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Friday, September 08, 2006

Tony Blair on the Invasion of Iran, and the British National Health Service
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies,
Sept 07, 2006

Last Updated: Friday, September 08, 2006 07:38:20 PM

Tony Blair
Tony Blair


ony Blair has said he will give a resigning date, after 8 ministers resigned from office in protest at his bungling of national issues (news 6 Sept 2006).

Intelligence sources say his backers will not allow him to resign until the invasion of Iran is under way.

Britain, through its pro-Israel stance, has been placed in grave danger with the millions of Asians now in the country becoming more and more angry over Tony Blair’s support of anti-Muslim terrorism in the middle east.

The crisis ridden British National Health Service, is planned to undergo far reaching changes in the near future. The Daily Telegraph in September 2005 and the Guardian of June 30 2006 both give pointers to the future changes. The Telegraph printed a survey that showed British patients were 4 times as likely to die as similar operations in the U.S.

Part of this was said to be long waiting lists, where conditions deteriorate, and  poor after care, where patients were often not seen by experts, but by a “cheaper care sources”.

Money is very tight and just as in the other nationalised industries like the railways and the postal system, where non productive staff such as admin and managers, had to be cleared away, this is on the cards too. Several reports have suggested “less form filling- more patient care“.

Britain poaches nurses and doctors from poverty stricken countries such as Africa, ignoring the differences in language and qualifications, which can be a big problem area. But for Britain, the main problem is that the country's population has doubled in the last eight years, and reports say a new city the size of Birmingham will have to be built every five years to accommodate the newcomers, all types of foreign refugees,  legal and illegal, students, criminal itinerants, language students and migrant workers.

So people who have never paid into the system, are drawing out from it.

The Dept of Health refers to these as “health tourists” who are a real financial drain; tourist information offices exist in some countries like Nigeria, where people are told what they can get if they come to Britain, and package trips where doctors and dentists are the main focus, are commonplace.

The Philadelphia Enquirer recently printed an expose of how much financial input goes into the system from the pharmaceutical giants. All the main medical magazines; the Lancet, B.M.J etc, are paid for by the drug cartels and sent to every doctor in the land, to advertise their products.

Glaxo-Smith-Kline, is currently under investigation for allegedly corrupting 6000 doctors in Germany and Italy where doctors accepted bribes of 228 million between the years 1999-2002.

Recent publicity highlighted that in the Britain of today, some G.P.s can earn a quarter of a million a year; a sliding scale of drug company kickbacks, ranging from a T.V., a holiday, or a car are available for brand loyalty, and giving their drugs, even when not necessary.

Pharmaceutical company based articles decrying alternative medical practises, such as homeopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture have been planted in the British press recently, prior to them calling for an outright ban.

The morality of following drug company guidelines and dishing out drugs like Prozac to children aged 8, or the drug for people whose lives are going well but may be concerned things may change, or the new drug Nalmefenil, for “normal people” to stay normal.

There have been several articles in the tabloid press about government ministers, accepting gifts in the form of either shares or money from the multi-national drug companies, this could be smoothing the way for the big shake up.

A U.S. Texas based syndicate, is interested in a buy-out of the N.H.S. 64 billion pounds is the figure bandied about for the drug cartels buy out of the cash strapped British health white elephant, so rather than Tony Blair actually deal with the problems, he plans to sell it off, we are not told his rake off.

Article collated from various sources

Source: Correspondence with author

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Last Updated:
Friday, September 08, 2006 07:38:20 PM

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