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Last Updated:
Thursday, December 21, 2006 07:42:22 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Satanic Society Ritual Murders
by T Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, December 21, 2006 07:42:22 PM


he police in Italy are still charging people from the monster of the Florence killings, which occurred between 1974 and 1985, when seven courting couples were murdered . The attacks were always on moonless Saturday nights, in places where the couples would gather in Florence, the couples were always shot while making love; stabbed, then mutilated by the expert removal with a knife of the vagina. 100,000 people were interviewed during the 20 years since the awful attacks took place.

In 1994 69 year old Pietro Pacciani, an illiterate alcoholic farm labourer, with a record of rape and violence was charged and on the very flimsy evidence that he was seen near the crime scenes, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

On appeal he was released in 1996 and died before a retrial could take place.

In the same year two other men known to Pacciani were also imprisoned for involvement in the murders.

A moonless Saturday night, is interesting as it shows that Saturn the greater malefic is the god of choice, and as the Moon is associated with women, its reflector and protector, it had to be absent.

Commisario Michelle Giuttari, now head of the regional crime squad, announced that findings from a prosecutor investigating the suspicious death of a local doctor, showed ritual activity in Perugia and Florence, which new leads that suggest a satanic sect.

Giuttari claimed statements of a highly respectable group of “above reproach“ type citizens including magistrates, doctors, academics and the aristocracy, attended these ceremonies where the women’s genitalia was used.

The significance and coincidence of this with the Jack the Ripper killings in Victorian London, is not lost to parnormalists who often assist and advise in police investigations of this sort, with its occult genesis in the sorcerers of the Old Testament.

A new suspect has now been charged with being the “Monster of Florence”, and that is Francesco Calemandrei, a wealthy pharmacist, who is said to have implicated Satanists from the very top of society, including those close to Silvio Berlusconi, the intimate circle of Tony Blair and even an ex U S President. Strangely, the little forensic evidence there was in the case was lost, police bungling reached new heights, and articles found at the scene went missing.

A book has been published which gives most of the story, “Sweet Hills of Blood” and this does not make for good bedtime reading. But I would recommend it, particularly as the author when asking questions was harassed by police, who did a 7 hour search of his home and took away the black stone doorstep. This is a sign of someone with occult knowledge, and has its ancient psychological origin in “crossing the threshold”. He was told he himself would be charged with the murders and 17 other crimes.

Similar crimes to this have been reported not by the British mainstream media, but by the underground press. Such groups as this have always existed, with tentacles into the higher reaches of politics, the church and Britain’s W. W. II war effort.

In 1996, a case was broken open at Tilbury Docks, and bush meat parts from an Africa war zone were intercepted en route; these included parts of women’s sexual anatomy.

This particular ceremony is demonic, and demands a particular mindframe that is not normal.

Many rough sleepers and children who go missing in the past, have ended their days with groups such as this, the recent Dutch paedophile case where two children were said to be used for the cream of society in their debauchery, has similarities here.

Witness evidence, victims and survivor statements also tell of similar groups who often use the occult as a cover for plain criminality.


Source: Correspondence with author

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