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Last Updated:
Monday, November 20, 2006 05:10:31 AM

Monday, November 20, 2006

British Government Attacks Own Citizens
by T. Stokes, Lecturers in Paranormal Studies, November 19, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, November 20, 2006 05:10:31 AM

Porton Down
Porton Down


n the 1960’s the British government experimented on the British public with germ warfare released on the underground. The down market newspaper “The Daily Mirror” Oct 27, 2006 carried part of this with its article on Bio Wars, with stomach bug and influenza type germ attacks on British towns, particularly Swindon and Southampton.[1]

The tests were to see how the virus reacted in different conditions, where many British people suffered permanent health damage.

Papers released by the National Archives, also show E. Coli. 0157, the killer bug passed through food and drink; Porton Down experimented on the 162 derivative.

The Civil Defence, a British military group who would go underground and defend Britain, and particularly the 4 nuclear bunkers in the London area  in the event of an attack - this group was disbanded after Soviet defector evidence from Oleg Penkovsky revealed that in the event of a Soviet nuclear strike, and on defence costing grounds, that a government would treat its own citizens this way, hits confidence in government bodies to be truthful about anything at all. Public anger over American treatment of detainees around the world has damaged international relations, and stories of U.S forces killing indiscriminately, mirror stories in W.W.II, of their mass shooting of surrendering German soldiers. 

But its not just American forces who use torture, which incidentally cold war studies show does not work, as someone in pain will incriminate all and sundry and lie continually to get the pain stopped.


Wartime record releases from 1940 to 1945, mainly from the public record office, and the Red Cross in Geneva, have told of Kensington Palace Gdns, one of the most expensive addresses in Britain and used for ambassadors, princes, billionaires, and the Russian mafia, being used as an interrogation centre for German soldiers and civilians.

“The London Cage” as it was known, was used as a torture centre; 3,573 men officially passed through, many others are said to be uncounted and un-named.

Details of new detainees, arriving until 1949, were kept secret from the Geneva Convention investigators, Soldiers were used in Porton Down “medical” experiments, and beatings given to soften up those who were to be fodder at the Nuremburg trials. Drugs were administered to those who resisted, like Rudolph Hess, and lies told here were similar to those in the Dr. David Kelly affair.

The National Archives at Kew, and overseen by the Foreign office, are backed up by stories told to colleagues by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Scotland, of men being both starved, and dying under torture, and statements by red cross officials talk of being continually turned away.

German soldiers held on German soil were being treated even worse, with documents naming the American Jew Gen. Eisenhower as a war criminal, for starving a million and a half German soldiers to death after W. W. II.


[1] And people still have a hard time believing that our governments are using biological warfare on their citizens today, on a regular basis. How about the influenza epidemics for example, which start every year at the same time, like clockwork? Problem-Reaction-Solution?

Problem: The government is secretly using bio warfare on its people. Reaction: to do something about it. Solution: The same government, which released the bugs, now gives mass vaccination to the people. The vaccines have at least two severe side effects: 1) they contain mercury, which destroys your immune system and makes you prone to cancer and other immune system deficiency diseases and 2) flu vaccine 'bypasses' your own immune system and makes it weaker, so you have a harder time fighting other diseases that may affect you as well. It would be nothing wrong with giving vaccines to older people, or to those who already have a weak immune system, if the vaccines did not contain poison and if the influenza epidemics were something that happened 'by themselves'. Giving vaccines to the young and healthy population on the other hand, can be very destructive.  Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com 


Source: Correspondence with author

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