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Last Updated:
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 08:03:02 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Planet Pluto!
by Doug Yurchey, Nov 14, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 08:03:02 PM

Doug Yurchey
Doug Yurchey


t is a shame that astronomers have nothing better to do than believe absurd ideas while completely ignoring fantastic, astronomical truths.  The holy International Astronomical Union has recently declassified Pluto as a 'dwarf planet' and not a true planet.  This writer wants to make the case that Pluto is indeed a planet.  Do not throw Pluto into the cosmic trash bin.  The planet is a vital member of our Solar System.

Why is Pluto a planet?  Many reasons; one of the main reasons is its moon CHARON.  Planet Mercury has no satellite.  Planet Venus has no moon.  But, mighty Pluto, this round ice-ball of a planet, does not just possess a moon...it possesses a VERY SPECIAL MOON.  Note the following that was copied and pasted from an online astronomical chart: 


Pluto's rotation period

6.387 days retrograde

Charon's rotation period

6.387 days

Charon's orbital period

6.387 days

This writer has previously written a posted article called 'Who Stops to Question the Man in the Moon?'  The piece was later entitled 'The Gravity-Lock Myth.'  It concerned the EXTREMELY unusual, freak situation of our Moon always facing one side toward the Earth.  The fact that we never view the other side of our satellite is an oddity we all grossly ignore.  We should, at some point, maybe thousands of years from now, in a natural/normal world, slowly view the far side of Luna...BUT WE NEVER WILL!  Like a perfect clockwork, the far side will forever remain occulted because the Moon rotates in perfect sync with its revolution around us (orbital period).  Over time, some factor should change: the satellite could slow down or speed up in its revolution; the Moon could increase or decrease in its rotation on its axis.  Any one factor would alter the delicate balance of us eternally observing that same, big face of a full moon.

Scientists, anemically, explain the Earth/Moon relationship with something unproven and untested called 'gravity-lock.'  Yet, this writer believes a more sensible explanation is an artificial one.  Something UNNATURAL (like an amazing, ancient device) is compensating for numerous natural/powerful forces that would alter the one side-always-facing-the-Earth relationship.  If you do not believe that leap of logic, answer:  Why aren't all the planets and their moons gravity-locked?  What makes our situation with Luna different than almost every other planet/moon relationship in the known universe?  Why won't natural forces ever change our perfect, in sync, lunar relationship?  The best astro-physicists on Earth cannot answer those basic questions.  Instead, they invent what they cannot explain and call it 'gravity-lock.'

Pluto and Charon
Pluto and Charon

Why would some cosmic intelligence, alien or whomever install a mechanism on the Moon in order to always keep one side facing the Earth and one side never facing the Earth?  This is a planet with LIFE.  Earth is not the only planet with life, but it is the only known planet teaming with life.  Some people actually imagine a universe where our planet is the ONLY planet with life.  What better place to have an orbiting, observational platform in the disguise of a natural satellite? 

There are ancient records of a moonless Earth.  It is not out of the question that when the great pyramid-civilizations fell (which were not primitive in any way) and chaos ensued in the aftermath of the destruction of Atlantis...a very old Moon was literally BROUGHT IN, set in perfect precision for the precise purpose of studying the Earthly paradise, now gone so horribly wrong.  [This means human history is technologically backwards, but that is another story]. 

Aliens could observe the Earth, from the Moon's far side, and never be detected.  The satellite would block transmissions (radio silence) sent back to their home world.  Or, laser-perfect transmitters could be in place on either side of our satellite that require the facing of one side to the Earth.  In conclusion, it is incredibly odd that this large companion acts as it does going around the one place in the cosmos with LIFE FORMS! 


Not only does the very same situation of Earth and Moon also happen with Pluto and Charon, but there is the additional (incredible) oddity of another in sync relationship.  Charon's period of rotation and revolution also matches THE ROTATION PERIOD OF PLUTO!  What this boils down to is Charon would always be in the same spot in the sky, forever fixed in the Plutonian sky!  If the exact situation happened here, people on one side of Earth would never view our Moon unless they moved to the other hemisphere which always viewed the satellite.  Praise Pluto!  There must be some unfathomable reason that keeps Charon motionless, relative to Pluto, that is far beyond our understanding.  But, please do not insist these are merely NATURAL occurrences.  Astronomical odds would be highly stacked against you.

