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   Posted: Saturday, April 21 2007

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The Artificial World We Live In

by Doug Yurchey


Last Updated: Saturday, April 21, 2007 06:10:45 PM



he Universe is unreal. Life is unreal. Nature is not natural. Do we really live in The Matrix?

We assume the world is natural; that everything just happened, naturally. Schoolbooks teach us that the entire Universe just BANGED into existence. Scientists assume that stars and planets came into being by dust and debris coalescing or concentrating over eons of time. Educators tell us that Life came into being on Earth through natural forces. They say: We humans are simply natural by-products of the world around us. We crawled out of the oceans; we evolved into primates; we stood erect and developed into modern creatures over extremely long periods of time...so say the evolutionists.

That was not the case. Funny, how wrong the universities are in their studies of anthropology! The most important question of how Life began on Earth cannot be answered through traditional means. There are too many holes in the story of Evolution. If we came from monkeys, monkeys would only be found in the fossil record and would not be alive.

Not only are there human missing links, but also there are missing links in every single species of every single known life form. On this subject, there was an old Phil Donahue Show that concerned 'Evolutionists Against Darwinism.' They rolled out a very long scroll or genealogy chart that contained all species and their permutations over time. The chart was virtually blank. There were only a few animals with links to other forms. We know, for certain, of only a few changes over time. There was not one complete animal chain of forms from the earliest times to modern times.

THE BRAIN SIZE of ancient Cro-Magnons was LARGER than the brain size of modern humans! This anthropological truth is ignored by traditional sources because it is not understood by traditional sources. Cro-Mags were not primitive in any way. Revered psychic Edgar Cayce understood that the Cro-Magnons were the high-tech Atlanteans. The Incan and Egyptian surviving Cro-Mags were the Atlantean elite; our ancestors. They were the pyramid-builders and ancient astronauts. The evidence shows a degeneration, over eons, down to modern humans. A smooth, upward, human Progression is not what history records.

We assume the educators know what they are talking about. We assume the anthropologists are correct because 'that's their job and they're the experts.' We should question traditional conclusions. We should realize that scientists, in general, believe what they do for one main reason: They want to differ from and oppose Religion. Readers can examine my article called 'My Atlantis' which puts forth another alternative to these traditions.

You have heard of 'star-stuff.' We are star-stuff. The same molecules in us are also found inside suns. This, again, is a big misconception. The real motive for such a philosophy is to eliminate the idea that an INTELLIGENCE was behind our genesis. They want you to believe that everything is natural. Nothing is farther from the truth.

This writer is not saying 'God did it.' God is an overwhelming, inconceivable concept that no one should talk about since no one can understand IT.

We ARE products of intelligent beings in the Universe. Another article that one might consider is called 'The Purpose for the Human Race.' We are strangers on Earth. Our ancestors landed here and made this planet their home. We are also not the creations of aliens. Aliens did not accelerate the development of natural, Earthly primates. We came from HUMANS. These prehistoric, human ancestors are not the ones you are familiar with. They (we) were once spiritual, super-tech GODS. But, we have drastically fallen from that greatness and grandeur.

The point here is to state that the Universe is not just gas and dust and debris. It is not outrageous to believe that the cosmos is filled with Life. What if the Universe itself is an artificial construct? Where scientists see only lifelessness; there could be life. What we believe is natural, could be artificial. Out of ignorance, we may be viewing the Universe the wrong way. Maybe the truth is: The world is unnatural. It was all MADE or manufactured by intelligences far beyond our comprehension a very long time ago.

Let us examine celestial objects in our own Solar System. We do not have to look far in our search for cosmic artificialness. The Moon might not be natural. It is too large. The only other planets with similar sized moons are the GIANT planets of Jupiter and Saturn. Great Saturn only has one satellite close to the size of our Moon (Titan). Venus is similar to the size of Earth and is moonless. Mars has two, small, irregular bodies as satellites.

The Moon contains rocks older than anything in our Solar System. The Moon does not fit with the rest of the planets and satellites. Could the Moon have been BROUGHT IN? (in the last days of Atlantis?)

In an exclusive interview, Jordan Maxwell 'the Godfather of Secret Societies' revealed that he attended a Moon/Mars Conference in Oakland, CA. Richard Hoagland of NASA and writer/lecturer of the ‘Monuments of Mars,’ spoke at this 1995 conference. Lunar and Martian anomalies were discussed. The government classified a million lunar photographs and restricted their distribution to the public. Government sources MAY confirm that THE MOON IS HOLLOW. Our satellite is composed of a 'metallic superstructure.' It was brought into the Solar System.

