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Last Updated:
Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:25:40 AM

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Now is the Time for SOULotions
by Cathy O'Brien, June 08, 2007

Last Updated: Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:25:40 AM


How can anybody in their right mind think that you can have somebody tell you the truth under torture???

Just think about it: You are a child and an abusive parent accuses you of stealing something from the house. You know you're innocent. He screams and shouts at you and orders you to confess. You cry and assure him you didn't do it, but he doesn't listen. The punishment for 'not telling the truth' becomes more and more severe, so what will happen in perhaps 99% of such cases? The child will lie and say he/she did it, to have the abuser to stop! Now translate this to the CIA torturing so called 'terrorist suspects'; even if they are innocent, most of them will likely confess to get a break from the torture.

Moreover, if you're tortured long enough, you will split your personality to abstract yourself from the pain, and you become a compliant servant to the torturer. George Bush and his gang of heavy criminals know this, of course, but want to use the techniques for their own dark purposes. Comment by Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

Cathy O'Brien


oday’s political and environmental climate clearly indicates that fear and war mongering problems have been identified. Now is the time for SOULutions!  Where do we begin?  Perhaps the solution is within the word its self: SOULution.

As a US Government whistleblower dedicated to bringing the reality of MK Ultra and mass mind control to light for two decades, it is refreshing and rewarding to see how truth is now freeing people worldwide from governmental control and deliberately generated fear.  Getting past the illusion of fear allows for clearer vision, freedom of choice, and ultimately effective action.  

My torturous experience under MK Ultra mind control on a White House Pentagon level rendered me incapable of free thought, free will, and ultimately soul expression.  I could not choose to act in a manner conducive to my soul and could only do exactly what I was programmed to do according to the agenda of those in control of our government.  A lifetime of brainwashing torture taught me from experience that there is no excuse for torture for “extracting truth” as political leaders contend.  Rather it creates compartmentalized amnesia while forcing robotic compliance with no conscious thought, question, or reason.  

Now that I am free of my MK Ultra mind control existence through systematic healing methods detailed in ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security , I celebrate every day that I am free to stand for innate human values of peace, love, and sustainable action.  It is clear to see how perception forms vision and response.  Under mind control, I could not think to see beyond what I was told.  When US Intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued my then 8-year-old daughter Kelly and me in 1988, she and I knew love and safety for the first time in our lives.  As a result, we began remembering those things we’d been tortured and programmed to forget.  Kelly’s advanced technological harmonic MK Ultra experience scarred her brainstem hindering her deprogramming process, yet could not touch her strength of spirit .  The proven facts and events I wrote out in my deprogramming process as testimony to US Congress were released en masse upon legal advise through our book TRANCE Formation of America  in 1995.   

Once I remembered and wrote out my past, it was as though my mind were a fresh slate. Clean.  Pure.  Free of program.  And as I would soon learn, free of the kind of social engineering mass mind control most people endure in the course of every day life.  Exercising my brain was essential for learning to think for my self and live true-to-soul.  The loving care with which Mark had taught me to deprogram my self was furthered through teaching me how to think without teaching me what to think.  What to think is what social engineering teaches people on a mass scale through our no-longer free press/controlled medias.  These controls are executed by those in control of the US Government who rely on D.A.R.P.A. ’s TOP SECRET computers in Blacksburg, Virginia for their course of action.  Every person on the planet could and will benefit from learning about D.A.R.P.A. as documented from my personal experience in both TRANCE and ACCESS DENIED.

D.A.R.P.A. holds a computerized compilation of known methods of controlling humankind through fear.  Fear is immobilizing, and people naturally look to those in control – such as governments and religious leaders, which are oftentimes one in the same – to tell them what to do.  With D.A.R.P.A. generating the answers in keeping with standard governmental procedure of problem- reaction- solution, people are being misled by a heartless, soulless computerized plan.  Knowledge is our only defense against mind control, and it is imperative we all learn to look beyond what we are told to learn the truth that makes u.s. free!   

When Mark and I began blowing the whistle on what we each respectively knew regarding D.A.R.P.A.’s MK Ultra mind control, the 1947 National Security Act was imposed on our efforts.  This is a “National Security” that is threatening the security of our nation and our allies by suppressing such pertinent facts as mind control. We all formulate our thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and actions based on what we know, and we Need-to-Know that our knowledge base has been altered in an effort to control u.s.      

The truth that made me free can free us all.  Having a “clean slate” unhindered by social engineering has strengthened my spirit.  My daughter Kelly and I liken it to being left with “only” our birth knowledge; that precious true-to-soul inherent wisdom we are born with.  Look into the children’s eyes  to understand and remember humankind’s innate nature before “life” gets in the way through social engineering and conditioning.  Many people meditate in an effort to re-associate with this birth knowledge and access their strength of spirit.  It is on this level that the subconscious mind, language of the subconscious- NLP , and perceptions can be freed of social engineering fear, diversions, and divisions.  

Choose Peace.  After all, world peace begins within.  Looking through eyes of peace gives view of a more peaceful world.  Collective Conscious Peace is raised.  It becomes clear to see that humankind’s innate nature is one of peace.  Not war.  If our nature were indeed war, than wars would not be sold to us under lies, illusion, greed, and fear.

Choose Love.  After all, love is our innate energy.  Looking through eyes of love gives view of a more loving world.  Differences become exciting aspects of life from which we can all share and learn with understanding.  Difference need not divide us.  If our nature were to shun new thought and ideas, we would never evolve.    

Choose Truth.  After all, truth makes us free.  Looking through eyes of truth strengthens our spirit, and allows for wisdom to flow.

Choose Soul.  After all, soul is birth knowledge.  Looking through soulful eyes, SOULutions can be seen and implemented.  Soul is Peace in action.  Soul is Love in Action.  Soul is Truth in action.  

Rise above fear, lies, spin, war, and control. Real-eyes your inner vision, freedom, strength of spirit, and birth knowledge.   SOULutions begin within u.s. all.


Cathy O'Brien's and Mark Phillips' website can be accessed here: www.ForReasonsOfNationalSecurity.com

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