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America's Hidden History and Secret Destiny

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Submitted Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Submitted by: Patrick Cain (80) Unverified Account
Lifestream Publishing
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America's founders envisioned a unified nation, patterned it after the Iroquois confederacy and built it upon Masonic precepts. They undertook the task of establishing a "new order of the ages" -- emblazoned on the Great Seal (Novus Ordo Seclorum) and embodied in the Federal Government (E. Pluribus Unum). Today's political entrepreneurs and moneyed interests are endeavoring to carry on this "great work," as it is referred to, under the guise of a "new world order," organized into the collective body of governments called the United Nations. More specifically, the UN is being groomed to be to the world what DC is to America -- the hub of political, social and economic power. America has carried the globalist mantle unwaveringly, but now is, and has been for awhile, in the process of passing the torch via financing/supporting UN objectives while sacrificing US sovereignty.

Global governance by a ruling elite of wise men, or democratic forum of philosopher-kings, was the cherished dream and ancient plan of the classical philosophers. These critical thinkers and social architects are the true founders/artificers of western civilization. The western hemisphere, known about for several millenia before European explorers/colonizers rediscovered it, was chosen by Greek philosopher-statesmen (cosmo-mythologists) to be the promised land for a (another) noble and enduring world empire. (The Roman empire was a occidental/hellenized version Rama's empire)

This exclusive clique of social strategists -- remnant guilds of the ancient astro-empire builders (pre-dynastic pharaohs/rajputs) who constructed the pyramids, obelisks, temples/mosques and city of the Sun (Heliopolis) -- has exercised great socio-political influence throughout history -- from Roman times to the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Revolution. The American nation has been their crowning achievement. They're the ones who organized colonial rebellion, guided the revolution, crafted the Constitution and designed DC.

The federal framers, as well as adopting the Iroquois concept (Canassatoga's idea) of a federal union, also followed in the footsteps of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akenaton (Amenhotep IV), who broke from religious tradition (Amen-Ra priesthood) and initiated a common brotherhood (equality among men). Based on the Athenian Archon's (Solon's) just laws, which ended indentured slavery, set up random jury selection, fair taxation and equal representation (taxpayers elected magistrates), America's founders implemented an egalitarian system (via the Constitution & Bill of Rights) whereby social responsibility replaced repressive rulership.

One major flaw that America's constitutional craftsmen (master masons/templar merchants) made, though, was in excluding the matriarchal aspect of the Iroquois system of government, which incorporated feminine wisdom for social balance. For example, the women elected the male chiefs. By excluding the political participation of women (not to mention non-whites) the founders produced a male-dominant society -- like America's patrician ancestor, Rome. Hence, the vociferous voice or reason, or male intellect, again deafened the whispering wisdom of female intuition.

In choosing the patriarchal philosopher-kings' (Plato's global overlords) point-of-view, America was assured of being conquest oriented. That is, Americans were predestined to be exploiters as well as explorers of the world -- plunderers of the planet and subjugators of the people moreso than protectors of life and liberty, as promulgated by the American autocracy (patrician aristocracy).

This male-dominant hierarchical ideology of the mighty myth-makers (conjurers of kingdom-conquering Atlantean lords) has prevailed down through the ages. From the Greek dionysians (who evolved into the Roman collegians) and the ancient astro-theologists (who built history's mysteries, like the Tower of Babel and Solomon's Temple) came the Mayan civilization, the Roman republic and the creation of a new religion -- Catholocism/Christianity (to save/unify the crumbling empire) via converitng esoteric allegories (metaphysical narratives) into factual accounts (historical events). For example, the gospel story.

More simply, Plato's Republic inspired Bacon's Atlantis, which became America's blueprint -- marred by competing sects of a Romanized state religion (i.e., Mithraic cult and Brahman priesthood mix). In truth, the Christian religion is a Roman ripoff of Judaized Egyptian-Persian beliefs, borrowed/built from Sumerian-Vedic myths and legends -- themselves derived/contorted from the original rishis' (soma shamans) serpent religion, i.e. natural wisdom, aka nature worship (esoteric stellar science -- mind & matter).

Christianity's chief-cornerstone is actually the peak of a pyramid, in which the Masonic/Rosicrucian/Illuminati symbol (Egyptian eye of Horus) is depicted on the dollar bill. The twelve tribes of Israel (worshippers of Isis, Ra & El) are the twelve disciples of Jesus and the twelve signs of the zodiac (Leo the lion of the tribe of Judah). Christ is the Romanized version of Chrishna, whose birthday is also on December 25. It's all astrotheology, celestial personification and deification.

Consequently, no one can say if America amalgamated will continue to follow the Roman republic down the road to ruin and self-destruct via its defective social ideologies and corrupt political system (of compromised representatives, dangerously looked to as leaders). But if the wise and invincible "Holy" Roman Empire could not endure, then what makes anyone think the all-seeing eye of America's federal/feudal government can avoid being blind-sided? How can America avert disaster with Washington warlords (corporate politician-conquistadors) and robber barrons (templar banker-businessmen) riding roughshod over the common people (cannon fodder)?

Regardless of its outcome, America is setting the stage for what is to come. Its global dominance destines it to be a pivotal/inflection point of world change. Hopefully, it will lead by example and become a supporter of peace and justice, not a prime mover of political turmoil and social unrest. However, America's historical direction (crusader/colonizer orientation) makes this a difficult task. Truly, Americans stand at another crossroads.

Excerpts from FROM HUNTERS TO HEALERS (0965922340)

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Comments on this article:

Anonymous: (1 year 17 days ago.)
Jesus is the Son part of God and can not be compared to man made spiritualism. Know the Savior and his power and you will know this truth, instead of all this man made lies about the Creator!

Anonymous: (162 days 8 hours ago.)
Reader Rating 4.5 out of 5
Excellent, well-written article with many illuminating constructs. "Man made lies" would also include the bible, a collection of man-made texts that were selected from a much larger body of similar texts by a committee of men in Rome after much debate and disagreement. This says nothing of what has been lost in transaltion through the ages. A number of these texts had originally been written in Greek without any vowels because parchment paper was so scarce. Since there was no printing press, these texts were then translated aloud by a human monk to a room full of other human monks who hurried to copy down the translation. There are a number of known inaccuracies and mis-translations in today's bible.

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