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  Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Updated: Saturday, August 25, 2007 01:01:00 AM



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What's Going On Out There?
Interview with geologist Elaine Bickle
by Doug Yurchey


Elaine Bickle

LAINE BICKLE: I have a double B.S. in geology and biology. I have M.Ed. in Earth Science and did a graduate research program in extraterrestrial planetology. I was Dr. Rene DeHon's grad assistant when he was mapping ancient waterways on Mars. I have been a geologist for over 30 years and a paranormal investigator for at least 40 years. I have written many books. The ones that are pertinent to this subject are ‘Voices or Echoes?’ and ‘Dangerous Trespassers.’ ‘Voices…’ is my personal trip through the paranormal and ‘Trespassers’ is an overview of over 90 research documentaries and books on alien investigations.

We can learn more about Elaine from what she told our friend, Jeff Behnke, at Paranormal News:

‘…Many people keep their paranormal experiences to themselves until retirement. Maybe if enough of us come out people won't have to do that in the future…I worked for a NASA-funded lab as a research assistant when I was in grad school. The lies told to the public are overwhelming! Richard Hoagland tried to tell the truth about some things and his pass to the base was taken away. I saw data come in from Voyager that showed two kinds of chlorophyll on Europa. The next day NASA said it was all faulty data. I've heard some of the people saying they will tell all this when they retire.

…I'm not privy to the inner workings except through the grapevine. Hoagland did get some of his data from someone at the TOP who secretly unscrambled the radio broadcasts from the space shuttle so people all over the world would pick it up. It's just that when someone does that, no one believes the data is real…I heard many of the military guys arguing over sending civilians up in the space shuttle because they couldn't trust them not to tell what they saw up there. When the shuttle blew up with a civilian on board, I was not surprised…They (NASA) knew it would blow up. They admitted that. I think it was a warning to other civilians…Find out what is going on; don't be ashamed to come forward with your stories.’

This interview came about because of the following link I found when I placed ‘Apollo 20 alien spaceship’ in Google. My eyes saw the You Tube clip, but it was staggering and unbelievable. I had to know, ‘Was this real? Is this true?’


I was excited and read some of the thousands of comments on the You Tube thread. NO ONE believed it! Some of the cynical comments were similar to ‘it’s a pencil,’ someone chewed on a pencil.

I have numerous, knowledgeable contacts in the fields of UFOs and the paranormal. I asked them about the clip and no one knew. But, Elaine Bickle knew…and here was her response to me:

From: Elaine Bickle
Date: 7/12/2007 7:48:05 AM
To: Doug Yurchey

That long, fish-looking object was nicknamed ‘Annabelle’ by the Apollo 12 astronauts. It is a mining machine. There are many of them across the Moon. There are smaller ones that leave behind tracks very similar to a sea turtle coming ashore…I'm a college geology instructor and a veteran 20 year UFO researcher and I'm always trying to help my students do better.

I don't let my students use the Internet for class research because about 60-80% of what's on the net is bogus…If you want to see real alien spaceships on the Moon, I'll tell you where to look. There is a documentary called ‘The Ultimate UFO.’ …It's about 6 hours of UFOs. Some of them aren't alien. But, a UFO doesn't have to be alien. There are pictures of alien spaceships on the Moon from the Apollo missions. There are some pictures taken from Earth on a good telescope that show recent action.

The book ‘Somebody Else is on the Moon,’ boy will that open your eyes!!!! NASA's own Ranger 7 and Apollo pictures that show CURRENT activity on the Moon. You can see openings and machines, what appears to be solar power stations on the Moon. ALL ACTIVE! Thanks. - Bickle

I had to expose what this woman (an expert in her field) knows and she was kind enough to reply to my questions. Everyone has OPINIONS. I give far more weight and credibility to experienced experts, rather than the views of the ignorant masses. There are good reasons that the public is kept in the dark. ‘What’s going on out there?’ One reason people do not know is…they are not capable of believing it. We should all attempt to escape the brainwashing and seek new answers…

DY: You have mentioned the Ranger 7 photos a few times. In July of 1964, Ranger 7 crashed on the Moon. What is special about those photographs?

