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   Posted: Monday, Nov 06, 2006

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Gravitational Waves Analysis Shows Extraterrestrial Entities All Around Us in Higher Dimensions
IndiaDaily, Oct 29, 2006


Last Updated: Sunday, March 25, 2007 09:53:32 AM



They are all around us. Just next to us is where they are reacting with us. But they exist in higher spatial dimensions. Gravitational wave analysis manifests the higher dimensions that are real but impossible for our current technologies to perceive.

Scientists all around the world are finding that gravity wave energies in the lower stratosphere decrease pole ward and are stronger in winter than summer. In the troposphere, clear gravity wave energy maximum exists over certain massive mountain ranges like Himalayas, Rockies and so on. In contrast in the lower stratosphere, the principal gravity wave energy maxima are not associated with the mountains, but rather are seen mostly to the east and south. The time series of tropospheric gravity wave energies are virtually uncorrelated with the lower stratosphere gravity wave energies. More interannual variation is seen in lower stratosphere wave energies than in the troposphere. What is influencing some of this lower stratosphere gravity wave variability? Some of the important gravity wave energy spectral indices differ considerably from their conventional values and show considerable spatial and temporal variations.

This unaccounted variances are just the start of the puzzle. Scientists are astonished at the unpredictability of the gravity waves. It seems it is all there but we just cannot understand it.

Source: http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/13958.asp

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