In an article called 'Who Stops to Question the Man in the Moon?' (Gravity-Lock Myth) readers find that the Man in the Moon might be an artificial situation. We think it is natural for the Moon having one side that faces the Earth. We all take this astronomical fact for granted. Not only did someone, some high intelligence bring the Moon in...but it was PURPOSELY SET to rotate precisely as it revolved around Earth. This is a synchronized clockwork condition that will never change. It should change. Orbits decay and change over time. Either a slowing or speeding up of rotation and revolution would alter the perfect 'in sync' relationship we have with our Moon. Scientists know this will never change. The far side of the Moon will always face away from our planet. Normally and naturally: We should, intermittently, see the lunar far side. But we never will and this is NOT NATURAL!

Let us look at this closer. If the Moon sped up or slowed down in its orbit over eons of time, then the synchronization would be destroyed. If our big, lunar companion were to increase or decrease its axis rotation over eons of time, the perfect in-sync relation is ruined. If the Earth changed in its rotation or revolution over the ages, then this precise/gyroscopic LOCK disappears in a puff of smoke. The point is the phenomenon of the Man in the Moon is not some bold Law in the sky. It is a fragile clockwork where so many NATURAL factors are involved that would result in throwing off the relationship. Yet, it remains. Something is maintaining the precision over numerous millenniums.

Could an ancient machine or device be purposely compensating the lunar rotation and revolution to keep this unnatural planet/moon system going as is? Why would someone want one side of the Moon to face the Earth? The reason is the only planet that we know for sure has LIFE also has the perfect observation platform. From the far side, aliens, humans-with-the-technology or any higher intelligent ETs could operate secretly. Radio-silence of the Moon would block all broadcasts. It is logical to assume that SOMEBODY uses or has used the lunar far side. It is the perfect place for an observation base. It is too perfect. Our monitors from the Moon could be numerous alien races and the Feds, all working in secret.

Covert transmitters may be operating on the lunar far side. Also, the special relationship between Earth and Moon might be necessary for FIXED transmitters on the near side of the Moon. These theorized transceivers could be very ancient. They may possibly NEED the in-sync situation in order to function from fixed positions.

Scientists say we are 'gravity-locked' with our Moon. Gravity-Lock is a myth. Astronomers had to come up with some natural explanation, no matter how unfounded. If G.L. exists, why aren't all planets gravity-locked with their moons? Why are we different? The astrophysicists cannot answer these basic questions; yet we are to believe their NATURAL answers. The Moon, in every way, is an anomaly. Luna has artificial structures. The Feds are operating, in secret, on the Moon and even on the planet Mars. We have not returned to the Moon because we are covertly there. Please read the article 'Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars.' There have been reports that the Moon has slight weather. Question the party line of a lifeless Moon and Mars. What THEY tell us on the media might not be the truth.

If the authorities declare something is true, maybe we should consider that the opposite is true. The Feds lie and they have very good reasons for their lies to the public. The deceptions usually have to do with PROFITS or ‘saving face.’ There are times when we seriously and sincerely receive the absolute TRUTH from the government-owned media. Sometimes…the Powers That Be purposely slide the truth in there with all the other B.S. For example, the following:

The above photo is a surprise when one considers that the source was NASA! They have released a little-publicized report that WATER HAS BEEN DISCOVERED ON THE MOON AT THE SOUTHERN POLE!! Is the Moon a dead, lifeless rock? Or, is there weathering and a slight atmosphere? The authorities should not send out mixed messages unless that was their plan all along. Is the idea to confuse us in one, big, space distraction?

Another synchronic relationship between planet and moon also exists with Pluto/Charon. Charon orbits 'in-sync' with the ROTATION of Pluto. This is a different situation than our satellite relationship. On the surface of Pluto, Charon would never move and always be in the same position in the sky. Pluto's and Earth's synchronicity are not the norm for celestial bodies. There are probably more than 100 satellites to all the planets in our Solar System. These two situations are known oddities and in the great minority.

What makes these strange oddities different from the rest of the satellites? THAT is the question! Maybe the systems only seem natural and are, in truth, artificial situations? Could cosmic INTELLIGENCES have artificially created what we assume is natural? The bizarre planet and moon relationships of Earth and Pluto should not exist and yet they do exist.

