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Wanting Truth
by H.P., Apr 18, 2005

I received this e-mail from one of my visitors. I thought it was interesting and thought provoking, so I got the permission and want to share it with you. Wes

I have wondered why some people when presented with clear information regarding what is really going on in the world, still refuse to believe.  I believe that those who love the TRUTH will be enlightened. I believe that God leads them/us as we seek, and if we want the truth revealed to us, nothing will stand in GODS way of revealing it to us, I said IF WE WANT THE TRUTH. 

If you really think about it , why are some people afraid of the truth?  I have given this much thought and as difficult as this is for me to say, I think that somewhere deep down inside AND contrary to what they may say, they think that this world is all there is, and for them to accept how screwed up it is, well, it leaves them empty. Why else would anyone CHOOSE to be blind? 

I honestly believe that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness (RIGHT-THINKING) will be filled, and those who are left in the dark are there because that is where they WANT to be. I must say that websites like yours ASSIST GOD by giving him tools and roads to lead us to the truth. 

Oh, one more thing.  Although I am a Christian and I believe in heaven and hell, I have a bit of a different concept of both.  My belief is simple. Heaven is in Gods presence and Hell is separation from God.  I believe that those who are eternally separated from God are not so much being punished because they despise his light anyhow. They have made the eternity of their own choosing.

Just my thoughts. 
















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