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(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, January 24, 2005)

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Below is a most informative history of the US involvement with UFO's. Our contact also reveals startling testimony about Dulce. This is one of the most revealing accounts of Dulce and other pertinent info, I have ever seen. I realize it may just be to hard to accept the reality of the Dulce base. But keep in mind, there have been many confirmations, and from top Ufologists, and one particular Ufologist who has told me personally, that he interviewed a Dulce officer that left Dulce, and began to talk.

This officers wife and child or children were allegedly murdered. The officer was on the run for several years in south America, until just recently I learned that the officer was found and also allegedly murdered to shut him up.

Surely, with so information, and confirming reports and from credible sources, this bizare nightmare Hell that is called Dulce, must exist. Its not that it should exist, God forbid, but that it does exist.

Obviously, most Americans will not ever believe that such information about Dulce, (or much less that there is a Dulce base) exists, or ever has. And most will tell you it is one of the most grand fabricated hoax's or lies ever created. Is it?

Here are the basic facts we do know for sure, and without a doubt.

1. The Dulce base does exist. (There is actual military base in New Mexico called "Dulce".)

2. There have been many individuals, and teams, both private, and organized research parties that have gone into the Dulce base area, and have claimed to have seen UFO's. The research teams claimed to have seen a giant hanger like door open in the side of the mountain, and either UFO type crafts flying in, or out.

However, today, if the photo of the "blood lab" that was sent to UFOSSI is authentic, then we now have another credible piece of information.

I would also like to add this. This information even further proves out that Colonel Steve Wilson did tell more of the truth then some gave him credit for. The colonel knew about Dulce. In fact, the colonel sent me a map of underground military bases that were involved with UFO's and aliens.

The map he sent me, was from 7 years ago. The maps we just received  today, are newer. Here is yet another confirmation on information, and  another confirmation that Colonel Steve Wilson did know what he was  talking about.

Please read on, of the incredible report below.

Billy Dee

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The following is an Article, not yet on the Internet, you can POST if
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"The COVERT take over of Planet Earth."

[Compiled by "TEC", "TAL" and "Ann West"]

Over 10 years ago, I ("TAL") was passed information from a former Dulce, Underground Base, Security Officer. He was hiding from his Supervisors whom were out to have him killed, for going AWOL and taking various weapons, documents, a video tape and photographs.

I was shown some of this material. I called him "TEC"....his name was Thomas E. Castello. Based on his information I wrote an article on the Dulce Base, about 10 years ago ( ). Since I was given such a hard time about the release of that material, I declined to write about the other information he had given me. And for years, I've kept it under "lock and key". Much of the material I didn't, at the time, think was true or even possible. Now....I think differently.

The follow are "excerpts" from that material. (With comments from our mutual friend "Ann West".)



Between 1874 and 1887 several "Disc-shaped Craft" were observed in the sky above the United States. Some people thought they were from advanced "previous" Earth surface civilizations, (like Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.), that had gone Underground and were observing the progress of the "surface barbarians".

In 1887, President Grover Cleveland conceived of a "secret committee" to investigate the mysterious objects. He secretly financed the five member group. He was the only United States President to serve two non-consecutive terms. He was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States: 1885-1889 and 1893-1897.

John G.Carlisle, Speaker of the House, headed the first investigation of the "Aerial Craft". [House 1877-1890; Speaker of the House 1883-1889; Senate 1890-1893.]

Scores of eye witnesses were questioned (by a team called "The Suits", they wore black.). However, no DATA was given to the members of the government. But, members of the "Press" were contacted and asked NOT to report the "sightings" to the public. Mr. Carlisle advised the President NOT to release the information until all the facts were understood.

And the more they gathered information, the more they realized this was too big a job for the small "committee".

In 1889, Benjamin Harrison became President(23rd), and Mr. Carlisle retired as Speaker of the House, and devoted more time to the "Strange Craft" studies. The secret committee became a full fledged "underground" Division of the Government (Housed in the tunnels below Washington, D.C. aka The Land of "NOD"). This committee now had over thirty members and was called "CENTRAL GROUP".

Meanwhile, ENGLAND began seeing strange aerial Craft, and by 1896, the England skies were invaded by "Glowing Orbs" that criss-crossed the sky, by day and night. Queen Victoria appointed a group to inquire into the meaning of these eerie phenomenon. Discrete studies in England lead to contact with the "Central Group", in the USA.

Joining forces in the efforts to study the "Airships", they became the "UNITED NATIONS INTELLIGENCE & TACTICS - Agency for Aerial Phenomenon. Quickly called CENTRAL UNIT-AAP aka "UNITAAP" or "UNI-TAAP" (UN-TAP and sometimes called UN-AP, or just "UNIT" )

The United States Division was divided into four(4) "Sections"*. And to save space here, I'll go on to other material, than to detail this. (*It was Symbolized by a "Red Cross, within a circle". In 1933, Central UNITAAP officially shortened the Code Name of the organization to the Central "UNIT".)