EB: In ‘Somebody Else Is On The Moon,’ George H. Leonard discusses Ranger 7 pictures and Apollo pictures. Some are in his book. It is obvious that there are ENTRANCE openings and what appear to be screw-shaped solar generators. There are also either machines or life forms that move around and leave distinctive tracks. They can't be boulders rolling downhill as the debunkers state because they go around the tops of craters and uphill. The craters need observation also. When an impact occurs on a planetoid surface, there is a raised crater rim. Many of the craters have no raised crater rim, concentric ‘threaded’ side walls, a funnel shape…and some even have an ‘+’ on the rim. I've been a geologist for 30 years. There is no way to make craters such as those by an impact. Try traveling west on I-90. In western Montana, you will come over a ridge and see one of the biggest open pit mines on this continent. It very closely resembles many of the pictures from the Moon. The Apollo astronauts also saw a ‘mining’ machine that is evident in those pictures. They nicknamed it ‘Annabelle.’

DY: Can you elaborate on the U.S. Air Force Academy textbook that tells of 4 alien races that inhabit and mine the Moon?

EB: Here is an excerpt from the October 1969 Air Force Academy textbook:

‘From available information, the UFO phenomenon appears to have been global in nature for almost 50,000 years. The majority of known witnesses have been reliable people who have seen easily-explained natural phenomena and there appears to be no overall positive correlation with population density. The entire phenomenon could be psychological in nature but that is quite doubtful. However, psychological factors probably do enter the data picture as ‘noise.’ The phenomenon could also be entirely due to known and unknown natural phenomena (with some psychological ‘noise’ added in) but that too is questionable in view of some of the available data.

This leaves us with the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet, or at least of alien controlled UFOs. However, the data are not well correlated and what questionable data there are suggest the existence of at least three and maybe four different groups of aliens (possibly at different stages of development). This too is difficult to accept. It implies the existence of intelligent life on a majority of the planets in our solar system or a surprisingly strong interest in Earth by members of other solar systems.’

DY: What is the difference between lunar impact craters and open pits on the Moon that are the result of mining?

EB: When an object impacts on a planetoid, it throws up ‘basin ejecta,’ which is the material that used to be where the crater is now. This leaves very distinctive crater shapes. There are 4 basic crater types. The first is bowl-shaped. The second is a flat bottom. The third is a flat bottom, but the object bounced back out and raised a ‘mountain’ on the bottom of a flat crater. The fourth is when the impact melts the rock and the melted rock flows into the new crater.

Take a good look at any close up pictures of the Moon and you will likely see an ‘+’ on the rim, a flat rim with no raised ejecta, concentric circles with mining machines on them or smaller machines with dust rising. These are definitely NOT natural impact craters.

I took craterology in graduate school and I taught it to my students. Anyone versed in this can look at the Moon and some of the asteroids and see the difference. A good extraterrestrial planetology text should help.

Leonard gave the pictures in his book to his teenage astronomy club members. He didn't say a thing, just handed them out. These teenagers very soon began to pick out the machines and anomalies. They are obvious to the most casual observer.

DY: What valuable materials or minerals are on the Moon? What are they mining?

EB: The Moon has many metals such as titanium. They may be mining to extract water or oxygen. What is valuable or useful to us may not be to ‘them.’ I have no idea what they are mining or why.

DY: You have pointed to reports that the Moon was brought here or 'arriving' many thousands of years ago. Do you think this was an act of intelligent aliens?

EB: Jim Marrs and Zecharia Sitchin both give compelling evidence that several species of aliens are living on the Moon and that it may be a world-sized spaceship. It would have to be the act of an intelligent agent to move a planetoid the size of Luna. Also, there are reports of other moons around other planets disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. When all these reports are taken together, there seems to be a lot of activity in our Solar System and humans are not the cause.

DY: The time of our Moon's arrival may correspond with the destruction of Atlantis. Do you think it is possible that the Moon was brought in to monitor the troubles of a shattered civilization on Earth?

EB: According to ‘experiencers’ who are allegedly in contact with aliens, the Moon arrived here because the aliens’ planet was either dead or in trouble. Sitchin proposes a scenario where the planet, that may or may not have been where the Asteroid Belt is now, was shattered and the occupants of the planets used their moon to come to orbit around Earth. I cannot prove that one way or another.

DY: Is Gravity Lock a myth? If not, then why aren't all planets and their satellites Gravity Locked? Why are a very few systems locked while the vast majority are not?

EB: That's a very good question and there is some debate about that. I'm not a physicist, but I will give you something to think about. IO is a moon of Jupiter and so is Europa. Why is one a volcano planet and the other frozen? Why are some moons tidally locked and others not?

Richard Hoagland was asked to present his research to the UN in 1992. In that address, he gives powerful mathematical evidence that higher dimensions are working on our Solar System. There are so many things such as tidal lock that cannot be explained without bringing in higher dimensions.

