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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pornography - A Deadly Poison
by Richard Vizzutti, July 8, 2006

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 04:42:36 AM

Warning: Not for sensitive readers


irst of all be warned that this will be a very frank discussion on the subject of pornography and is not for sensitive readers. This article is based on observation, research, and common sense. Therefore it is not a scientific paper, but I feel it is still very factual and accurate.

Is pornography a problem? According to Family Safe Media the size of the Industry could be as high as $12.0 billion US and it is growing bigger everyday. The evil elite has allowed us access to the internet so it can corrupt our society within. Sure, because of the internet we know more about conspiracies of the world, but at what cost!

I remember many years ago as a young boy having a huge crush on this girl in my class. All I could think about was how pretty she looked with her pretty dress and the bright bows in their hair. Today little girls dress in mini skirts as well as jeans that are down to their pubic line with tight open blouses and thongs hanging out when they bend over. I saw some low cut jeans for girls on sale in the store once that came with a free razor for the crotch.

Today boys are not admiring girls for their beauty because they are more focused on planning how to get a "blow job" from them no matter what it takes. To young boys, girls are no longer beautiful, they are just plain HOT! This is a shortened phrase from the older terms like "hot and horny" and "hot to trot." In the old days men would say women looked like a peach or looked like dolls. Now there is no respect given at all. Woman today are just seen as hot and ready.

Many years ago men would be seen as handsome with their suit and ties on. Now women refer to a guy as a "hunk" or "hot." Women no longer desire to be romanced, they just want to throw the guy on a bed, climb on top, and scream yes, yes, yes! There is no intimacy and love. The second they kiss on a date, most woman instantly go for the man's zipper while getting on her knees.

Today there is very little romance in sex. It has become just a raw violent lust. There is no such thing as dating anymore. Having sex is what is referred as dating now. First base is no longer stealing a kiss, it is now aggressive oral sex which is very popular with the teens since they feel they are still virgins afterwards. They become robot slaves to their lusts. Here is an example of how sick people have become. This apparently is very popular with the teens in school here.

So what is it that changed our society and stripped us of our respect and innocents? One cause is Hollywood which continues to push the envelope with TV shows and movies attacking our morality. Flipping through the channels one day during prime time, I came across an all out orgy in progress. It was full nudity, masturbation, and oral sex for any kid to tune into. If parents block the channel for their kids, I am sure the children will watch it at their friends places. Today pornography on TV is called sex education and/or "documentaries." Cartoons are getting very vulgar now too. On a show called Tripping the Rift, an alien was having sex with a woman. They were talking about more foreplay. The alien than asked if shoving his penis in up her ass would be considered foreplay.

Gone are the days of romantic movies like Casablanca that would sweep our imaginations away. They have been replaced by movies Fatal Attraction where they slam each other against walls and rip each others clothes off the second they are alone. Most movies condition people in accepting raw violent sex as something to be desired and completely normal.

But the single most powerful weapon against or morality is the internet. All kids have an email account in which they are sent ads for hardcore pornography. Raw sex is just a click away. With that click of a mouse, the addiction then takes hold.

Pornography is a powerful mind altering tool used by the Illuminati to destroy society from within. I will speak in terms relating to men since they are more sensitive to pornography because they visualize more than women do. But that too is changing.

Once a young boy or man becomes involved in pornography, they begin to change, and like a drug, a person desires stronger and more powerful kicks. After a while naked women does not satisfy, so the person moves on to higher and higher levels of perversion. Men then are then enveloped in a solitary world of masturbation and relationships that become only sexual and non-personal or intimate. This is why pornography never enhances sexual relations between married couples but destroys it.

Men begin to change as their sense of romance becomes totally stunted. Men used to romance a women and at times would steal a kiss. Now many men buy women dinner and demand a "blow job." A porno addicted man becomes totally focused on a woman's body, and women become nothing more than sex objects. When a woman does not give in, she is then seen as selfish bitch.

Men used to focus on the beauty of a woman's face. Now the focus is exclusively on a woman's chest and crotch. They also focus tight dresses, and thongs, and half opened blouses. There is no modesty or femininity in the way women dress today. In the media, young girls are taught from

magazines and TV to show more and more skin in order to attract a boy. Oh they will attract them alright, but they will never have their respect. Young girls have female music icons that have dry sex on stage and in the videos. Today music videos have become soft porn verging on hard core porno.

The young boys raised on pornography have no respect or feeling for women. They just want them to to get naked and kinky. They want their girlfriends to bring in their female friends for sex and voyeurism. Web cameras are used so that teens can make instant money over the net via Pay Pal accounts.

Now we have young boys on the net that have one click access to any kind of hard core porn they want. There is tons of bestiality, gay, mutilation, lesbian sex out there including sex with urine and fecal matter. If young people do not go to these sites, they come to them in their e-mail boxes.

Pornography is now at the very heart of our culture. It attacks the mind of mankind eating away like a cancer. No wonder there is so much perverseness in the world. As sick as it is, people do not write angry letters or boycott TV stations. At my local video store they had Girls Gone Wild videos right out on the main shelves for all the children to see. I made sure I spoke up about it to the manager!

My advice to all men that work at kicking the porno addiction is this. You know you are over it, not when you stop looking at porno, but when you look at a girls face and not her butt. This is when you know your mind has been healed. A natural feeling for men is to appreciate a women's beauty like a fine wine topped of with romanticism.

Because of pornography, men who have been mind controlled by porno only focus on the body and sexual fantasy. A man's fantasy of a woman is no longer of a pretty girl in a cotton dress with her hair blowing in the breeze. It becomes a girl giving oral sex and screaming yes, yes, as she is also penetrated from behind. In time a man talking to a woman never even relates to her as a woman since he will only be visualizing her in different positions and giving oral sex.

Like a drug, pornography the mind builds up a resistance. What starts off with girly pictures becomes boring and dull and greater kicks are needed. In gradual steps the porno appetite demands greater acts of perversion for greater thrills. Men wax worse as they often go on to homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, and even as far as sex fantasies for dead bodies. Pornography is a sick dehumanizing form of mind control that turns people into sexual predators always on the hunt. Pornography turns men into non-feeling sexual predators of the worst kind!

My advice to all concerned people out there is this. Contact all the media and internet providers, and tell them that you are as mad as hell and you are not going to take it any more!

Source: http://stargods.org/PornographyPoison.html

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Last Updated:
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 04:42:36 AM

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