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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Illuminati and the Thames Barrier
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

Last Updated: Monday, September 25, 2006 04:53:21 AM

The Thames Barrier
The Thames Barrier


he question why Britain decided suddenly in 1965 to build the Thames barrier, when the cost of this over the 8 year build, was one billion pounds which will be repaid in 2030. The reason given was that climate changes, and melting icecaps under global warming, coupled to a surge tide could flood London.

But the truth was very different. Winston Churchill’s funeral in July 1965 meant a better international climate to encourage Soviet defectors. It was rumoured for many years in Moscow that Churchill was very pro Russia during particularly W.W.II., even forbidding intelligence gathering on them, and giving armament supplies much needed in Britain away to Russia. This incredible situation was instigated by Lord Rothschild, who also pressured on Soviet orders to get agent Guy Burgess to marry Clarissa, Churchill’s daughter. Although this failed, it shows the closeness of the Soviet, and Jewish underground spy rings to Churchill and the heart of the wartime government in Britain.

Sir Anthony Blunt actually told me that Rothschild did cover for the Cambridge traitors, particularly Blunt for many years, and spied for long after he admitted.

Stalin with his daughter Svetlana in 1935
Stalin and his daughter Svetlana in 1935


Stalin’s daughter Svetlana defected to America in 1967. The insider rumours were that she had no knowledge of any value, but she did have “hearsay evidence” from discussions going back many years. This hearsay can be of value if it cross-checks with other known facts, and can often fill in unknown details, one of which was that she feared for her safety after the “doctors plot”; the doctors who were said to have murdered her father Joseph Stalin to bolster the Jewish power block, now pushing behind the election of Khrushchev, and again linked to Rothschild.

Behind this power broking at major levels: a Soviet defector named Oleg Penkovsky, brought information to the west that is still largely classified, and very controversial. Part of this was that the Soviets had a plan to create a flap, sending all the British government into the nuclear bunker by the houses of parliament; then just one very small bomb, say a 5 to 10 megaton device, dropped at the mouth of the river Thames at high tide, and the rush of water would flood the whole Thames basin, killing the government in their bunkers, leaving Britain without leaders, and open to Soviet manipulation. The rest of the country outside the Thames basin would be intact.

The replies from the British politicians when they heard this were unrepeatable!

So we had the Thames barrier built.

I remember at the time being told of a ring of Soviet nuclear armed submarines encircling Britain “on an exercise” and then coming home on the bus, and casually looking out of the window and thinking; all this may be gone tomorrow!

If war did break out between the Soviets and the West, America was determined to keep any action away from its homeland, so kept considerable bases on British soil, in full maintenance for any such scenario.

Dr Henry Kissinger within the hearing of secretaries and translators, spoke of a global plan for world change, headed and funded by the people in money supply.

Several K.G.B defectors spoke of labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson being “Soviet Friendly”, and his predecessor Hugh Gaitskell was murdered to get him elected. Certainly, Gaitskell died suddenly after drinking tea at a Soviet embassy, and an inaccurate death certificate was supplied...

There was information leakages which can only have come from Wilson’s office; this was narrowed down to just 3 people. Under his leadership the country was rife with strikes, crime and hardship, so with that in mind, and I remember this so well,  the heads of the Army, navy, fire brigade, the police and emergency services met together in the London Masonic hall to discuss a military take over in Britain, and Lord Mountbatten was asked to head this Junta. Remember Mountbatten had married into the Rothschild clan, thus giving total British dominance to Rothschild.

It was said then that the intelligence services knew there were 13 members of parliament known to be working for the soviets, and others on the periphery.

Wilson’s deputy Prime Minister, Lord George Brown, under great stress broke ranks to become a British intelligence asset; so angry was he that the then Labour party that he loved could be subverted by Russia.

Dennis Healey did similar.

Information from a host of Soviet and Israeli contacts, some on record and some not, tell the K.G.B and G.R.U files list spies for Russia and Israel: “David and Rosa” as lord Victor Rothschild and his wife Tess, and the code name from the files for Wilson was “Olding”.

Wilson’s shoe repair man found a bug in the heel of his black brogues, and no one seemed to know who was responsible.

The upshot of pressure on Wilson for answers, was that Wilson retired overnight using his March 1976 birthday as an excuse.

Sir Roger Hollis (1905-1973)
Sir Roger Hollis


Arguments still go on in certain quarters over whether M.I.5 chief Sir Roger Hollis, was just a complete buffoon and incompetent, or a Soviet agent. But from recent information trawling mainly from Vitali Mitrokhin, Yuri Modin and the Golitzin documents, it appears that Hollis was undermined continually by Rothschild, and was just an innocent incompetent, (in my opinion).

Certainly I was myself a watcher on Hollis after his retirement to Somerset, at the Brean and Berrow golf club, and it is in retirement that many slip up.  

Rothschild’s position behind the government, scientific breakthroughs and intelligence services, particularly in W.W.II, has always been covered up - let's not forget he was Winston Churchill’s main advisor friend and financier in both world wars.

The British "Freedom of Information Act" should actually work for once, and see how we, the British public, were tricked into entering 2 world wars, and the Iraq fiasco.

My source in the old K.G.B has long gone and each file opened would cost me 30.

Those were the days!

Source: Correspondence with author

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Monday, September 25, 2006 04:53:21 AM

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