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  Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009, 6:11 PM

Last Updated: Friday, January 16, 2009 06:11:32 PM



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Illuminati News Presents:

Reality Check!

by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Jan 13, 2009

Category: Israel and Palestine | Guest Writers: Hazel W.M. McKinlay


“Behold, I give of the synagogue of Satan, of those who say they are Jews, and they are not, but lie." (Revelation.)

Hazel  W.M. McKinlay
Hazel  W.M. McKinlay


he objective of the latest assault on Palestine, according to former Mossad agent and IDF Lieutenant Tzipi Livni, the daughter of Irgun terrorists, is allegedly to “change the reality” in and around Gaza. This was reiterated by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who also agrees with Livni that “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza” despite the crippling blockade and alarming death toll.... 1,000 dead and 3,000 injured Palestinians in a fortnight of terror! So, what is the reality in Gaza?

Nuclear-armed Supremacists, with carte-blanche from America's ZOG, are bombing an impoverished ghetto with an imprisoned population, into submission. Schools, markets, apartments, mosques and even hospitals are under attack from high-tech weaponry, some of which is illegal under International Law. But Israeli leaders, who only observe Judaic Law, have rejected calls for a ceasefire because their law demands, “thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them.”

Diplomats are queuing up to blow Israel’s trumpet as the walls of Gaza come crumbling down. Who needs Rahab when you have Ambassadors like Sir John Sawers facilitating these crimes against humanity with rhetoric which portrays Jews as the victims in this confrontation, when most Israeli casualties have been soldiers killed by “friendly fire.” More dangerous than Qassam rockets! In the strongest condemnation yet, the UN's head of humanitarian affairs, John Holmes said, it is all “extremely disappointing.”

According to Alejandro Wolff, the US representative in the UN, “Israel’s self-defence is non-negotiable” just like the very existence of this apartheid ‘homeland’ has been since it's inception in 1948, although they vowed not to infringe upon Arab rights. In reality, that gives this fanatical sect license to wreak havoc with brute force by falsely claiming “self-defence.” Israel puts the onus on Hamas for ending the six month truce, although Ehud Barak had been planning Operation Cast Lead for eighteen months...

The Mosaic ‘statutes and judgements’ which sanction genocide, implemented by the Levite Priesthood without cessation since 458 B.C., requires Jews to “utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods…” Hence, the recent annihilation of seventeen mosques in Gaza. Israel, with it's double standards, imposes unrealistic conditions on Hamas while violating every UN resolution restricting their illegal occupation and heinous war crimes against refugees.

This rogue nation was founded on lies, established through deceit and is maintained by perpetual warfare with mankind. Their creed instructs them to “save nothing alive that breatheth…” and as a reward, everywhere they trod shall be theirs “even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be…” Gaza, with it’s twenty-six miles of Mediterranean coastline is an obstacle to that goal, which must be removed “with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed” like Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

If Hamas is guilty of Palestinian deaths for their resistance, then Zionists are culpable for any Israeli dead for creating a hostile Jewish State on another people’s land. If, after sixty years, this ‘anti-Gentile’ enclave requires constant conflict with it's neighbours and foreign aid to sustain it, then it is a failed experiment and it’s legitimacy must be subject to re-negotiation. Otherwise, this pitiless and violent ’death cult’ with it's racist ideology remains a threat to peace and stability, and will “smite” Iran next...

Increasing opposition throughout the world to the ruthless persecution in Gaza is called “anti-Semitism” in the press, regardless of the fact that the ‘Tribe of Judah’ was diluted by pagan Khazar converts indoctrinated with the Talmud by Rabbi's in Eastern Europe for 1,000 years, before being unleashed as revolutionary Communism, the precursor of militant Zionism with it's designs on World Domination. Nonetheless, the original blueprint of this inhuman plan can still be found in Deuteronomy.

Hazel W. M. McKinlay

References: ‘Controversy Of Zion’ by Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed
Douglas Reed

Comment Want your opinion to be heard? Make a comment and have it posted here, uncensored and unedited! as long as it's written in a civilized manner. Write me an email and put the same title in your email subject line as the name of the article you want to comment on. You can be anonymous if you like, or write under a pseudonym. Wes Penre.


[i] ^ The word Illuminati means 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. 2. Illuminati: Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment.  Latin illmint, from pl. of illmintus, past participle of illminre, to light up. See illuminate.

These definitions are taken from "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language".

Like the definitions tell us, any group which considers itself "enlightened" could rightfully call itself the Illuminati. So is also the case! If you google "The Illuminati", you will find quite a few groups claiming this name. It can be confusing, so before we continue, I want to make very clear that the Illuminati we are discussing here is NOT a benevolent secret society who wants to bring peace and harmony to this world by helping to bring back freedom to the people, at least not in this "reality". If such a benevolent group exists and also happens to call itself "The Illuminati", I apologize if some people will mix up the different groups.

The Illuminati I am exposing here is the super-rich Power Elite with an ambition to create negativity and a slave society!

The possible REAL Agenda, to some degree unknown to even the super-rich families like the Rothschild's is described in the article, "Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand', Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider". But before reading that article, I suggest you study this subject on a more basic level first. The "Hidden Hand" article is pretty advanced and can not be understood by people who have no concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order.

[ii] ^ The term "New World Order", just like the term "Illuminati", has been used by at least two different groups, meaning basically two different things:

1) A goal to change the current Order ("The Old World Order"), which is considered evil and anti-survival, and therefore the current power elite I call the Illuminati (see definition above) needs to be overthrown and their Old World Order to be destroyed and replaced by a benevolent "New World Order". The goal is a humanity-friendly One World Government. The means to overthrow the current Old World Order is by violence, if necessary. The reason I don't support this group is that I don't believe in their tactics. I believe in this.

2) A goal to reduce the world population to 500 million people in order to create a micro-chipped total enslaved society and a One World Government, run like a world dictatorship. This is the New World Order the Bush's, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and others are ringing in and have almost accomplished. This is the New World Order I am fighting against via this website.

: Correspondence with author

Wes PenreWes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domain Illuminati News and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. His MySpace website address is: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre. You can also visit his blog and make comments at http://wespenre.blogspot.com/.

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