Research Confirms Pro-Israel Mass Media Bias
- The Insider, July 10, 2004 -
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 11, 2004)

The following BBC News report documents research which confirms that there is a major bias in favour of Israel in the British mass media. The same observations apply to the mass media in the US but to a greater extent.
These observations are consistent with the propaganda model described by Chomsky et al.:

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UK television news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is confusing viewers and favouring the Israeli position, a new report says.

The study, by the Media Group at Scotland's Glasgow University, found Israelis were quoted more than twice as
Banner of Israelmuch as Palestinians in reports
Many viewers were also not even sure who was "occupying" whose territory.
They found that, in addition to "a preponderance of official Israeli perspectives", US politicians who support Israel were "very strongly featured" in news programmes, appearing more than politicians from any other country and twice as much as those from Britain.
Researchers also found a strong emphasis on Israeli casualties on the news despite the number of Palestinian deaths being considerably greater.

And the differences in language used by journalists for both sides were also noted.

"Words such as 'atrocity', 'brutal murder', 'mass murder', 'savage cold blooded killing', 'lynching' and 'slaughter' were used about Israeli deaths but not Palestinian," the report said.

"The word 'terrorist' was used to describe Palestinians by journalists but when an Israeli group was reported as trying to bomb a Palestinian school, they were referred to as 'extremists' or 'vigilantes'."
But Glasgow University's Greg Philo that told the same programme that the facts speak for themselves.
"You can't have a history lesson each time you do the news, but the problem is 80% of the population rely on television news for their information about the world," he said.

SOURCE: BBC News, "Mid-East coverage baffles Britons", 22 Jun 04. 

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