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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is Lebanon Israel's Iraq?
by Dr. Henry Makow, July 29, 2006

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 05:28:08 AM

Dr. Henry Makow
Dr. Henry Makow


elltale signs suggest that Freemason Ehud Olmert is obeying his Illuminati controllers and setting Israel up for a painful setback if not destruction. These signs include:

Ehud Olmert
Ehud Olmert


1) Israel's traitorous leaders have deliberately inflamed and united 1.2 billion Muslims in order to promote the "war of civilizations." Olmert's acts are designed to further discredit Israel, just as Bush has discredited the US. This is the reason for the obliteration of the UN Observation Post, the use of phosphorous bombs, and the attacks on ambulances and civilians, the latest in Qana Sunday. Israel's barbarism seems designed to draw Syria and Iran into the war. Morally, it taints and entraps pro-war Israelis and their American and Jewish backers in the coming cataclysm.

2) The devastation of Lebanon simply cannot be justified in the context of the conflict-to-date. The number of Israeli soldiers and civilians killed by the Hezbollah since Israel left Lebanon in July 2000 comes to about 25. Add the 10 killed or captured Jul 12, 2006 and you have 35. That's barely six-a- year. To put this in perspective, in 2004 there were 480 deaths due to traffic accidents.

I couldn't find a single reference to death caused by a katyusha rocket fired into Northern Israel during this period. And remember all this involved territory Israel didn't leave and provocations on both sides. ("Hezbollah terrorist attacks since May 2000," Jewish Post, Winnipeg, July 26,2006)

On Jan 29 2004, Israel released 400 Arab prisoners in exchange for an Israeli businessman and the bodies of three soldiers. There were other such exchanges which set a precedent for the Hezbollah taking 2 prisoners July 12. Israel's psychotic response is a gambit by an invisible player in a larger game.

3) Condoleezza Rice said the war was part of the "painful birth pangs of the new Middle East." How does this birth scenario go? Does Iran nuke Tel Aviv and Haifa? Is Israel the sacrifice necessary to justify razing Tehran? We learn that Israel is moving government offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. If the Hezbullah can hit Tel Aviv, they can hit Jerusalem. Is this part of a post-nuclear war scenario where Jerusalem will become a seat of world government and no longer capital of the "Jewish" State?

4) Other signs that Israel is being set up for failure like the US in Iraq: The war is un-winnable. As others have stated, there are no realistic goals. The Hezbollah are being strengthened not diminished. Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel "has pushed the self-destruct button... They cannot finish the business they have begun."

5) Israeli soldiers complain that Hezbollah seems to know their actions in advance. Commanders complain they are denied sufficient men for the task. Does this sound familiar? Reports suggest Israel's security infrastructure has been compromised. The army Chief of Staff went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and exhaustion.

6.) Another telltale sign: A truck bound for Iran carrying radioactive material from Great Britain is stopped in the Balkans. Britain is shipping this material to Iran at a time when supposedly they are trying to stop their nuclear program?



The Illuminist chess masters use war to destroy all nations and cull millions of people. The Iraq and Lebanon wars are designed to diminish US and Israel and promote the bogus "war of civilizations."

How long are Israelis, Jews, and Americans going to be duped by a "my country-right-or-wrong" mentality. Just because we call them "terrorists" doesn't make them so. This label is a convenient excuse to dismiss people we are subjugating. Israel and the US practice state terrorism. Our leaders are covering up 9-11. They belong to the 230-year-old Order of the Illuminati. The goal of this conspiracy is to destroy Western civilization and usurp the role of God.

The Jewish State was set up by the Illuminati. Jews were sacrificed to justify its creation and will be sacrificed again to built the "new Middle East".  Possibly Jews in general again will take the blame for the Illuminati, and be sacrificed for the New World Order.  Illuminist Mel Gibson's recent lunatic anti-Semitic charge that "all wars are caused by Jews" was headlined on the Drudge Report. A Jewish community center in Seattle was attacked Friday killing one woman and critically wounding three more.

Jews are easily manipulated because they are taught that people resent them for no reason and  they must "defend themselves" (i.e. lash out) or face extinction. This is a self-fulfilling

proposition. Not even dogs hate for no reason. Jews are resented because many have been Illuminati pawns. Eg. They provided the backbone of Communism and all of the Illuminati's "revolutionary" (overturning civilization) movements. Their biggest danger lies in their role as Illuminati pawns. The Arab states have offered to accept Israel with the 1967 boundaries.

This is written for the beautiful children on both sides. It is written for the brave, good and intelligent young men killing each other needlessly. The real enemy is your government, which has been subverted.

How long are we going to be lemmings of war? Don't we love our children? Our sons and daughters? Our lives? Are we so naive that we throw ourselves off a cliff when they chant the mantra "they want to destroy us;" "we have a right to defend ourselves"; "civilization is under attack" etc. etc.?

Are we too stupid for life? All wars are concocted by a powerful satanic cult that wishes to degrade and enslave humanity. Let's reject war and save ourselves.

See also: Lebanon United Against Israel, US

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Source: http://www.savethemales.ca/001663.html

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 05:28:08 AM

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