Mars once had Earthlike conditions. There was water. Huge canyons were carved by water that flowed on the Martian surface. There are dried up riverbeds. The red planet's atmosphere was much thicker long, long ago. At Cydonia, there is an ALIGNED Great Pyramid. The Pyramid is not a natural formation caused by a trick of light. The Cydonia Great Pyramid has been estimated to be approximately a mile long and a million years old! Ancient, Earthly pyramids only acquire energy and power if they are aligned with the directions. This fact, along with many similarities between Giza and Cydonia, has convinced Richard Hoagland of pyramids on Mars. More researchers should be open to the idea that human life once existed on Mars. THERE IS A FACE next to the Great Pyramid at Cydonia. Next to Earth's Great Pyramid, there is a Sphinx; a large face. On Mars, the carved FACE is located near the Martian Great Pyramid. Were ancient Martians gods of war?

The concept of HUMAN features constructed in stone on Mars, breaks all the evolutionary laws that say the human race is unique; a product of unique circumstances only found on Earth. If we evolved on Earth exclusively, then we should not discover humans on other prehistoric planets. Darwin was wrong! Darwinism is truly NOT based on science. It is based on inaccurate assumptions. It is more likely that humans were seeded on Earth as a result of intelligences from space than ever crawled out of our oceans. Are governments publicly skeptical of the Cydonia Monuments because they have already studied the ruins in secret? Why have our 'public' NASA programs failed to explore these long known MARTIAN anomalies? Curious.

Many Martian probes have previously malfunctioned and have been lost. These were not accidents or normal failures. The probes WERE MADE to fail so we do not discover a military (or alien or native) presence already on Mars!

The 5th planet is not Jupiter. Jupiter is actually the 6th planet. The 5th planet was BLOWN UP! We know the Solar System is composed of inner planets, outer planets and a gap between them. Within the gap, astronomers discovered the Asteroid Belt. This was once a planet.

Another article to read is 'Bode's Law and KBOs.' There is a simple formula to find the distances of the planets out from the sun. It is called Bode's Law. The formula was considered a valid rule up to the late 19th Century. The Asteroid Belt was discovered while astronomers searched for the missing planet in the gap. They originally thought they found the missing planet in the gap with the discovery of Ceres, the largest asteroid. Then they found Vesta, the next largest shattered fragment. These are pieces of a pulverized planet. Who could imagine how long ago it was BLOWN UP? In all that time, the asteroids have danced elliptical orbits around the sun.

Slowly, astronomers observed and recorded thousands or irregular fragments orbiting at the 2.8 Astronomical Unit distance. Mars is at 1.6 AUs and Jupiter is at 5.2 AUs. The asteroids are rarely found outside of Mars and Jupiter. Certainly, some meteors do fly away from that area and pass by Earth. Shooting stars are these fragments from a (possibly once life-filled) planet that enter our atmosphere. Comets also account for our meteor showers.

Could the early Martians [a planet of war] have gone to war with the planet that became the Asteroid Belt? Did the Martians blow it up? Is what we found in the gap, the aftermath of a great war of the planets? What we take for granted as natural...might not be. Prehistoric space wars or acts of alien armies could have left the Solar System in its present state. God might not be involved. The gods are another story.

The planet Venus is not natural. At .72 Astronomical Units, Venus is a total enigma. Its extremely thick atmosphere acts as a pressure-cooker. There is a big mystery here: How is Venus losing its energy? The planet captures its heat energy and does not release it into space. Scientists expected a molten planet. When probes finally peeked through the thick atmosphere, they found THE MOST INTENSE CRATERING IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM! This means that the surface of Venus is so super ancient and dense that we have preserved craters from the days of the early Solar System. Venus has not terra-formed or changed in all that time. No one expected high mountain peaks on Venus. Another article to read is called 'Life Inside Venus?' The article indicates that the second planet from the sun is not a natural object. Venus functions more like an artificial orb; something constructed; like George Lucas' Deathstar; than a normal planet. There are hellish conditions on the surface of Venus. INSIDE Venus might be the perfect place to hide an advanced civilization. Is this theorized race of Venusians using up the planet's heat energy on the inside? Does the unexplained usage of energy maintain their Venusian world?

Or...Venus is a camouflaged planet, masking an advanced civilization! We are made to think there are hellish conditions with no life as we know it. What if the public is purposely steered in the wrong direction and away from the truth? What if superior (even high-tech HUMAN) life forms exist on Venus and under the ILLUSION of hell, there is actually heavenly conditions? (Read my article 'Son of Tesla'). Are governments aware of higher Life on Venus? Is Venus a giant hologram hiding the true reality on its surface? Is this the big secret of the Solar System? Do beautiful human gods live next door? If so, who can blame them for putting up an elaborate DO NOT DISTURB facade?

