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Last Updated:
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 05:08:02 AM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Computer Addiction and the Illuminati
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies, 2006

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 05:08:02 AM

Computer addiction
Computer addiction


he various counselling services in Britain are recognising the appearance of a powerful new drug. Called “computer addiction”, it states that some youngsters spend whole days or evenings watching the screen.

Games consuls in the main expose us to most risk, as the violence on screen is seen by many to dangerously lower our threshold of tolerance, making us accept criminality, violence and porn as “normal.”

We take these computers for granted, but do you know their history?

During W. W. II. The British secret services broke the complex German war codes (look up ultra and enigma) at Bletchley park. By the manufacture of the first real computer, nicknamed Colossus, this huge machine was pushed through by Winston Churchill under his mentor Lord Rothschild. In fact the computer is officially listed as a Jewish invention, which is strange, as one does not see Catholic inventions!

The breaking of the German codes meant we knew in advance all the moves  the German military would make. This information found its way to the Soviets through both official, and unofficial channels.

Military historians of all shades of opinion, recognise that this single event did more to lose Germany the war than any other. We cannot say Britain won the war because we did not; we lost our colonies, were bombed to shreds and were financially bankrupted and became America's servant, not finishing the interest on W.W.II  loans to the U.S banks until this year, 2006.

Similarly some historians claim Russia was our ally during W.W.II. Not so. Russia worked against us the whole way through, from the Nathan Rothschild financed revolution in 1917 through W.W.II and up to the present day...

This huge computer called Colossus, which could have revolutionised the world under British know-how, was under Churchill’s orders, wait for this now - to be burnt, smashed and broken up into small sections, and the remains buried separately in secret locations.

Why would such a great invention as the computer end up scrapped like this?

Because under Soviet archive material, lord and lady Rothschild, the illuminati bankers, codenamed “David and Rosa”, were spies all along for Russia, and later for Israel. Lord Rothschild wanted the computer details to later sponsor a company in Tel-Aviv to produce them, when the land was available for Israel’s birth in 1948.

The Intel-Pentium company  produces some of the most up to date defence ware, which is used world wide. Superspies Robert Maxwell and Jonathan Pollard have both made the claim that Israel can read and alter what information comes back to source through their spyware.

Plans are now afoot to recreate the first electronic digital computer, the Colossus at one of the Rothschild homes, Waddesdon hall.

Historians cannot decide whether Rothschild financed the research to the first computer or not, but it was his servant Churchill who ordered its destruction.

For while we fought the Germans, Churchill’s war was against alcoholism, many of his appearances and speeches had to be performed by the actor, Norman Shelley.


Source: Correspondence with author

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