9/11 Inquiry Crippled by US Government - Why?
- from The Insider - Information Bulletin -
(February 21, 2004)

The official investigation set up to find out how and why the Bush administration allowed the attacks on 11 September 2001 has been disabled by the US government.

The White House has actively and knowingly impeded the 9/11 commission with a series of delaying tactics at every step along the way. Bush and his colleagues have openly refused to extend funding for the inquiry, refused access to essential and relevant information, refused to be interviewed, failed to respond to specific questions and requests, and tied-up investigators with White House red tape.

Thanks Bush and his cabinet of fellow wealthy businessmen, the chairman of the inquiry, Mr Kean, one of the President's own yes-men, is not going to conduct the thorough inquiry that 100% of American voters assumed they would get. In Kean's own words, for heaven's sake: "you have to start cancelling things and you can't go over things quite as clearly". That just about sums up the who-gives-a-f*ck attitude to 9/11 coming from Washington.

If 9/11 and the threat of terrorism is such a big deal to the politicians, as they like to say it is on TV, then why are they doing literally everything possible to impede the process of finding out what really happened?


Washington Post (US), "9/11 Panel Head Assails Delay", page 3, 20 February 2004.
[ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A55891-2004Feb19.html ]

The independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks will have to consider scaling back the scope of its inquiry and limiting public hearings unless Congress agrees by next week to give the panel more time to finish its work, its chairman said yesterday.

Former New Jersey governor Thomas H. Kean (R) also said in an interview that the commission has not decided whether to accept an offer from the White House under which President Bush would meet privately with a small delegation, rather than with the panel as a whole.

Kean's comments indicate that two of the most important issues facing the 10-member bipartisan panel have yet to be resolved just three months before its current deadline of May 27. The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, created in late 2002 after months of fierce congressional debate, has been hobbled by a series of disputes with the Bush administration over access to documents and other issues.
"Every week that goes by makes the extension less valuable," Kean said. "When you have to work toward the earlier deadline, you have to start canceling things and you can't go over things quite as clearly as you might like. . . . Congress comes back into session next week, and we really need to hear something by then."
Kean said ... the commission ... is scheduled to hold closed-door meetings next week.

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