Later, this name was first leaked in England and a cover story, involving various Science-Fiction stories, were devised to cover the real activities of "UNIT". [ Many years later, in the USA, "UNIT" takes control of the Central core of the "National Security Council" (NSC) and related gathering/reporting Intel Organizations. NSA, CIA, ONI, "Division 5"(FBI), etc.] * Documents are issued as NSC/MJ-12. "Study Groups" have been hired, over the years, to get "deeper" into the matter ( "J" = JASON Group; "R" = Project RAND; "P"= PAGE; "Z" = Zia, etc.).

This information is also known as "M.A.J.I.C." [ Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence Command ]. Security code = "MAJI" ULTRA (Above Top-Secret) "Critical" & "UMBRA".

In 1951-1952, "MAJESTIC"(meeting in Paris, France) expanded to take in other countries. The cover was "M.J." (Magnetic Journey) Studies. Joint Magnetic-Journey Craft experiments.

* They met with "KEY" Powers, within various Countries. The twelve(12) countries : The USA; England ; France ; Germany ; Canada ; Denmark ; Russia ; Sweden ; Norway ; Poland ; Greenland ; and Columbia (with links to other countries in South and Central America). [ "SCI" = Sensitive Compartmented Information ]

* Royal Blood = primarily, what is known today as, the Rh-Negative Blood Factor. Reptilian / Human "Hybrids"(some born with a "Cauda"). The Solar "Winged Dragon".....Sign of the RED CROSS, within a Circle. The Caste of MARS/the EAGLE.

Edited chronological listing :

1798 = The United States Navy formed. The first USA "World Wide" INTEL Organization.

1887 = The CENTRAL GROUP formed.

1896-97 = Joint efforts come together as the CENTRAL UNITAAP.

1929 = Two-way communication, Radio contact with "the ALIENS".

1931 = The IVORY TOWER Project (Electro-Magnetics. Beyond the I.T. = Magnetic Rotation)

1933 = Roosevelt meets Reptilian "ALIENS" in the San Blas Mountains, in
Panama. Negotiations begin for the "TREATY". * The "ZON"ian Web Site :

1934 = The Reptilian "ALIENS"(really Inner-Earth based "fronts" for the off world DRACO) appear in force. Roosevelt forms a "Special Group", a division of Central UNIT, to assist the secret infiltration of "Aliens" into the Western USA "Joint Underground Bases". Most are hidden on Indian Reservations. The Primary bases were in Nevada, AriZONa, New Mexico and Utah. This was Code named : Project "NANMU".

* Side Note : From this point on, the Reptilian Beings[The "GREYS, "REPTOIDS", "Winged-DRACO", and various Hybrids (some of which "appear" to look very human)] would "Manifest", in force, every 13 years. 1934 - 1947 - 1960 - 1973 - 1986 - 1999 - 2012. [SUN - SOL - RA - ON - ZON"]

1938 = Germany tests "Magnetic Failure" device. * Micro-waves.

1941 = Construction began on "The Pentagon", headquarters of the Department of Defense.

1942 = The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers established the Manhattan Engineer District to manage the "Manhattan Project" and the race to develop the atomic bomb during World War II.

1944 = Project **** (magnetics)

1946 = The Atomic Energy Act of 1946, creates the "Atomic Energy Commission" (AEC).

1946 = "ANL" : Argonne National Laboratory established. It is one of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest research centers. It is also the nation's first national laboratory, chartered in 1946. ("Technology Transfers")

1947 = Central UNIT has their own Disc "Fighter" Craft. All kinds of in fighting breaks out about the "ALIEN" situation.

The USA Military wants more TECH than the "Aliens" want to share. "Aliens" appear in force. High-Energy RADAR-type Weapons are used to try to disable "Aerial" Craft.

Some are secret "German" Disc Craft....others are Reptilian Craft.

The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY is formed (reporting to the NSC). With all the confusion, the CIA spreads more Dis-Information to the public.

NOTE : MAJESTIC 12 MJ-12 is a ULTRA TOP SECRET Research and Development, Intelligence Operation established by President Truman on September 24, 1947. MJ-12 was a "Committee" set up inside the NSC. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the Secret Executive Order, "Order Number 54-12". (NSC=National Security Counsel) The NSC called this group the "54-12" committee which gave the President responsibility of approving all "Black" covert projects. This committee has undergone several changes over the years, and since then, has been called the "Special Committee"; the "303 Committee"(because they met in Room #303) and currently the "40 Committee". It is described as the "Directorate" of the NSC. The "40 Committee" (PI-40) has access to advanced technology and teams to cover-up, "the cover-ups". In the past, this committee was headed by Dr. Henry Kissenger (Code name: "The Overseer")

[Project SIGN] 1950 = Project BLUE BIRD
("BLUE" means "alien" related)

* CIA/NSA..... "Scientific INTELLIGENCE UNIT" excels. ( "UNIT" has "CELLS") Later this group loses power, because they have TOO intellectual an approach. They didn't like working on Human subjects.