Returning to Bode's Law, all the planets conform to a particular pattern out from the sun. Some intelligence put the planets in their place. If the positioning of planets were a natural or RANDOM event, the planets would have chaotic orbits around the sun. Instead, there is virtually perfect ORDER: The planets' orbits are aligned ellipses in an Ecliptic Plane. Neptune is an exception. When Neptune was discovered in the late 19th Century, Bode's Law was discarded. The next planet beyond Neptune, PLUTO, fits the Bode formula. When Pluto was found in 1930, Bode's Law should have been reconsidered. But, no one noticed this astronomical fact. In the article 'Bode's Law and KBOs' this writer predicted that the next planet beyond Pluto would orbit at 77.2 AUs from the sun. That distance is 77.2 X 93 million miles. The article was first posted on the Farshores website in October 20, 2002. Years later, SEDNA was found to be approximately 77 AUs from the sun. The 10th planet has been discovered and further indicates the great order in the Solar System.

The positioning of Sedna tends it to be a true planet, different from other Kuiper Belt objects. The prediction coming true was announced in an article called 'I Predicted the Distance to the 10th Planet.' Some higher intelligence placed the planets in perfect order, originally. Over billions of years of cosmic change, the perfect positioning has slightly altered. For example, Saturn fits Bode's Law; but is slightly off. The formation of its huge ring system could have slightly shifted the planet from its Bode's position.

If we take Bode's Law out to its next position, the answer is 154 AUs. In these very dark regions of the far Solar System, astronomers might discover another planet at the next B.L. distance of 154 AUs. This could surprise everyone by being a GIANT planet and not be Pluto-sized.

There could be life forms out there so advanced that they are planet-makers. They could build planets and planetoids. Other ETs could be in charge of maintaining whole galaxies. And others could be in charge of clusters of galaxies. There are no limits to the Universe or to what extent Life is capable of building.

Comets are incoming material from the outer reaches of the Solar System. They do not have planetary orbits. They have extreme cigar-shaped orbits. Comets speed into the center of the Solar System, accelerate around the sun and warp back out to the cold Kuiper Belt. Something forced this cometary material into their extreme orbits. A great explosion is a likely cause for the creation of a comet. What if comets are remnants of blown up worlds? These cosmic explosions might not be natural, but purposeful acts of violence by advanced intelligences. Did a FAR outer planet explode and create what we call comets? By the same token, supernovas also might not be natural events. Again, this writer must ask: Is the violent universe we are within composed of super explosions that are not natural events?

An astrophysicist looks at a galaxy containing many Black Holes and still sees only lifelessness. Yet, inward Black Holes and outward Quasar White Holes could really be extraterrestrial transit systems! Other life forms might use the curves of space and wormholes as a means of travel.

In another article called 'Light-Speed Universes,' an amazing thought is presented: The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum is not just a series of lifeless wavelengths (energy). Other universes, composed of real atoms, are passing by us and through us at light-speed. They appear as different wavelengths to us. EM waves are truly bombarding us in all directions. Radio telescopes prove this fact. Only light is visible. At different frequencies are ultraviolet; infrared; x-rays; microwaves; short-waves; long radio waves; television; cosmic rays, etc.

Because of Relativity, other universes whip by us at light-speed. We can only discern these real worlds as EM wavelengths. Also, our entire (seemingly stationary) universe is only a wavelength TO THEM. To that other world passing by us, their radio telescopes could only perceive our entire universe as a radio wave! The physical universe is similar to television signals. We are all television transmissions traveling through space. Universes are endless. Endless worlds, each with their own Big Bang, fly through space at relative frequencies. A saucer flying at warp speed would catch up with one of these worlds and it would seem stationary.

Is every star what it appears to be? A few stellar objects could have other purposes to other creatures. They could primarily be life-giving, nuclear orbs of ignited gases. Suns could also have been purposely placed there to see what life will thrive in the Petri dish. We could all be an experiment in a gigantic, astronomical test tube. Are we all in an unreal Truman Show?

Life does not just happen. If you had an empty fish tank with all the elements for life... You would have a very, very long wait for life to emerge. In fact, it would NEVER just emerge on its own. Life does not just come to be on its own on a planet. Something does not just form or evolve out of a vacuum of Nothing. Life has to be seeded. Once you put guppies, plants and food in the fish tank...life will exist. If those positive conditions are maintained, the life will flourish. Basic Darwin Evolution has been proven to be incorrect. (Study numerous modern references on this point if readers remain skeptical). The evidence suggests that humans and animals appeared on Earth in a relatively short time. BANG! Poof, there was carbon-based life on Earth. Plants and animals did not come to be from a very long period of change and evolution.

