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(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, October 5, 2004)

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When the news shows a man in Iraq claiming Jihad is enough reason to film him cutting off a man’s head with a knife, one could ask “how was the man made that way”?

Is his act, his belief in his own self-righteousness, any different to a President invading another country to impose his own “jihad” and therefore his beliefs and values on 25 million people?

What will it take for us to step back, if only for a moment, to gaze in awe at one’s own humanity, and realise that if we truly believe in God, and God is all that is, then nobody is right, as nobody is wrong!

Only when we, as a species, recognise we have the intelligence to see that violence begets violence, will we finally stem the tide.

Until then, we will be faced with the outcome of unresolved inner conflict, played out on the world stage, with self-annihilation the spectre of our only collective future.

I for one believe that, in our heart of hearts, all human beings seek peace, harmony and inner resolution.  Those that seek domination, power and control, can only succeed if we, the silent majority, remain as such.

I for one believe that, if God and free will exist, then surely, not only do we have choice, we also have an opportunity in every moment, to truly listen.

Listening means we care.

Caring means we empathise.

Empathy means we feel another person’s pain.

Hearing that a man in Iraq cut off a man’s head with a knife in the belief he is right, causes me pain.

I don’t like being in pain.

Do you?

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