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  Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2008, 1:35PM

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Uncle Sam Talks With Master Banker, Mr. Feddy R. Banks
by Richard Palmquist, Mar 23, 2007


Read 'The Creature from Jekyll Island :
A Second Look at the Federal Reserve' By G. Edward Griffin


Uncle Sam

t is the early 1940's. The Second World War is raging. Patriotism is in high pitch in the U.S. There is an Internal Revenue Service somewhere, but few people know or care about it. A few years back the government "purchased" almost all the gold owned by the people of the U.S. Your grandfathers sold their gold to the government in order to avoid going to prison. The currency is still gold backed, sort of, but there are wrenching problems in the banking industry. How to scrape together enough money to support the war is a big issue. At least, that's the way the public saw the issue. A more serious problem for the owners of the twelve Federal Reserve banks was that they had promised their new system would provide a flexible currency -- and they promised the value of our money would not decrease. How could they keep their promise to protect the value of the U.S. dollar but not lose control of their newfound way to increase their personal wealth? The U.S. Constitution could not force a mandatory income tax on people without violating the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. People could not both be "secure in their papers and property" and also be required to report their income. -Further, any report could turn out to be self-incriminating. It was a tough nut to crack.
-Here is how that problem was solved ...
Clearly, the conversation that follows was never held, of course; but the events described below are affecting your life in a very real and direct way in an on-going basis. You know who Uncle Sam is. Feddy R. Banks is one of the owners of the twelve privately- owned, decidedly NON-Federal, Federal Reserve Banks. Feddy's middle name (of course) is "Reserve."
Feddy R. Banks: Uncle Sam, you know we can't do this Federal Reserve thing for you for nothing. We don't mind helping you, but you have to help us too.
Uncle Sam: You can create "money" at will. What else do you want??
Feddy R. Banks: I don't have to tell you that if we just keep doing that, the day will come when the dollar will have no value at all. We have to match the creation of money to the creation of goods and services. Otherwise, you know the routine: "Too many units of currency chasing too few goods means inflation." Money may be easy to create, and that's good. But to prevent price inflation we have to sop up some of the surplus.
Uncle Sam: I am not a grade school student. I understand economics. Tell me what you have in mind.
Feddy R. Banks: We want you to collect an income tax and use it to feed back to our Federal Reserve System the money we will charge you for interest on the money we create for you and lend to you.
Uncle Sam: Let me get this straight. -You are going to use MY printing press to create dollar bills and you will pay me a couple pennies for the printing costs. Then you will allow my Treasury Department to print thousands of checks on our government accounts. Those dollars will be chalked up as loans from you to my government and you will charge me the current interest rate for my use of my own money. Then, you want my people to pay a tax on their "income" in order to pay you interest on money that was mine in the FIRST place ... -Is THAT what you want?
Feddy R. Banks: Exactly. I think you understand.
Uncle Sam: I know how powerful you are. Power goes where money flows ... . But how can I justify charging "income tax"? Have you ever READ the Fourth Amendment to my Constitution?
Feddy R. Banks: You mean the part about (chuckle) people being able to hide their paperwork, so-called being "secure in their papers?"
Uncle Sam: That's not a laughing matter. That Constitution was intended to be an ironclad contract.
Feddy R. Banks: Well, maybe ... but, that's really not a problem.
Uncle Sam: Well, before you tell me why it is not a problem, let me just mention the Fifth Article to the Amendments of the Constitution.
Feddy R. Banks: I knew you would say that. Your problem is that in order to collect income tax you have to know how much income a person earned. Right? And they would have to tell you. Right? And if they told you and made a mistake, they would be committing a crime. Right? And if you have a document from them signed under perjury that means they testified against themselves. Right?
Uncle Sam: Yes, and in order to be able to have confidence in the information reported we will have to collect it under penalty of perjury. Anybody who signed a report like that would be testifying against himself even if he told the truth, because the result would mean he would have to pay a tax all acts prohibited by the US Constitution. That's exactly why Congress has never been able to write a law demanding that our people send in information about their income. We have to use other devices.
Feddy R. Banks: Sam, you have been living in the clouds too long. I have just the device to solve all your problems. The Constitution established three branches of government. Right?
Uncle Sam: You keep doing that. I am not a school kid. Yes, we have the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches. They balance each other. That's the way the Constitution structured my government.
Feddy R. Banks: Exactly. Under Justice Marshall wasn't it made clear that the court system has the authority to tell us what the law is?
Uncle Sam: Well, yes, but that doesn't solve the problem with the Constitution.
Feddy R. Banks: Yes, it does. It's easy. You just dodge the whole issue. You can't allow Congress to pass a law that says, "Show me your papers." That would violate the Constitution. I agree. Congress can't do that. You also cannot have Congress pass a law that says, "People must testify under oath about the accuracy of some elusive mathematical calculations involving their income and expenses." So, you dodge those issues.
Uncle Sam: Dodge the issue? I don't get it. You have defined the issue very well. How would I possibly get around it?
Feddy R. Banks: Have you ever heard of Walt Disney?
Uncle Sam: Yes.
Feddy R. Banks: Good. Here's my idea. What is distasteful about the idea of the income tax?
Uncle Sam: Obviously, people don't want to give up money they had to work hard to earn.
Feddy R. Banks: Of course. What if the income tax meant that people would GET MONEY instead of giving it up?
Uncle Sam: Now that is just plain crazy talk. You'd better explain yourself.
Feddy R. Banks: Crazy stuff is Walt Disney's business. It is what he does for a living. So, have Disney studios produce a brief cartoon featuring that crazy Donald Duck. You could call the movie, "The New Spirit." It would tell people that you are going to set up a plan that will allow them to get a big wonderful surprise in the mail each year. It will be a tax refund.
Uncle Sam: Tax refund? How does that put money in your pocket?
Feddy R. Banks: Easy. Here's how it works. You require businesses to send to your Treasury Department a slice of every employee's paycheck. Then, tell the people how they should fill out a report every year that will help them get back some of that money. Some of it. Chuckle. Not all. Most of it will be paid to our Twelve Federal Reserve Banks.
Uncle Sam: I get it. The boss takes money out of their check money they won't miss because they never see it. Then once a year they can get a bonus from the government. Great idea. The boss is not paying an income tax for the employee. He is just sending in a deposit. The employee will want that yearly bonus, so he will be glad to volunteer to fill out our tax forms, even though the law does not require him to do it. What a genius you are! We will do it. But there is still a problem.
Feddy R. Banks: What's that?
Uncle Sam: It won't be Constitutional and it won't be legal.
Feddy R. Banks: Not to worry. Haven't you noticed how the courts have been making decisions lately? The law is irrelevant in court. Instead, judges make decisions based on two broad concepts; "The interest of justice," and "Public Policy." In a short while, what began as a refund celebration will be enforced by the courts as a mandatory obligation. You just watch. I know what I'm talking about. Throughout history fashion and tradition have always had more power than law.
Uncle Sam: You are a genius. You are right. Nobody will look for the law, anyhow. -They will be too busy keeping their books straight so they can get that annual refund.


