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Government and Military Involvement in
UFOs and Abductions

Updated: Sunday, May 16, 2004 01:01:23 PM


Project Sign
The first "official" Air Force UFO investigation.

Project Grudge
An astronomer and a balloon expert see UFOs.

Project Twinkle
Green Balls of Fire!

Project Bluebook
Twenty years of UFO reports.

The Bluebook Unexplained Cases
The ones they couldn't explain away...

Flyin' High at the Paradise Ranch
The story of Area 51, aka Groom Lake.

10/17/99 - Close Encounter at Rachel
My trip to Area 51.

10/18/99 - Shadows
What's flying over Area 51 these days?

Kirtland AFB Sightings, Part 1
More activity than Area 51?

Kirtland AFB Sightings, Part 2
Strange events in New Mexico..

Lights in the Night
Unidentified aircraft entered secure airspace over Loring AFB, Maine in 1975.

Security Alert
An unidentified aircraft was chased by a KC-135 tanker near Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan in 1975.

Threat to National Security
Were Minuteman missiles put out of commission by UFOs?