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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Head of Gestapo Became Top Truman Advisor
by Dr. Henry Makow, Aug 19, 2006

Last Updated: Saturday, August 19, 2006 11:15:42 AM

Dr. Henry Makow
Dr. Henry Makow


ccording to Wikipedia, Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo and Adolph Eichmann's boss, "disappeared in May 1945 and remains the only senior figure of the Nazi regime who was never captured or confirmed to have died."

In fact, the Gestapo Chief escaped to Switzerland where he worked for the government under an assumed name. In 1948, the CIA recruited him as a Soviet counter intelligence specialist.

Mueller, who was as guilty of war crimes as Eichmann, was soon on a first-name basis with President Harry S. Truman.. Wearing his Nazi medals, Mueller entertained Truman at home, played Bach, and gave him a case of fine whiskey. Truman may even be his son's godfather.

Heinrich Mueller (1900-?)


Mueller came to the US with his Gestapo helpers and soon had Washington bugged. He spied on his CIA colleagues and informed Truman that they were tapping his phone. He advised Truman on Soviet intentions during the Korean War based on his contacts with Soviet spies in Washington, (including Kim Philby,) and 25-years experience as the Communists' Number One Nemesis.

He lived under an assumed Swiss identity, had US army bodyguards and a Gestapo assassin who immediately dispatched anyone who raised questions about his real identity. At least a half-dozen people met their end in this way.

Mueller's 200-page Journal covering the period March 1949 to Sept 1951 is for sale as a PDF file for $6.25 at www.tbrnews.org under the title "The CIA Covenant: Nazis in Washington" by Gregory Douglas. Some excerpts are on the site.

Obviously capable of great ruthlessness, Mueller emerges from these journals as surprisingly civilized, urbane and intelligent. An accomplished pianist and chess player, he enjoyed fine liquor, art and literature. He was extremely wealthy thanks to gold and art stolen during the war. One of his functions for the CIA was to fence their stolen art. His bosses kept the proceeds..

He says people like Alan Dulles, James Angleton and Frank Wisner embezzled millions from "top secret" projects. For example, they pocketed a  million dollar bribe to depose the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mossedagh. Mueller got his cut.

A Catholic, Mueller had worked for the Bavarian State Police and prosecuted Nazis as well as Communists. When the Nazis came to power, they kept him on the job. He joined the Nazis as an occupational necessity but became fiercely loyal to Adolph Hitler. He continued to celebrate Hitler's birthday in Washington with many highly-placed Americans.

"I never was a practicing Nazi," he wrote April 9, 1949, " but we cannot discuss that because a number of my [CIA] superiors are secret sympathizers and that would not impress them at all. I am now a true Party member and fighter against Communism."

Mueller regarded Washington as a cross between a zoo and an insane asylum. He had contempt for his CIA colleagues whom he cuckolded regularly. Many were gay and, in spite of being racists, had Black lovers. The wives were also a rich source of information.

The CIA is filled with" pseudo-intellectuals, drunks and egomaniacs" that trade on their elitist occult family connections, and have no idea at all what they are doing, he wrote. They were trying to set national policy and will be responsible for America sliding into Fascism, which he admitted was preferable to Communism.

Allen Dulles (1893-1969)
Allen Dulles (1893-1969)


Allan Dulles is one of those well-bred idiots who went to the correct schools and met the right people. If it weren't for that, he would be scrubbing toilets in the YMCA in some small town in New Jersey."

His admiration is reserved for Harry Truman, whom he considered an honest unpretentious man, and bulwark against Communism. Reading this diary confirms that Communists took over the US government under FDR. If he had succeeded in putting Henry Wallace on the ticket, " there is no doubt that the red flag would be flying over the “People’s Republic of North America” at this moment. A very close thing and in order to crush communist activity, we must get the approval of the public. We can only get that if the people are actually aware of the seriousness of the menace. And it still exists today." (June 14, 1950)

Mueller doesn't seem to understand that the Communist-Fascist split reflects two branches of Freemasonry divided into house teams for the sake of war. Truman was a top ranking Freemason. It seems the Illuminati Council had decided on a Cold War and it wouldn't do to have a Communist (Wallace) in charge in America. Nazis were recruited because the US team had too many Communists/ "internationalists."

Mueller (and J. Edgar Hoover) fed Senator Joseph McCarthy information but regarded him as a "tool." Mueller considered the Senator a grandstander, a homosexual and a drunk.


Mueller's Journal is extremely credible which is why his comments on the Jewish holocaust are provocative.