If some of the articles mentioned here were read, you would find this writer believes we came from HUMAN supermen and superwomen who were advanced-tech Atlanteans. This means that God did not create Life on Earth. Evolution did not 'create' humans, animals and plants on Earth. Our human, ancient ancestors (not aliens) genetically created all the animals and all the plants. Life, itself, on this planet was not a natural thing. WE WERE MADE, genetically planned, built and constructed. Probably, our human seeders also traveled to other planets. This could explain a giant, human face and structures on Mars.

Can the weather be controlled? Tesla built machines that made rain and machines that dispersed clouds. Could there be machines that cause earthquakes and tsunamis? We always assume these disasters are accidental and have no plan. The Conspiracy Theorist would say your Secret World Government DOES control the weather. THEY are the cause of the Florida hurricanes, the vast flooding in 2005, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, tornadoes, volcanoes blowing and many earthquakes. Those with the technology can artificially disturb nature and all of us would assume these were natural events. Could a sunny day be purposefully planned for some reason unknown to us? Was Hurricane Katrina a deadly creation of HAARP?

In the distant past, our Atlantean ancestors mastered the Sciences. We are not raised up primates; we are fallen gods. The ancients could control the weather through electrical principles. When the world power system blew and their civilization collapsed, weather-control was no more. Ice Ages happened when the world weather-control went off-line.

Nuclear winters could also have created Ice Ages from long ago as there is evidence of antediluvian, nuclear wars. The pulverized deserts of today could be areas where there were once atomic exchanges in some lost and forgotten wars. Deserts are not natural formations. Most areas have grown back to life, while others in torrid regions remain deserts.

This concept of ancient weather-control explains how the Machu Picchuans FARMED on top of the Andes Mountains. The land is terraced for farming in places that are impossible to farm today.

Did the weather-control in early Egypt drastically change and cause the water damage on the Sphinx? A radical weather-change occurred in Egypt over a relatively SHORT time, as well as in Tassili (Africa). Natural events? Nature does not change quickly. Traditional answers do not explain a vast array of mysteries.

The story of the Great Deluge in the Bible could be true. The angels (humans), with the machines that controlled weather and made rain, could have artificially produced the Great Flood. The purpose of the Flood might have been to wash the Earth clean of evil warlords who perverted their super sciences.

A meteor did not wipe out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The dino era was not that early. They did exist in the time of humans on Earth and that goes against traditional Evolution. Dinosaurs and even mythical animals were created by ancient, human, genetic engineers. The idea of a meteor taking out the dinosaurs is another of their NATURAL explanations. This was not the case. Life forms were artificially manufactured and their annihilation could also have been a purposeful act. Answers fall into the unnatural category rather than the reverse.

Jordan Maxwell has told this writer that when big news events happen, they happen for a reason. Major stories do not just occur. When strange things happen on the news that makes no sense to you...they happen for a real reason unknown to you. Jordan quotes FDR who stated this very same concept. Rarely is the public let in on the real truth. Usually we are fed disinformation; only what the secret THEY want us to know. Even big news events and history do not unfold naturally! In many cases, they have been artificially fabricated for secret reasons and according to secret agendas. The info given to us is anemic.

When we see a piece of nature; a rock; an insect; a tree; a cat; a dolphin...do not be so sure this creature or thing naturally formed over time. These bits of nature are magnificent works of art. The cosmic intelligences behind the purposeful designs of Life should not be forgotten or ignored. Super Scientists, beyond our wildest imagination, can achieve all that has been attributed to God. HUMAN progenitors were the original artists on Earth. They are us. Everything was manufactured. We are related to the ancient gods. What is nature?

The great Nikola Tesla believed: God is ELECTRICITY, the spark of all Life. Humans are not human. We are bioelectric MACHINES living a dream…

[The above photo is of Saturn’s moon Iapetus and its angled horizon or outline. Read the article INCREDIBLE IAPETUS! on this site with thanks to Richard Hoagland and his Enterprise Mission. Shocking, ancient oddities on the surface are shown IN PHOTOS and examined. The photos of Iapetus reveal the remnants of a long-lost civilization upon what could be a large, artificial satellite!]

Doug Yurchey
Doug Yurchey

Source:  http://www.yurchey.com/

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