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Upper Egypt's 23,300 BC 'Atlantis'
by David Millo

The Sphinx Stela says that Giza lies at the end of the "sacred road of the gods" [who came from another world].(1) Imagine what must lie at the other end. And since Thoth the Atlantean said "Egypt is organized in the image of the sky"; an epic alien world is reflected on terra firma. It's a pyramid complex so ancient that it's buried under the 21,460 BC alluvium of Noah's Flood.

It was pharaoh's afterlife obsession to sail the gods' Eridanus constellation river to it's source. Pharaoh's destination was the "Imperishable Star" on the eastern underside of heaven. There he entered the Celestial Palace of Eternity.

Eridanus ends just off Orion's foot star Rigel and begins at Achernar (Arabian for "river's end"). Achernar is the 9th brightest star; by far more brilliant than anything anywhere near the south celestial pole. It's below the Phoenix constellation. Phoenix is the Greek name for the bennu, the mythical Egyptian bird symbolic of the rising, regenerated Sun. It was sacred to the god Ra and a symbol of periodic renewal and immortality.

Achernar's earthly image is the Eternity Pyramids. An Arabian manuscript says many pyramids were constructed in Upper Egypt as a refuge from an impending judgement. Giza's pyramids pale in comparison.

The Orion - Eridanus map is the key to the Eternity Pyramids' location. The Giza Plateau is in the image of Orion. Earth's equator extended into space, the celestial equator, runs just above Orion's belt stars. At Giza's 30 degrees north latitude and at 30 south latitude surface winds are notoriously weak. These latitudes are where air movement is more vertical than horizontal.
(3) The hot desert sands mimic a hydrothermal vent and accelerate warm air flow up into the cold Arabian nights. Eridanus spans 54 degrees of celestial latitude. 5.4 is the whirlwind's genesis caused by air flow over an obstacle's diameter. And 5.4 is the time constant in the Creation wind's whirlpool. Achernar is in the image of Atlantis. It has an expanding circumstellar shell and is a very hot blue.

"Oh lovers, O lovers, it is time to abandon the world;
The drum of departure reaches my spiritual ear from heaven.
Behold, the driver has risen and made ready the file of camels,
And begged us to acquit him of blame: why, O travellers, are you asleep ?
These sounds before and behind are the din of departure and of the camel-bells;
With each moment a soul and a spirit is setting off into the Void.
From these stars like inverted candles, from these blue awnings of the sky
There has come forth a wondrous people, that the mysteries may be revealed.
... O soul, seek the Beloved, O friend, seek the Friend,
O watchman be wakeful: it behoves not a watchman to sleep.
On every side is clamour and tumult, in every street are torches and candles,
For tonight the teeming world gives birth to the world everlasting.
Thou wert dust and art a spirit, thou wert ignorant and art wise."
(from Shamsi Tabriz, by the Sufi mystic Jalal' ud-Din Rumi [1207-73], translated by R A Nicholson and found in The Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemesurier)


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