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Last Updated:
Thursday, September 21, 2006 08:05:13 PM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

World Leaders, Reading the Same Script
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 21, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, September 21, 2006 08:05:13 PM

Hazel W.M. McKinlay
Illuminati News Guest Writer


uslims are being attacked on all fronts. President Bush singled out Iran and Syria for special condemnation in his patronising UN speech, blaming their support of Hezbollah and Hamas for the devastation and death in Palestine and Lebanon, inflicted by Israel. Adding insult to injury he said, “Prime Minister Olmert is committed to peace” and claimed to “respect Islam.” He repeated a previous accusation that propaganda and ‘conspiracy theorists’ are fuelling hatred and extremists. That means you and me!

In his PR campaign for Tony Blair’s job, John Reid spoke to Muslim parents in East London, urging them to monitor their children, looking for “tell-tale signs” of radicalisation. Making subtle Masonic hand gestures for the benefit of his cronies, he said the terrorists were waging a “violent and indiscriminate war” and that communities need to act as vigilantes. Abu Izzadeen interrupted Reid, shouting that Muslims were being subjected to state terrorism. Proving the point, police promptly removed him!

I am more concerned about the Evangelical children at ‘Jesus Camp’ who are being brainwashed into becoming Christian warriors, wailing, wringing their hands and speaking in tongues! They travel to the ‘Kids on Fire’ summer camp in Devil's Lake, to intensify their devotion to ‘God’s Army.’ Pastor Becky Fischer cries, “This means war!” It is an affront to Christ’s message of peace. Religion is being used as a weapon by world leaders to divide and conquer. They are reinvigorating the Crusades.

Pope Benedict XVI went even further than Reid in his medieval address at Regensburg University, in which he said that the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed are “evil and inhuman.” He did not apologise for his inflammatory remarks, but said he was sorry for the violent reaction it provoked, which merely reiterated his original statement. Joseph Ratzinger timed this speech perfectly to coincide with Henry Kissinger’s warning of a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with a nuclear-armed Middle East at its centre.

The only nukes Iran is likely to obtain, are the ones fired by Israel to kick-start Armageddon, so eagerly anticipated by ‘End Times’ Christian Zionists. Kissinger spelled it out saying, “We now know that we face the imperative of building a new world order or potential global catastrophe.” That is no choice, since either would be a disaster! The ‘Pink Triangle Boys’ are out in force doing the bidding of the banksters, who need war to sell more munitions, smuggle drugs and launder their dirty money.

There was one lone voice at the UN conference who read from a different hymn sheet with dignity, honesty and sanity, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He identified the real terrorists who are waging violent and indiscriminate war, the hypocritical American imperialists seeking to impose global hegemony with weapons of mass destruction. He is optimistic that a new era is dawning, without the whiff of sulphur, and gathering momentum among the dispossessed and oppressed who have lost faith in the Devil.

Like Chavez and Izzadeen, we must speak up, loud and clear, to those who would rather not hear that we want a democracy, without bombs, poverty and torture. That should be our crusade, to halt Kissinger’s new world order, a ‘conspiracy theory’ which is becoming reality; unless you want to see the wanton destruction in Palestine and Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, spread like wildfire across the entire globe. Our Muslim or Christian brothers are not the enemy, but those who say they are.


Source: Correspondence with author

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