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   Posted: Monday, May 08, 2006

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NASA Hacker Says There's A UFO Cover-Up
UnknownCountry.com/BBC News, May 08, 2006

Last Updated: Saturday, July 22, 2006 10:04:56 PM


Gary McKinnon

computer hacker who spent years penetrating government computers (their security is abysmal) says that he saw proof that NASA airbrushes UFOs out of satellite and shuttle photographs to maintain a coverup. In an interview on the BBC program "Click," Gary McKinnon, who faces 60 years in prison if he is extradited to the United States from England, said that he had obtained a photo of an object that was "cigar-shaped and had geodesic domes above, below, to the left, the right and both ends of it," and that it was in space above earth's atmosphere.

When asked if it might be an artist's impression, he answered that he didn't know. He said that a woman who worked at Building Eight at the Johnson Space Center claimed that they regularly airbrushed images of UFOs from high resolution satellite photographs. He is referring to claims made by Donna Hare, who testified at a Discover Project press conference in 2001 that a NASA technician told her, in regard to UFOs that "we always airbrush them out before we release them to the public." He also claimed that he does not have a copy of the photo he saw on the NASA computer because "it's a Java application, so there's nothing to save on your computer." If the US government is indeed covering up evidence of an extraterrestrial intelligence visiting earth, it ranks as one of the greatest evils in human history, because of the importance of the information and the indisputable right of every human being to know.

Listen to the interview with McKinnon on the BBC News Website.

Cigar-shaped UFO

Source http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=5254

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