DY: Could what is called 'mascons' on the Moon be evidence that something strange is happening?

EB: Most definitely! There are many unexplained features on the Moon. May I interject something here? There is quite a bit of evidence that Apollo 13 was attacked because it held a NUCLEAR device that would be set off on the Moon to gain seismic data. If I were living on the Moon, I wouldn't want nukes going off in my backyard. Also, the data would have shown that the interior is inhabited.

DY: Is Stephen Hawking a fraud?

EB: I had never heard of Stephen Hawking when his first book came out. I read it and it was about high school level. I knew most of what was in there already. I also read many things that I had read much earlier under someone else's name.

True to form, I started researching and found out that he did steal many of his ideas from co-workers and from his graduate students. I attended a lecture in which 3 physicists gave their evidence that he had stolen from them. Go to Google and type in ‘Stephen Hawking stole my ideas.’
America worships the disabled. As soon as Hawking became ill, he and the people he stole from knew that he could get away with anything. The physicists he stole from knew that if they pressed the matter, they would lose their reputations. So, Hawking got away with it.

DY: In the Ukert area of the Moon is what has been called the 'shard.' Do you know anything about it?

EB: I've seen the pictures. I've talked to amateur astronomers who have telescopes good enough to see some of these things on the Moon. It is beyond doubt a ‘rib’ from a dome with fragments of either glass, Plexiglas or another clear material hanging from it.

DY: During the Apollo 12 mission, what do you think was reflected in Alan Bean's visor?

EB: Hoagland proves quite conclusively that it is the support structure of a dome.

DY: NASA has released redacted, lunar photos. Are there tall structures behind the blurred areas?

EB: No doubt about it. Just find someone with the older pictures before NASA doctored them and they are quite visible.

DY: Have you seen unedited NASA photos and what were some of the most remarkable ones you have seen?

EB: Yes. One of Mars' moons was once around Mercury and then it disappeared from Mercury and appeared around Mars. This happened at the same time that a whole crater disappeared from the Moon (circa 1870s). Some people say this didn't happen. It did. The astronomer who pointed that out lost his job. Close up shots of that moon show ‘cable’ marks and an entrance that is obviously artificial.

A NASA consultant said the following about those pictures. ‘Those shots have some analysts at NASA standing on their heads and going without supper!’

DY: Years ago, weren't we told there was no running water on Mars...or lakes and only found in frozen form at the poles?

EB: I've mapped Mars. There is groundwater frozen in the ground, not just at the poles. That's why impact craters on Mars don't have the basin ejecta that the Moon or Earth has.

DY: Do you think it's possible that the Moon and Mars are being presently terraformed to be more hospitable or Earthlike?

EB: Mars was inhabited in the past and may still be. There must still be a defense system present because it keeps shooting down U.S. and Russian orbiters and probes. Russia has pictures of what shoots down their orbiters.

DY: So you don't think it was NASA that sabotaged its own Martian probes?

EB: That all depends on what you mean by ‘sabotage.’ I'm sure they sent that cute little rover to the Arizona desert. If a child dripping ice cream goes near your white carpet, you will stop it and tell it ‘no.’ We are children going into an area where the galactic adults don't want us. They are stopping us and telling us, ‘no’ by blowing up our probes.

DY: I wonder if the elite of Earth are purposely ruining this planet because THEY have escape routes to off-world, human habitats?

EB: Earth's magnetic field protects us and should be 2.5 Gauss. It is now 0.5 Gauss. We are in the beginning of a pole flip. Cancer tripled last year and so did reports of unknown large machines working underground. FEMA has the power to declare Marshall Law and force everyone underground. The Greys have had a hybrid-breeding program in progress for thousands of years. YOU DO THE MATH!

DY: What color is the Martian sky?

EB: The Martian Sky is pink. The first pictures back from the little rover that cost millions of dollars and only looked at boulders were bright blue with fluffy white clouds. After 1976, most things Russia and the U.S. send in that direction are blown up. Why did this get through? Or is it in the Arizona desert and not on Mars?

(I was wrong. I was sure Elaine would answer ‘blue’). I wrote to Elaine:

‘…I have your answer where you say the Martian sky is pink. That tells me you either don't know or don't buy the idea that it's blue...I think NASA wants us to think it's pink. That changing the color scheme of the NASA logo so its colors are accurate and in doing so the sky went from pink to blue...that sounds right, that sounds like what they would do...mislead us. But you say it's pink - so I don't know what to think…’

EB: The sky is pink because there isn't enough water vapor or oxygen in the atmosphere. Those two things are why our sky is blue. The atmosphere also isn't thick or high enough to produce some clouds that are found here on Earth. When we see Earth from off planet, it is blue. When we look at Mars, it is red. If Mars' sky were blue, it would look blue from here. Earth is blue from there.