Johann Elert BodeThe second, main point as to why Pluto is a real planet deals with exactly WHERE IT IS.  Pluto orbits at a distance from the sun exactly where a planet is supposed to orbit the sun!  Readers and all astronomers out there:  Look up a formula in Astronomy known as BODE'S LAW.  This writer also wrote articles called 'Bode's Law and KBOs' and 'I Predicted the Distance to the New Planet!'  They encourage and endorse a reexamination of what is currently thought of as an obsolete, old formula.

For nearly 100 years, Bode's Law was considered a FACT.  In fact, astronomers discovered the Asteroid Belt, in the early part of the 19th Century, because of Bode's Law.  Exactly where a planet is SUPPOSED to be, in the gap between the inner and outer planets, are the many pieces of a pulverized planet.  Meteors are not everywhere in the Solar System.  They are primarily in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  If we go back in time, and magically view the formation of the Asteroid Belt, we would discover the original 5th planet which (in its perfect position within the Solar System) now only exists in irregular bits.

The 19th Century astronomers searched in the gap for the missing 5th planet.  The distance from the sun was 2.8 Astronomical Units.  18th Century Bode's Law says there must be a planet at that distance:  EVERY PLANET IS IN A VIRTUALLY PERFECT, MATHEMATICAL RELATIONSHIP OUT FROM THE SUN.  There is order in the Solar System.  Planetary distances from our sun were not the result of random chance.  Modern scientists tend to reject the idea of planned order, artificialness or the acts of intelligent life forms in the universe in favor of non-orderly (natural) chaos.

The following is a quote from my original article:   

'In 1801, Ceres was discovered at the 2.8 (A.U.) distance and thought to be the missing Bodian planet.  But, Ceres was too small and irregular.  In 1802, Pallas was discovered at the same distance.  Then, Juno in 1804 and Vesta in 1807 were found to be rough planetoids at the 2.8 distance.  Later, numerous smaller objects were discovered and now thousands are known to compose the Asteroid Belt...Ceres, with a diameter of 933 kilometers, is the largest fragment.'

Bode's Law was discarded with the discovery of Neptune in 1846.  The blue, gas giant did not fit the pattern.  Bode's little formula, among astronomers, was discredited and hardly mentioned ever since.  Here's my point:  PLUTO FITS THE BODE PATTERN!  No scientist seems to have noticed this oddity. 

Maybe we should throw NEPTUNE out of our Solar System and consider it an unplanet.

If we took Neptune out of its orbit, got rid of all those asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, placed Neptune there where the asteroids were...we would then, suddenly, have perfect order in planetary distances out from the sun.  Pluto fits Bode's Law.  But, no astronomer has considered this because they think Bode has no relevance past Uranus.  No one has compared the trans-Uranus or the next Bode's position of 38.8 A.U.s to Pluto's position from the sun of 39.5 A.U.s.  It is close and fits the old formula as well as any of the classic planets.

Neptune Sedna from an artist's perspective
Neptune and Sedna

This writer got an article posted that predicted a true planet will be found at the next Bode's position beyond Pluto.  Carrying out the formula to the next distance, we arrive at 77.2 Astronomical Units.  At that distance, within the Kuiper Belt, SEDNA was discovered!  Bode's Law still holds true for the next position beyond Pluto.  The following is another quote of mine mentioning the NEXT Bode position: 

'Let this writer PREDICT here and now that one day ANOTHER planet will be discovered beyond Sedna at the very next Bode’s Law position.  (Let’s take Bode out to the next distance in the progression:  We double 768 which equals 1536; add 4 = 1540 and divide by 10 equals 154 Astronomical Units.  154 times 93 million miles and the final answer is 14.3 billion miles.  The next planet beyond Sedna in Bode’s progression should be 14+ billion miles distant.)'

Planet Pluto is where it should be in the pattern and so is the Planet Sedna.  In this writer's opinion, they are true planets because of their POSITION in space.  Possibly, a few more real and extremely far planets orbit also at their perfect distances in the pattern.  Someone, something, so very long ago PLACED the planets in their orbits!  The orbital patterns are perfect and could never have been the act of random, chaotic forces.  There is beauty and perfection in the Solar System.  Great expanses of time and possibly actions of intelligent life in the universe have certainly altered the original perfection of the planets.  Cosmic bodies could be more unnatural, than natural in function and purpose. 

Pluto is an important planetary member in very good standing.  Do not tell the astrologers that Pluto is not a true planet; there would be too many charts that would have to be changed.

Email Doug at dugko@surfside.net


Source: Correspondence with author

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