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Last Updated:
Friday, August 18, 2006 05:46:37 AM

Friday, August 18, 2006

War on Terrorism
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies,
Aug 2006

Last Updated: Friday, August 18, 2006 05:46:37 AM

ome years ago as an essential part of our military skills,  small arms training played a very large part.

This was when large numbers of houses in London were demolished for the building of new tower blocks, those awful skyscraping monsters which have recently been demolished.

A block of terraced housing was concealed off with large, high metal mesh fencing.

This was used as a training ground to teach us how to enter a building and clean out any fighters which may be inside.

There are two distinct methods used, the most professional is to take them alive for questioning, but if they need to be silenced because of what they know or to send a message to others, they will be killed in situ.

Remember that in what is called the “backgrounding” many weeks will have gone into phone taps, letter and email interception, searches will have been done to see how many were in the house and a record kept of their business, politics and religion.

Long distance mikes will have given conversations in the house for some time, these are kept for expert analysis , and in some cases actual sound beam mikes are pointed at windows to record all conversation and internal noise.

The storming of 250 police of a domestic house in Forest Gate, bore certain hallmarks which tell us of the type of secret operation involved.

* The occupants were not expecting a raid so therefore would be unprepared.

*  To make a “kill” usually involves one or two officers breaking in, the less men obtaining entry at night the better, as in a strange house, we have shot our own men before now in the dark, and this is usually done with a silent entry, to get to where they sleep before they can defend themselves.

* The mass entry technique is usually done to intimidate and perhaps wound occupants, but to take them alive, there is no way 250 men could be involved except in a propaganda exercise and a show of strength.

* In the Forest gate fiasco, the men involved made so many breaches of firearms legislation that another agenda was obviously in play with new instructions, but from whom ?

When the police at Forest Gate got in they were kind enough to alert the occupants by breaking a window at dead of night, and this is only done to bring them out, and sure enough when a half naked Muslim lad appeared at the top of the stairs, they shot him.

If that is not awful in itself, they then said he was shot by his brother.

Muslims are not allowed to be “usuers” or to loan moneys at profit, as the Jews do to Christians, remember any loans made to other Jews cannot be at profit.

This means that Muslims keep their cash securely at home, hence the large sum found.

The police also said that child porn was found on the computer.

This is a threat used by our intell services to silence whistleblowers, one senior naval man committed suicide recently because he was threatened with prosecution for this, when a computer expert said he had spent the day putting this stuff on the machine.

* The Brazillian lad who was followed by a team of policemen on the London Underground for several stations, then at a quiet spot was shot 8 times in the head; if they had wanted to they could have followed their own gun regulations which state that a wounded man is open to interrogation, a dead man is not.

The lies told over this were laughable, and no one is deemed responsible. Who briefed the policemen to act in this manner ?

The truth is we have another set of rules in operation here:

The police were told according to a senior source at my lodge, to shoot both lads, make an example of them but most of all to show that police can and will shoot whom they want.

This after Norfolk farmer Tony Martin shot 2 intruders in the dark at his home, and served a long sentence, yet the police are answerable to no one.


Source: Correspondence with author

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