THE U.S. AND THE RUSSIANS HAVE HAD ALL OUR PROBES BLOWN UP. Remember '92 and since then. The Russian probes sent back a picture of a silver disc right before it blew up.

Here is where I'm heading…NASA spent millions of dollars for a rover to send back pictures of pet rocks. They could have landed in an area with alleged artifacts and proved or disproved Hoagland. They landed in a featureless desert. The first photos that came in were with blue skies. When someone realized that was the wrong color, NASA announced that a technician had changed the pink to blue not knowing that MARS' sky was pink. I think what really happened is that the probe is still on Earth. Remember, we are under quarantine. I just don't see the Greys letting us land on Mars.

DY: I was told by one investigator that the Moon is mined and Mars is a mausoleum. Do you agree with the second part or might Martians exist there today?

EB: I have talked with civilian and military remote viewers. They both agree that a ‘sad,’ but powerful presence is there. Is it Martians in cryo-sleep?

DY: In October of 1924, on the day of radio silence, C. Francis Jenkins turned his crude TV camera at Mars' closest approach. Can you tell us more of the story? Were Martians signaling the Earth?

EB: I have seen the original ‘film.’ It is beyond doubt a communication from Mars. Here is part of my lecture: Mars’ position was closest to Earth in October 1924. There was a day of radio silence. C. Francis Jenkins had invented a crude television camera. He pointed this camera at Mars on the day of radio silence. His camera filmed a signal containing a face and symbols coming from the planet. He and astronomer David Todd sent the film to the nation’s cryptology expert. William Friedman was not only a cryptologist, he was also the later head of the CIA. The film disappeared and was not discovered until a few years ago when a reporter found it in the archives of the Virginia Military Institute. The military was contacted and they admitted that on the same day they also received signals from Mars. The following is a quote from Captain John Ferriter of the Signal Corps. ‘The signal consisted of dashes of 6 seconds duration, with intervals of 7 seconds followed by a voice repeating words of 1-4 syllables.’ No explanation was ever given for the disappearance of the 1924 film or for the disappearance of papers reporting whether or not William Friedman ever deciphered the code.

DY: Could the Martian area of Cydonia indicate that WE WERE THE MARTIANS as in Bradbury's Martian Chronicles? Physically, Giza is Cydonia-junior...is it not?

EB: Cydonia has a collection of pyramids. One is five-sided. The 3 great pyramids of Giza are arranged in an Archimedes curve and spaced exactly as the stars in Orion's Belt. The pyramids in Cydonia are arranged in a ‘square’ except for the larger 5-sided pyramid. Giza has the upright Sphinx. X-rays have shown that the head now is not the original head. Cydonia has a mile long Sphinx ‘head.’ Both show a combining of hominid and feline. But there are also features in Cydonia that are duplicated exactly on Avesbury Plain in England. Both in Cydonia and Avesbury, there is a large mound with a moat around it. There is an opening in that moat with a small pyramid sitting in the opening. There is also another mound with a spiral path winding to the top of the mound. I have seen similar mounds with spiral paths still used today for looking out across vast areas. These two features are in the same place, the same size and the same orientation on two different planets. The odds are billions to 1 against the formations being natural. There are many seemingly artificial structures on Mars. They aren't all in just one valley. I'd also like to point out that Carl Munck created a global grid system that ‘predicts’ where ancient monuments can be found. This global grid system has worked on Mars, the Moon and on Earth. I wonder where else it works?

DY: What do you think of the Face on Mars and the NASA 'catbox' images which, (from that angle) seem to show it as a natural formation?

EB: I've seen the Martian Sphinx from every angle and lighting. Nature doesn't create teeth, mile long scallops, pupils in eyes and messages of 5th dimensional physics. Anyone who still thinks that is a natural rock formation is living in deep denial. We need to get past all this ignorance and get on with the research that was left to us.

DY: To me, the Martian Great Pyramid stands not too far from the Face (Martian Sphinx). Isn't it significant that the Pyramid is aligned with the Martian directions in the same way that the Earth's early pyramids are also aligned with our planet's directions?

