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Last Updated:
Tuesday, June 06, 2006 07:02:58 AM

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Terrorising British Muslims
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, June 06, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 07:02:58 AM

Hazel W.M. McKinlay


n June 2nd 2006, with a four day no-fly zone enforced within a five mile radius over the East End, 250 anti-terror police raided a suburban home at Forest Gate in the dead of night and shot a man without warning, as he came downstairs. This is now the “standard drill for urban warfare” according to the Health Protection Agency. The alleged reason for the 4 a.m. raid was, that the suspects were less likely to be wearing a bomb-belt, unheard of in the UK. This is not Israel!

Two Bangladeshi brothers, Mohammed Abdul Kahar, aged 23 and 20 year-old Abul Koyair were arrested and detained at Paddington Green Police Station on suspicion of terrorist activities, which their lawyers deny. They have yet to be charged and Abdul Kahar is recovering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The MET are claiming he was shot by his own brother, although they admit the bullet came from a police firearm.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke


Overkill would be an understatement for “the most significant anti-terror operation this year” but Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke was acting on “focused and specific” intelligence from MI5, who suspected there was a “viable” chemical device in this property, which they had under surveillance, and he had no option but to “prove or disprove” the information they received. He categorically disproved it…

Predictably, a four day search yielded nothing, but that did not stop the irresponsible press from bandying about headlines like, ricin, sarin, anthrax and cyanide! How could Kahar and Koyair obtain the expertise necessary to concoct volatile chemical weapons? The supposed target for this “missing device” was a pub full of football fans, celebrating the World Cup, but the only trace of chemicals found was aspirin, which I’m sure soccer revelers would have appreciated.

The brothers went to local schools and worked for Tesco and the Post Office. However, the insinuation was that they were hatching this diabolical plot alone, not as members of ‘al Qaeda’ but they were “loosely connected” to international terrorist cells. Neighbours, who were also roughed up in the raid, say they were a nice and respectable family. The only ‘incriminating’ evidence proffered is, that they had begun to take religion seriously.

The multi-ethnic Forest Gate community feel ‘disquiet’ about this operation; I think a full blown riot would be in order! Unfortunately, that will only play into the ‘hidden hands’ orchestrating these events, who would use it as more propaganda to portray Islam in a negative light. Trust between British Muslims and the police is already damaged. So, what was the real purpose of this latest Secret Service psy-op?

They are acclimating the public to the ‘Gestapo’ with this overwhelming display of State Power against two ordinary and innocent individuals, while maintaining the myth of an ever present threat from foreigners in our midst, and priming us for the possibility of a ‘dirty bomb’ attack. MI5’s Masonic brethren in the police, judiciary, the House of Commons and Lords, will whitewash the whole affair, in a couple of handshakes.

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