trials' were always going to become the 'norm' no matter what the people want or how many are killed and hurt. It is also why the Home Secretaries and governments come and go, but the Taser agenda is pushed by all of them.

It shows how far we have come down the Orwellian road that the Taser.co.uk website can say that the Taser is a 'proven solution for stopping violence'. Hitting another human being with 50,000 volts of electricity is considered to be 'stopping violence'. Ahh, but you see the authorities are never violent, even when they are pepper-bombing cities.

Only the people are violent. The authorities merely employ the 'use of force'.

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source: David Icke's Newsletter, December 9th, 2007

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