However later, the Agency's Office of Technical Services Staff (TSS) had no such qualms. [The "Gadget" makers.]

1952 = "Majestic-12" meetings. [approved by the "Directorate" of the NSC] * late 1952 = Project BLUEBIRD was renamed "Operation Artichoke".

1953 = Project ***** ("Fighter" Saucers)

1954 = Project VIKING begins at the Dulce("D") Facility. (Sensors & high resolution images)

1958 = "AQUARIUS dawns" and....The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established. DARPA is the CENTRAL research and development organization for the Department of Defense (DoD). But, the organization was as unique as its role, reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense and operating in coordination with but completely independent of the military research and development (R&D) establishment.

1960 = Project "OZMA"

1963 = THE COUP [ The Killing of the "SUN KING" (33)]

* Rise of the 4th Reich.

1967 = Phase 3 : Project ****** ( Reptilian / Human Hybrid experiments)

1969 = Beyond MK-ULTRA (Mind Control) and MK-NAOMI (Gen-Tech & Bio weapons)..."TSS" is replaced(as the Center for the "UN-orthodox")..."ORD" takes over. [Office of Research and Development.]

* Operation OFTEN (Code : Black Earth)...The "World" of Black Magic & the Supernatural.

* The "CELL", called "Division D"(aka Nixon's Security force), plants "BUGS" everywhere.

1970 = "Hybrid Warrior" complete, ready for "field-test.

1971 = OP-OFTEN uses professional Astrologers to predict the FUTURE.

1972 = Increased tension at the "D" Bases. Human researchers "officially" report they believe(have realized) the so-called "ALIENS" can NOT be trusted.

1973 = Dr.Gottlieb shredded the records of M-K-Ultra / M-K-Search.

1974 = President Ford appoints Nelson A. Rockefeller("NAR") to investigate
allegations of "illegal activities". Its eight members included the governor of California, Ronald Reagan. (He had been compromised years before by a Homosexual Film of him and S** M****)

1975 = Ronald Reagon and Dr. Louis Jolyon West coordinate efforts, with the Dulce Base.

1976 = Many "Visitors" to Level #1, at DULCE. Several unsuspecting people get "IMPLANTS".

1977 = "The SUN King" consolidates....."DOE" : The Department of Energy assumed the responsibilities of the Federal Energy Administration, the Energy Research and Development Administration, the Federal Power Commission, and parts and programs of several other agencies.

1977 = The "Hybrid-Warriors" become "self-realized". Three escape the Main "D" Lab.

1978 = "TEC", a few Lab workers and Security people, at Dulce, begin sabotaging the Labs.

1979 = Serious conflict at Dulce Base. * About 68 humans killed. "TEC" and 18 others escape.

1980 = Seven AWOL Dulce workers recaptured. Their Family members are kidnapped. * A total of 12 workers(from the labs and Security) are still at large. News of the Underground "Alien"(Reptilian)/Human Bases, in several western states, starts to spread. NSC/"UNIT" works on a "cover story" has some truth, but enough dis-information so as to be criticized and ridiculed. ( Faked Documents, faked "sightings", etc.)

1986 = Abductions, "Implants", Animal Mutilations......Albino "DRACO Prime" arrive from the "DRACONIAN" Planetoid (which entered our Solar System), to check on how the "take over" of "SOL-3"( TER-RA = Earth) is coming.

1987 = "Frozen" Hu-man children are given to "DRACO Prime", as Tribute (from the "GREYS").

1988 = Living "Abductees" are tortured and drained of blood and Brain "juices". The Draco don't drink "Fruit" or "Vegetable" Juices....they like "Special Fluids". * Side Note : The DRACO are really "Drug LORDS" from Space. They want "amped" and "cushed" BLOOD. As in ancient times, they promote the use of substances that create "ACID pH Blood" in humans(as opposed to Alkaline pH).

Draco's drug of chose is human ENDORPHINS. These are 1000 times more potent than any plant OPIATES. They are hooked on "ecstasy" and "Ritual Behavior"(The driving forces of the REPTILIAN Brain). This is FALSE "Spiritualism"....NOT the true "experience" of the SPIRIT/SOUL.

NOTE : We can remain in health by consuming a diet that is 70-80% Alkaline and 20-30% acid. The more alkaline the better. * The "normal" American diet is the reverse of the above.

Eating "ACID-FORMING" Foods(or DRUGS) is like putting a BUFFER(filter) in your Brain, that WILL restrict YOUR "Connection" to the God head ("DIVINE ENERGY SOURCE").