 * * *
If you research the life of that great entertainer Walt Disney, you will find that just after he produced that Donald Duck cartoon that played repeatedly in the theaters in the 1940's he developed a dream. He wanted to buy a large parcel of land in Anaheim, California, and construct a very expensive entertainment park. We know it as Disneyland. Disney's biographies make it clear that the task was difficult. I have spoken personally with one of the original animation artists who worked with Disney. She makes it clear that the financial challenges were immense. Disney even secured a second mortgage on his home. However, a recent biography opens a new door of understanding. A major banker, a man who could have been the hypothetical banker talking to Uncle Sam, then served on the Board of Directors of ABC. That banker arranged for ABC to provide critical major funding for Disneyland. Ironically, Walt Disney's genius has now overwhelmed that benefactor. Disney now owns ABC.
The point is that the Federal Reserve was granted the greatest gift of free capital in the world's history through the artistry of Walt Disney. Disney's Donald Duck cartoon opened the minds of the US public to the joys of the withholding tax. Disneyland is a monument to the Master Bankers' warm-hearted gratitude for Walt Disney's artistic salesmanship. Today Disneyland is a memorial to the acceptance by the U.S. public of the need to file an annual 1040 form.
There is no law.
There is only the benefit of the refund. That benefit was sold to your fathers by none other than Donald Duck in the propaganda movie "The New Spirit," produced to sell the "merits" of the 1943 Congressional Act called "The Current Tax Payment Act." That law is a mandate to employers, not to ordinary people. The law demanding the filing of a tax return remains missing. Think about the word "Return." The 1040 is a "Tax Return." The form is saying, "I paid a tax. Please return some of it to me.
We are ruled by a Donald Duck "Mickey Mouse" system. Like it?
Countless thousands of people are asking the IRS and their Congress members to "show the law" demanding that we file 1040's. There can be no law. Such a law would violate the US Constitution. Instead of a law, we have "mandatory voluntary compliance".
Yes, Donald and Mickey are crazy. Their little minds are capable of any stretch of imagination possible to the artist's pen. He structured a volunteer job that we are forced to do. Happy April 15.
Since first posting this material we have learned that the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, December 8, 1941, the U.S. Military took control of the Walt Disney studios.
Our additional reading has also taught us that the man Walt Disney disdained bankers. He "never had any reverence for them" when expressing his "profound distaste" for that field of endeavor. A writer commenting on the Disney phenomenon states, "struggling to negotiate a contract, he assured his brother Roy that 'none of our profits [are] going to some leech sitting at a big mahogany desk telling us what to do.'" A short time later, Walt denouced the whole finance 'game' as "the damnest mixed-up affiar I have ever heard of ... I'm not interested in money, except for what I can do with it to advance my work." He made those statements to an interviewer in 1933. Disney is characterized as describing his encounters with government as "extremely frustrating." For example Henry Morgenthau, Jr, Secretary of Treasury, criticized Disney for using Donald Duck in the 1942 cartoon designed to sell the withholding tax. Disney replied in what is described as a "tight- lipped" retort by telling the Secretary, "At our studio, this was the equivalent of giving you Clark Gable out of the MGM stable."
Disney recognized the extent to which his revenues had been damaged by losing the overseas market during the war. He is characterized as being "debt-ridden, suffering a loss of direction, and politically frustrated." He "began to adopt what associates would call his 'wounded bear' persona." (Steven Watts, Walt Disney: Art and Politics in the American Century in The Journal of American History, Vol 82, No. 1. (June 1995, pp. 84-110).
Putting what we have written into this context, we must recognize that there were forces at work that could have overwhelmed the man Walt Disney. The Donald Duck "New Spirit" cartoon may have been more a creation of the Department of Treasury than of Disney himself. However, whatever cooperation Disney lent to that effort, he was well repaid. We believe that Disneyland would not exist today were it not for Disney later calling upon those bankers he disdained to help him bring reality to his dream.
-- Richard Palmquist Send email to frontoffice@truthradio.com  
with questions or comments about this subject

Wes Penre


Wes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. His MySpace website address is: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source:  http://www.rense.com/general75/uncle.htm

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