EB: The alignment between the Martian Sphinx and the pyramids provides the 5th dimensional physics message I was talking about. The Earth's pyramids are aligned to a star that hasn't been in that position for 10,000 years. Correlate, folks.

DY: We will never know for sure, but what do you think the Kecksburg UFO may have been?

EB: Yes, we do know for sure. The only person who took pictures suddenly died in a mysterious hit and run. The producer of the documentary had the only other copies of those pictures and they disappeared from his office. We have an eyewitness who delivered bricks and saw a ‘standard Grey’ lying dead on a table and being bricked up with the spaceship.

DY: Here is one of my favorite formations on Mars. It appears as a perfect geodesic dome off center in the crater. Could this be one of the many artificial structures on Mars?

EB: I've never seen that Mars picture before. I can think of a scenario where it could be natural, but I don't think so. The double line that goes through the ‘dome’ and off the left side is a transmission artifact. I've seen those before from Mars transmissions.

DY: What are the most common misconceptions about UFOs and the people who report them?

EB: 1. Most ufologists are now using the term ‘UAO’ or ‘Unidentified Aerial Object.’ Alien crafts do not fly. They create a gravity well and ‘fall’ into them. That is why they appear so jerky.

2. Only weirdoes report UFOs. Not so! UFO reports come from several U.S. presidents, thousands of military and commercial pilots and even Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis. Dr. Mullis relates the story where he and his daughter have been abducted by Greys. The Lubbock lights were reported by 5 Ph. Ds.

3. There is no physical evidence. Again, NOT SO! We have hair samples, implants, physical traces, radar reports, pictures, video and millions of eyewitnesses.

4. It would be impossible to maintain a cover-up of this size…Nope.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, millions of pages of government and military UFO and alien sightings are being released. See John Greenewald Jr.'s website, Black Vault. Read ‘Clear Intent’ and the U.S. Air Force Academy's own textbook. Nick Pope, the UK's former UFO investigator and many others all show evidence pointing to the U.S. military as the culprit in this cover up. One of the clinical definitions of ‘insane’ is when a person doesn't change her or his views even when presented with proof to the contrary.

DY: Is there a final message you would like to tell people about what is going on without their knowledge or how they should look at the world we inhabit?

EB: By the above description, ‘debunkers’ and ‘believers’ are quite insane. Many people who claim to be skeptics are really debunkers. Facts are facts. They won't go away just because they scare you.

Here are excerpts from some of Elaine Bickle’s fascinating emails:

…Have you seen the Ranger 7 pics? When NASA found out that the public was aware of them, they promptly ‘lost’ them. There are huge machines mining away on the surface of our Moon and many of the craters are not craters, they are open pit mines. I've been a geologist for 30 years, I know the difference. If you have read ‘Somebody Else Is On The Moon,’ then you know that the astronauts' code for these big miners was ‘Annabelle.’ There are huge structures that appear to be gears or something similar. I've also read research stating that our Moon doesn't belong to us and just ‘showed up’ about 13, 000 years ago. I also recently lost my job when my boss found out I had written this book. When are people going to wake up?

…Yes, there were ancient civilizations with aircraft. There is evidence of a nuclear war in the Gobi Desert and India that is thousands of years old…The Moon is heavily mined and inhabited right now. Military sources indicate at least 4 different species. AND yes, this comes from the U.S. Air Force Academy text book. When the Air Force realized that the civilian population had gotten hold of it, they took most of that chapter out.

In 1953, three major astronomers on 3 continents saw a 12-mile long bridge built virtually over night…I think there is much more going on.

…I feel strongly that the probe is in the Arizona desert and not on Mars. Everything we (and the Russians) send to Mars gets blown up. The Russians have a picture of a disc coming toward their orbiter just before it blew up…By universal standards we (humans) are still VERY primitive! Mars and the Moon are off limits. Mars could be terraformed, but was once inhabited…It is about 70 below even at the equator and the high levels of radiation make it uninhabitable for thousands of years in the future, plus, there is something there that doesn't want us there…Neil Armstrong has clearly stated that we were thrown off (warned off). Apollo 13 was attacked. That's not our Moon. We are to the Aliens the way horses and dogs are to us. They use us, but we aren't advanced enough for anything else. The U.S. government may be cooperating in exchange for technology, but ‘cahoots’ is crediting humans with way too much intelligence…I'm playing Scully to your Fox.

Thank you, Elaine

Doug Yurchey: dugko@surfside.net; http://www.yurchey.com/ 

Source:  Correspondence with Doug Yurchey

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