'Mosh' or Die!
A Critique of Eminem's 'Mosh.'
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, November 2, 2004)

Marshall Mathers III aka ‘Eminem’ or his alter ego ‘Slim Shady’ epitomizes political incorrectness, with his sharp wit and anarchic humour. No subject is taboo for this ‘angry young man’ and as he says in ‘Lose It’ which takes the Mick out of Michael Jackson, “I’ve touched on 'Mosh' everything, but little boys.” His latest hit, ‘Mosh’ is a wake up call to the American people who still believe the government serves their interests and it covers as much conspiracy as his fans, your average school-age kid, could handle, but this rap is reaching a world-wide audience, of every persuasion.

The message in ‘Mosh’ is as clear as ice, written on a montage of media clippings spelling out the death of civil liberties in the chilling Patriot Act. It indicates Bush’s foreknowledge of plans to hijack planes and use them as missiles, implicating him in the worst terror attack in history. Rumsfeld and Chaney are giggling behind a fake bin Laden when the backdrop falls away, revealing how we are being duped by the glaring ‘all-seeing-eye’ of the Illuminati pyramid. The disregard for the fate of our troops is blatant, with the attempt to conceal coffins and the contempt which keeps wounded soldiers in squalor.

The KKK is on TV, as menacing black helicopters fly overhead in a murky sky. The crossed sabers of Iraq look eerily like chemtrails and below, the torrents of rain we have become accustomed to, drench the rapper on stage rallying the disaffected armed forces, ranting “the wetter the better” insinuating that even the ‘weather weapon’ can’t stop us! Swaying to a mesmeric beat between the twin-speaker-towers, he asks if it’s God or the Oval Office trying to tell us something. Private Kelly, reassigned to Iraq, joins the protest after plunging his dagger into a photo of George Bush.

Eminem offers to be the spark and our strength as we make the President face high-anarchy; “strap Bush with an AK47 – let it go… fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way.” He insists we’ve got battles to fight on our own soil with the politicians who trick us into feeling disloyal through psychological warfare against true patriots. Bush, with his lying eyes, has whitewashed the flag, swiped the stars and stripes and replaced them with his own ego. Eminem urges us to follow him and destroy this monster which we empowered.  

Lloyd Banks and a disillusioned marine turn the water cannon on vicious riot cops as the mob charge, stomp and march right up to the seat of power, through the doors of the White House, to vote the coward out of office. Eminem wants us to set our differences aside and stick together, begging to differ as we reclaim our freedom for the sake of next generation. The 20th Century mantra, ‘no more blood for oil’ fell on deaf ears, it’s up to the electorate now, to withdraw their support for warmongers who are committing genocide in our name.


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