Remember this Journal supposedly was not intended to become public. On July 9, 1949 he wrote:

Alger Hiss (1904-1996)
Alger Hiss (1904-1996)


"The Americans ought to set up some sort of detention camp system and put people like [Alger] Hiss and others into protective custody. I had some idiot tell me yesterday that all of our camps were filled with Jews who we gassed by the millions and then turned into lampshades, ladies gloves and hand soap! I have no idea where they get such shit but I imagine the American press makes it up for political reasons. The camps were never designed for Jews and we did not gas millions of them or make soap out of their remains. The camps were mostly for professional criminals and communists. About 75% of all camp inmates at any one given time were political prisoners and the rest divided up between criminals, spies and Jews. The worst error Himmler ever made was to put Russian prisoners into the camps because this brought typhus that killed off thousands of prisoners. The pictures often shown here of stacks of emaciated corpses are not pictures of dead Jews but pictures of typhus victims. And gas chambers at Dachau with sixty thousand gassed Jews there! I have visited Dachau on several occasions and no one was ever gassed there. Pictures of ovens with titles that “in these ovens, tens of thousands of murdered Jews were cremated” is more nonsense. All prisoners who died in jail were cremated and their ashes sent home. And especially with the typhus epidemics raging everywhere. Well, I can say nothing about it so on to other matters."

On June 7, 1951, he wrote:

It doesn't seem to be talked about that the Hungarian government begged us to ship off all their Jews. I know the actual figures from my head (I should check these out in my files before I go to Germany just for entertainment) and about thirty thousand were shipped to Auschwitz. Now, I understand this number has magically grown to three hundred thousand! By the time the creative writers have finished, we will have put fifty million to death by throwing them into enormous bonfires complete with the Berlin Symphony playing the "Good Friday" music (from Wagner's "Parsifal", ed.) in the background! And there is Willi [Krichbaum] whose GFP killed more Jews than anyone, now working for the CIA as a major personage! Well, they have me too and so much for that.


Mueller felt that  Hitler's use of anti-Semitism to unite the German people was a poor strategy. It was used against Germany effectively and was not worth the price. He recognized that many Communists were Jews but many were not. "I do not hate Jews... and have better things to do than persecute them." He was surprised to find more anti-Semitism in the top ranks of the US military and CIA than in similar positions in Nazi Germany. The CIA ran the "rat lines" to Syria and South America. They sent Nazis to bolster the Syrians against the Israelis. They built up both sides to foment conflict.

There is much else of interest in this book but I only have space to tantalize you. Mueller says the Israelis wanted to attack Saudi Arabia in 1949 and Truman had to threaten military action to stop them. The Stern Gang tried to assassinate Truman but the team was apprehended and killed. Roosevelt had Huey Long killed and made the Pope shut up Father Coughlin. British Intelligence was filled with homosexuals and Soviet agents. The British wanted the US and Russia to destroy each other. Mueller implies that Hitler escaped to Spain after the war and UFO's (flying saucers) are indeed extraterrestrial. 

The Journal is gossipy and personal and extremely entertaining. There is no question in my mind of its authenticity but I am not omniscient. Mueller, who had in excess of $50 million, married a rich young socialite who gave him  a son. The diary ends before Eisenhower took power so we don’t know if Mueller retired. He had estates in Virginia and Colorado and is reputed to have died in the 1980's in California. (He was born April 28, 1900.)

The Journal is an incomparable insight into this fascinating period. Clearly history is a charade manufactured by an immoral international clique, to control and exploit mankind. They have rivalries like the Mafia but ultimately are on the same team. They contain powerful Zionist and anti-Semitic elements.  This lesson is particularly relevant today when they are trying to fabricate a "Clash of Civilizations" i.e. a Third World War.  I want to conclude on a lighter note, Mueller's description of one CIA wife.

"Monday, a steamy afternoon with the Harvey creature. She scratched my back that I am going to have to explain somehow to Bunny, as well as leaving red marks on my legs and elsewhere. That woman is quite mad but she does blabber endlessly in her horrible accent about what she thinks she knows. Stories about the CIA wives, at least one of whom chattered about me. The Harvey woman thrashes around like an epileptic having a fit and makes enough noise to be heard out on the street. I was expecting the police to come at any minute. She is not as cultivated as the other wives which is a benefit. At least I don't have to listen to endless chattering about spiritualism, Chinese religions, or strange Russian painters. My God, those women are as empty of brains as a ladle, perfect mates for their equally idiotic husbands. If the parents are any example, their children should be drowned like kittens to keep them from breeding." 

Source: http://www.savethemales.ca/001699.html

 This page may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

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Last Updated:
Saturday, August 19, 2006 11:15:42 AM

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