Do NOT take Cocaine, Amphetamines, Coffee, Nicotine, Alcohol, or lots of Sugar. These make your Blood pH....Acidic.

Acid forming foods include: * asparagus, barley, beans (dried), beechnuts, BEEF, BREAD, buckwheat, BUTTER, cashew nuts, Cereals, CHEESE, chestnuts, Chicken, CHOCOLATE, cider vinegar, clams, cod liver oil, Cottage Cheese, Cornmeal, cottonseed meal, cow peas, crab, cream, EGGS, farina, FISH, FLOUR, frog legs, Halibut, HAM, hazelnuts, hickory nuts, hominy, HONEY, horseradish, Jello, kohlrabi, lamb, lentils, lobster, mackerel, Macaroni, maple syrup, Margarine, MEATS, mussels, Mushrooms, OATS, pasta, peanuts, Peas, pecans, pistachios, pomegranate, PORK, prunes, quinces, Rice, rutabagas, Rye, sauerkraut, SALMON, scallops, smelt, smoked herring, sole, spaghetti, SUGAR, syrups, tapioca, turkey, walnuts, WHEAT, wheat germ & WINE.

Hmmmmmm Looks like, what MOST of Everybody is eating. I wonder if WE have been "Tricked" into this kind of Diet. Are "Corporate" heads(CEOs) really Reptilian "Hosts".


What is a list of foods that increase alkalinity in the blood?

Alkaline forming foods include: * agar, ALFALFA(sprouts), almonds, APPLES(apple cider), apricots, artichokes, BANANAS, beets, beet tops, blackberries, blueberries, BROCCOLI (did you eat yours?), Brussel sprouts, burdock, cabbage, cantaloupe, carob, CARROTS, cauliflower, CELERY, celeriac, chard, cherries, chives, COCONUT, CRANBERRIES, cucumbers, currants (fresh), dandelion greens, DATES, dill, dock, endive, figs (dried), flaxseed, GARLIC, GRAPES, Grapefruit, greenbeans (fresh), guava, huckleberries, Irish moss, KELP, kohlrabi, leeks, LEMONS, lettuce, LIMA BEANS (fresh), limes, loganberries, loquats, mango, MELONS, millet, mint, molasses, mulberries, muskmelons, mustard greens, nectarines, okra, Olives, olive oil, ONIONS, ORANGES, papaya, parsley, parsnips, passion fruit, Peaches, Pears, persimmons, PINEAPPLE, plums, Pumpkin, radishes, RAISINS, Raspberries, rhubarb, Romaine lettuce, rutabagas, sea grass, sorrel, Soybeans, Spinach, squash, Strawberries, Swiss chard, tangerine, turnips, Vegetable oils, water chestnuts, watercress, watermelon. [* Take "Microhydrin"(Silica Hydride) to make your Blood pH ...Alkaline.]


The DRACO like Rituals and certain Astrological dates.
* For "Reptilian" Info see :


* Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers :


* Doctor WHO and "UNIT" = United Nations Intelligence Taskforce : 

* Invasion of the Dinosaurs : "Dr. Who" helps "UNIT".

* The Silurians : Invasion by Silurians, intelligent reptiles from the Earth's past.

* "The Scales of Injustice" : ...Silurians. Another group of the prehistoric intelligent reptiles emerges from hibernation. These "EARTH REPTILES" as they call themselves ("SILURIANS" being a rather apocryphal term) are actually hybrids of the type UNIT had seen before, but not-yet-encountered. Not only are these hybrids not exactly loved by their SCALY fellows, they also have a shortened life span. Hence the need to integrate some new GENETIC material into their physiognomy. Hence the need to capture human subjects. Meanwhile, various factions within the Silurian bases are arguing whether to work with the "Apes" who have infested their world or destroy them. Excerpted from :


The Year of the DRAGON = 2000 and 2012 !

* "Year of the Dragon" : Year 2000 

* 2000 - The Year of the Dragon : 

* Dragons in Myth and Literature : 

* The Dragon in the Bible : The Old Testament Job 30:29 "I am a brother to dragons......"

* In the Babylonian myth : the dragon of primordial chaos.

* To the Greeks, Draco guarded the Golden Apples of the "Sun" in the magical garden of Hesperides. JASON & the ARGONAUTS.

* NOTE : "Year of the Serpent" = 2001
They are fond of grandeur and pageantry.
* Coronal Mass Ejections :

The Coming of the Superflares.....2000 - 2001. Part of the "Strategy
Of the Reptilians"?

* Serpens : The Serpent.  The astrological influence of the constellation: According to Ptolemy, Serpens is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, and danger of poison.

* Ophiuchus for the myth. : Ophiuchus or Serpentarius. The Serpent Bearer. The Healer.



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