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Last Updated:
Monday, November 13, 2006 08:05:40 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rockin' All Over the World
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Nov 13, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, November 13, 2006 08:05:40 PM

Pride Goes Before a Fall...

Hazel W.M. McKinlay
Illuminati News Guest Writer


avid Rockefeller bragged about the role of his philanthropic family in bringing about “a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world” and added, “If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” [1] What has this family done in recent history which gives David such pride? They have plunged the world into a never-ending cycle of wars which ravages the environment and humanity. They have forced upon us an unnecessary dependence on fossil fuel, while suppressing free energy and now blame us for jeopardising the planet with ‘climate change.’

David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller


The contamination of land, air and sea with depleted uranium and radioactivity will ensure that babies are born with horrific deformities and diseases for all eternity and precious resources are rendered unusable. Mines and cluster bombs will continue to destroy lives and limbs, long after the conflicts have passed. Rockefeller can take credit for the mass murder and displacement of hundreds of millions of people and there are billions of hungry or orphaned infants, many of whom are coerced into child prostitution. There are widows in mourning with their offspring in armies.

This is the legacy of which the Rockefellers are so proud, massacres and genocide, wasted nations, infrastructure and families, extinct plants and animals. They have brought us a ‘global village’ in turmoil, on the brink of destruction and offered us misery and woe as a lifestyle. So whenever you see a child without water, food, medicine, shelter, clothes, parents, limbs or hope, thank David, and also when you see unique species dying out for want of a safe habitat or sustenance. That is his family’s contribution to life of earth, death, torture, suffering, pain and agony.

The Rockefeller’s alone cannot bask in the glory of these deeds. By David’s own admission they are part of a secret cabal who have worked in close co-operation for centuries to realize this goal, which they have now achieved. Through our debilitation they have gained power and put themselves in a position to determine the future. Their stated aim is to drastically reduce the world population, with calamities, to a more manageable level. They intend to install a world government and subject us all to their tyrannical rule. We the people must not acquiesce to these demands.

We have witnessed where their schemes have led us. They have denied us a potential paradise and replaced it with a veritable hell. This evil cabal does not value life. They have no love, compassion or cares, only lust, corruption and greed. They have tainted everything that is beautiful, good and true, with ugliness. They want to control our minds and seek to consume our souls, but our desire for what is right must be stronger than their aspiration to make it wrong. Where there is light there can be no darkness, therefore it is up to us to shine with such brilliance, that they fade away.


[1] "David Rockefeller - Memoirs"


Source: Correspondence with author

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