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Last Updated:
Monday, September 25, 2006 04:51:07 AM

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Weapons to End all Wars
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, September 23, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, September 25, 2006 04:51:07 AM

Hazel W.M. McKinlay
Illuminati News Guest Writer


ill Schnoebelen conducted a lecture at The Prophecy Club on scalar weapons which was, word for word, a carbon copy of Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden’s book ‘Oblivion.’ Obviously they have been comparing notes, or work for the same organisation. They both claim that Russia’s scalar weapons program is light years ahead of the US military/industrial complex, who are dumb fools. They would have us believe that the National Security Agency ignored Nikola Tesla’s advanced weapons developments, despite the fact that government agents ransacked his New York apartment without a warrant, seized his belongings and microfilmed his papers, after his death in 1943.

Bill Schnoebelen
Bill Schnoebelen


While the US military were supposedly fumbling about with lasers, the KGB were perfecting scalar waves and installing the woodpecker grid over their Cold War enemy, which would enable them to wipe out America’s defences in a nanosecond. Pre-empting the question on everyone’s mind, “why didn’t they...?” Bill Schnoebelen, sporting his yamaka, had the answer ready. A ‘friendly little nation’ which did not even exist when Tesla died and is totally indebted to the USA for every particle of technology it possesses, intervened on behalf of its ally and destroyed the Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters. Three cheers for Israel, but why don’t they use a Tesla shield to neutralise Katyusha rockets or their Tesla howitzers to decimate Hezbollah?

However, the Russians kindly leased out their interferometers to the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo, a Buddhist death cult and also made them accessible to Arab terrorists, who William Cohen insists are engaging in weather warfare by triggering earthquakes and tsunamis. This is a bogus insinuation since the CIA created al Qaida and these geophysical calamities mostly occur in Muslim countries, like Indonesia, Iran or Pakistani-Kashmir. Nonetheless, the ‘terrorists’ did the hated Bush administration a favour by ethnically cleansing the Deep South in the urban renewal project, called Hurricane Katrina. They also have the Yellowstone supervolcano in their crosshairs!


HAARP in Alaska does exactly what Tesla said it could, a century ago, engineer the weather, but Schnoebelen dismisses this, saying these antennas were a preliminary experiment, no match for scalar weapons and probably discontinued. Yeah, right! He also chose to avoid discussing the high-tech B2 Stealth Bomber which can switch to antigravity mode. The US scientific community is far from the gormless idiots that Schnoebelen and Bearden suggest they are and it wasn’t Soviets who positioned GWEN towers around the United States. The Zionists are suppressing ZPT, because as Tesla hoped, it would make war obsolete by ending oil dependency and poverty. It invalidates the reasons to drastically reduce the world population.

The Prophecy Club presentation was a disinformation exercise in shifting the blame for asymmetric warfare onto big bad Commies, renegade Japs or Islamic extremists. The United States are playing the vulnerable victim, but anyone with an ounce of savvy knows that all of these countries are under the thumb of the same elite group of International bankers. Acrimony between opposing sides is theatre and World War III is a sham. Conventional battles are unnecessary and for one purpose only, to establish order from chaos, by making mankind so war weary and traumatised that they will accept a global government at any price, and the cost is going to be in human lives. Former Satanist Schnoebelen thinks scalar weapons will ultimately destroy the Earth, but Yahweh, not the Russians, will decide when!


Source: Correspondence with author

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